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Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 4th January 2019

Pragya says soap went into her eye. Abhi says now I will make you get bath and takes her inside. Pragya says she will go and says she will not give hi [...]

Friday Update on This is Fate 4th January 2019

Sameer and Shrishti come together to fix the fuse. Sameer doesn’t hear her as she speaks rudely, Shrishti finally requests him for help. Sameer confir [...]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 28th December 2018

Sangram Singh tying everyone. Abhi says you are doing wrong. Munni thinks to call Police somehow. Sangram asks where is she going? She says to bring w [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 21 December 2018

Ganga asks Mamta where she went. Mamta shares that she went to apologize to Bal Mahant. Ganga is concerned for her. You haven’t eaten anything. I will [...]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate 21 December 2018

Munni thinks house is big and the way is forgetton. She calls Robin and asks him to talk in her accent and asks about the flowers. He says Dadi ordere [...]

Friday Update on This is Fate 21 December 2018

Rishab changes her direction but Kritika thinks Rishab would only look at a sweet and simple girl. Rishab was worried what if she signals Preeta. Krit [...]

Friday Update on Iron Lady 21 December 2018

Indira tells Vanraj that she will leave Rk with his wife Zara if she fails. Indu comes and manages to boost Indira ‘s morale. Indira has a plan. Rk st [...]

Friday Update on The Promise 14th December

Vicky in a meeting and he is wondering how he is going to get out of it, some guy asks Vicky a Question and he gets called out his dream. They ask abo [...]

Friday Update on Gangaa 14th December

Sagar waits for his van. He notices Ganga’s FIL talking to a nearby shopkeeper. He hides. What are they talking about? Ganga’s FIL leaves. Sagar asks [...]

Friday Update on Iron Lady 14th December

Nanda gives jewelries and money to Indira to bring to the pooja. Munna sees and thinks Indira stole that from the trunk. Rishi and family leave for th [...]
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