15th February 2019 Friday Update on Gangaa

Ratan knows that this deal is very tempting for Pulkit. He will get money from anywhere. Poor guy, he doesn’t know how much it will cost him! Ganga has still kept the ashes of the things she burnt some time ago (of Sagar and her). Amma ji wakes up because of the mosquitoes. She also […]

15th Feb Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv

Pragya sending Purab and Disha out to make them spend some quality time. Mitali thinks to inform Aaliya and make her jealous. Purab tells Disha that Pragya is right and they shall go out sometimes. Disha says she got worried when Pragya scolded her. He plays song. Kuch toh hai plays. Disha says we shall […]

15th February 2019 Friday Update on This is Fate

Preeta looks towards her phone and tells Shrishti to go and plug her phone on charger. Shrishti says she is busy with work. Preeta taunts that Shrishti is now a well-known interior designer now and won’t help her. As Shrishti was going out she asks Preeta why she behaves so strange, didn’t she have a […]

Friday Update on Gangaa 8th February 2019

Sagar turns to look at her. I have no right to stop you. you only asked me to leave you hand. you snatched the right of friend from me too! Amma ji scolds Maharaj ji for adding extra sugar in her milk. I cannot even find my key. He says Ganga used to look after […]

Friday Update on Twist of Fate Zee World Tv 8th Feb 2019

Pragya holds the tree branches or something and shouts for help. Abhi comes there. Pragya asks him to go. He says if I don’t save you then you will die. He manages to pull her back. Pragya gets unconscious. Dadi and Dasi pray for Pragya thinking her to be Munni and say we thought her […]

Friday Update on This is Fate 8th February 2019

Preeta comes to Karan and tells her to keep his attention over Sherlin. She sends him at the outer door to keep an eye over the guests. Karan thinks that Prithvi is surely here for some false purpose here, today he will unveil Prithvi’s true face. Prithvi was hiding from Karan when he comes across […]

Friday Update on Gangaa 1st January 2019

Sagar asks him what he wants. I can bring Bhabhi if you are feeling awkward. She will come. Pulkit thanks him. Sagar leaves right away. Sudha and Ganga are managing the kitchen work together. Sudha goes to ask Amma ji something. Ganga adds water in something when her hand burns. Sagar pulls her back in […]

Friday Update on This is Fate 1st February 2019

Karan asks to look into the washroom which girl he is with. They were shocked as he opens the door, it was Preeta. Preeta asks what happened. Prithvi was annoyed as he had been with Preeta all along, and leaves the room. Sarla goes behind Prithvi and apologizes. Prithvi smirks and asks Sarla how she […]

Friday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 1st Feb 2019

Sangram asks Disha to sit in mandap. Disha cries and sits in mandap. Pragya thinks I can’t let Sangram marry Disha. She sees glass piece and pushes it near Abhi and signs him to cut the rope. Abhi tries to get the glass. Goon asks them to stand silently. Sangram makes Disha wear garland and […]

Friday Update on Gangaa 25th January 2019

Prabha says Madhvi changed since she started managing home, I will see what girls’ family gets today. Amma ji says I have to see that too. Ganga hears them and says everything will come. She thinks to go and see where Sagar kept those things. Amma ji asks Ganga not to do anything in rasam […]