Sunday Update The heir 25th August 2019


Sunday Update The heir 25th August 2019

Jai cuts apple and his finger gets cut a bit. Amba sees Jai’s hand hurt and cares for him. Mohini looks on angrily.

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Amba tears her dupatta and ties to his wound. Dil to bachcha hai ji….plays…….. Jai smiles seeing Amba. Its night, Jai recalls Amba and smiles. Mohini comes to him. He says why do you scare me, I got tensed. She asks about his wound. He says its fine, did you come to say this. She says no, I came to tell you my plan to loot Amba. He asks what plan. She says Jagan hates Amba, we have to provoke his hatred fire, then Jagan will make Amba out of here, once Amba comes on road…. Jai gets angry and says listen to me, you will not do this. She hurts him and says you never spoke to me this way before, what magic Amba do on you that you forget me. He asks is she is mad to say this. She says your eyes are saying this, I have seen you seeing Amba, you gave heart to Amba, you are in love with Amba. He asks her not to interfere in this matter. She says I know what type of girls you like, like spicy chilli, not like old type Amba.

She gets close. He makes her away and says I want us to leave from here soon, you leave tomorrow morning. She asks why. He says because I m saying it, you will do as I said. She agrees and asks him to kiss her once. Jai kisses on her forehead. He leaves. She says all poison ended.

She comes to Amba’s room and looks for something. She gets the locker and opens it. She sees the jewelry and cash. She gets that in bag. Jai comes there. She asks him to loot the cash. He says I told you not to do this here. She says we are going tomorrow, will we go empty hand. He says not here. She asks why, Amba can’t marry you, her memory came back, you stopped me from filling Jagan’s ears, what do you want. Jai says I want you to stay away from this family, we will do robbery somewhere else, but not here. She says either I will rob this house, else it will spoil our partnership, tell me what’s imp for you. He says I m breaking this partnership, I won’t do anything that harms Amba. She gets shocked.

Simran, Mannu and Gunjan have a talk. Gunjan says Papa ji was like Jai, who took care of us, but no one else saved us from others, no one helped us. Mannu asks can’t something happen that Jai stays with us forever, can’t he become our Papa. They get shocked. Gunjan says everything is getting fine because of Jai. Simran says mummy won’t agree. Mannu says yes, but we have to convince her.

Mohini going to kill Amba. She stabs the pillow and says Jai is just mine. Amba asks whats happening. Mohini hears her. Mannu asks Amba to come. Amba asks them to say. Mannu signs and says we wanted you to marry Jai. Amba gets shocked. She asks what nonsense are you saying, are you mad. She asks them don’t they have any work, who told this to them, did Jai say this. Mannu says no, he does not know anything. Amba says he should not know, what will he feel, he helped us, stop cooking this thought. Mohini sees pillows on Amba’s bed.

Jai pulls her back and asks how did you get this thought. Mohini asks how did you think I will leave in morning alone, we will go everywhere alone, I will kill Amba if she comes in between, she is snatching you from me. He shuts her mouth and
says I just respect Amba, she is not snatching me. She says you are lying. He hugs her and says calm down, I m with you. She says I will take you with me, promise me you will never return here. He says fine, we will leave in morning.

Amba asks them to talk according to age, go and play, study, don’t forget you are talking to mother. She asks Simran to help her in managing Mannu and Gunjan. She goes.

Its morning, Mannu says Jai likes mummy a lot, so I got him. Simran asks who. Mannu gets someone. Simran and Gunjan see some man. Simran asks do you think he can do our work. Mannu asks will you do our work, you have to trouble Amba a bit. Gunjan says then Jai will manage. The man says Jai will beat me a lot. Mannu says we will pay you.

Mannu says our plan should not fail. Simran says don’t worry, I will send mummy on time. Mannu wishes this plan will work when Jai comes there. Simran goes to look for Amba. Someone holds her. She gets shocked seeing Raman. They both cry seeing each other. Ranjha mera ranjha….plays……….. She hugs him and cries.

She sees blood in her hands and looks at him. She asks what’s this. He stumbles and falls down. She sees his back bleeding. She asks him to say something. She gets shocked seeing something stuck in his back. She asks how did you get hurt. He says I read your letter and could not stay, I ran away from uncle’s house and came, this is little wound. She asks what’s this madness, does anyone do this. He says there is difference between everyone and me. She shuts door. She removes the metal stick from his back. He screams. She cries and asks are you fine. She stops the blood flow. She goes out. Gunjan comes there. She asks did you ask mummy to go godown.

Simran says no, I mean you send mummy by some excuse. Gunjan asks why are you worried, are you crying. Simran says no, I had some work, you go, I will meet you later. She sends Gunjan. Simran takes Raman and does his aid. He asks will you tell anyone that I came here this way. She says I won’t. He says you changed a lot, you used to threaten me before. She says I m silent now, but maybe I will tell everyone. He says I m gone then. She stops him from saying so. They have an eyelock. Ranjha mera ranjha….plays……….

He says I have come to you, its time to live now, I was not able to live without you. Amba goes to godown. A man comes and teases her. Mannu and Gunjan look on. They think why is he saying such lines. The man goes to her and says I came to steal, but got you. Jai comes and stops him. Mannu says Jai has come.

Jai stopping the man and beating him. The man gets much beaten up. Mannu and Gunjan count the money to pay him for many punches. Mannu says he is greedy, he is getting many punches, he is not running away. The man comes and says I m not greedy, I got bit late.Amba sees Mannu and Gunjan there. They run. She asks them to stop. The goon runs away. Mannu’s hired man tries to tease Amba. She slaps him. The man says you said Jai will beat, now she is also beating. Amba asks what’s happening Mannu.

Jai says I will say, they have hired him to trouble you, else it can’t be coincidence that Gunjan calls you and me at same place. Amba asks Mannu why did he do this. Mannu says we just wanted Jai to become our Papa, so we did this drama that you fall in trouble and Jai saves you,
so that you know he also likes you. Amba scolds Mannu and goes.

Mohini hears them and says so this is cooking, I will see Mannu later, none can come between me and Amba. She follows Amba and thinks to kill her. Harjeet and Swaroop come there. Harjeet asks Amba about Raman. She says how will I know about him. Swaroop says Raman has run from city, we thought he came to you. Harjeet says he likes to help Pavaniyas, he would have come to meet you. Amba says its your children, you should control your children, don’t waste my time. Harjeet says time will get bad when I know you have hidden Raman, I m warning you.

Swaroop says we want to know if Jagan behind this. Amba says truth is this enmity can never end because of Harjeet and Jagan. Harjeet says Raman is my son, my blood, if anything happens to him, remember you have three children. Harjeet and Swaroop leave. Mohini heard them and smiles.

Mannu comes home and meets Jai. Jai asks what do you want to do. Mannu says I know you also like Amba, we all want you to marry Amba. Jai asks do you think its a joke, you know my truth, we have hidden Bheeru’s hospital truth from Amba, relations are not made on lies, Amba will not forgive me. She will hate me the most, I request you, stop this, and let me leave from here. Mannu says that was an accident. Jai says I m responsible for Bheeru’s state.


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