Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 27th Jan 2019

Doctor checking Abhi and says he is out of danger now. Dadi asks can we take him home. Doctor says yes, but have to come for regular checkup. Abhi gains consciousness. Doctor checks him and says I heard that celebrities are adventurous and says it will be published in the newspaper that you have defeated a snake. Aaliya asks how is him. Abhi looks at Simonika. Simonika gets worried. Dadi thanks God. Aaliya asks Doctor about the precautions. Doctor asks her to be careful and bring him there if he feels pain in his hand. Simonika thinks why is he looking at me and thinks to behave normally. Abhi gets up. Aaliya says I will take you home and take care. Abhi asks where is she? Aaliya asks who? Abhi says Munni. Pragya is unconscious in the other ward. Aaliya says we shall not

worry about her and says everyone will be happy to see you at home and says Tanu haven’t slept entire night.
Abhi asks where is Munni? He recalls Pragya asking him to accept that he is afraid of butterfly. Aaliya tries to open the cupboard, and asks Simonika who has locked it. Simonika says she doesn’t know and recalls hiding nurse body in it. She says your driver took your purse. Aaliya says unbelievable and goes. Simonika laughs telling that she will not forget Nurse sacrifice.

Aaliya tells Dadi and Dasi that Abhi went home. Dadi says he is still weak. Dasi says he should have met Munni once. Aaliya says she doesn’t care about Munni. Dadi asks why did you hide this from him. Aaliya says I haven’t hidden anything and tells that he went home. She asks Raj to take both Dadi’s home.

Abhi comes home and calls Munni. Tanu hugs him and acts to be worried. Abhi asks her not to come closer to him. Taya ji says Munni was with you in the hospital and saved you. Abhi says doctors saved me. Mitali says you are saved because of her. Aaliya signs Mitali not to say further. Dasi and Dadi come there. Dasi tells him that Munni sucked the poison out from his body and that poison got in her stomach now and she is critical now. He says she reminded me of Pragya and said that she can’t see you dying. Abhi is touched.. Dadi says he came in our house as an angel, and as Pragya. She has done same thing which Pragya would do. She says you are saved because of her and she is fighting with death. Abhi says I am going to hospital to be with Munni. Aaliya tries to stop him, but he leaves. She shouts at everyone. Dasi asks her to shut up and says Abhi shall know that Munni saved him. A fb is shown, Abhi recalls how Munni saved him from Sangram Singh, and then how Pragya saved him from snake. She thinks about her words that she is happy to see him loving only Pragya and asking him to love only her. Abhi thinks why did she save me?

He recalls Dadi and Dasi’s words. Tanu tells Aaliya that if Abhi fell in love with Munni. Aaliya says it is sure and tells that he went to hospital. Tanu asks her not to confirm her doubt and says Abhi might fall in love again with Pragya. Aaliya asks her not to call her Pragya again and says she is Munni.

Abhi comes to Doctor and asks how is she, who saved me. Doctor says I am seeing for the first time that a husband is not taking his wife name. She tells that Pragya is a mad woman and says whatever she has done, can’t be done by others and says she can die too. Abhi asks if she is out of danger. Doctor says the snake was poisonous and the poison went into her stomach, and says she loves you very much and you are standing here because of you, and we will know soon how much her luck supports her. Abhi asks where is she? Doctor says she is in room. Abhi looks at her from the door. Banjar hai sab banjar hai plays……He comes inside the ward and looks at her. He holds her hand and asks why did you save me and risked your life. He says I don’t know who are you and why you came in my life, but you made me and my family….then stops and says thank you so much.

Pragya gaining consciousness and sees him sleeping. She thinks although he thinks she is Munni, but has a trust somewhere that she is pragya. Abhi wakes up and asks if she is fine? Pragya says yes. Abhi asks why did you drink poison risking your life. He asks she was impressing whom? Pragya says she did what she thought wrong. Abhi says he didn’t like her. Pragya says you will be caught if you clarify. She asks why did you come? Abhi says he came to ask if she is fine or gone. They argue. Pragya says I will call NGO Woman. Abhi recalls NGO Woman saying she will be here until he gets divorce.

Suhana is sitting for her haldi rasam. Girls tease her. They ask Disha to tell something. Disha asks them to apply haldi to Suhana. Suhana tells Purab that she wants to talk

to him. She takes him to side and says she can’t stop herself from talking to him and asks him to accept Disha and keep her happy. Disha thinks where is Purab? She comes there and sees Purab going. She questions Suhana and she tells her that she told Purab that his behavior is wrong and that’s why he left. Disha asks what did you do? She goes to room and sees him packing his stuff. She says sorry and says we will go in the morning. She says if you go like this, then what I will tell everyone. She apologizes to him. Purab asks did I betray you or kept you in dark?

Disha says no. He says Suhana told me that I betrayed you and told about Bulbul. He asks how did she know about Bulbul. Disha says I told her, but haven’t send her to talk to you. Purab says he is more angry on her than on Suhana. He says he has cleared everything before itself. Disha says I will never complain to you and I love you the way you keep me. Purab looks at her. Disha says I really love you and it is my good destiny that you are with me, and says she likes his honesty and goodness and will always like him without expectation. She holds his hand and asks him to stay till marriage and cries. Kuch toh hai plays….

A guy informs Sangram Singh that they have come here to attend a relative’s marriage. Sangram Singh laughs and says he had hired college student to get the news. He says he will welcome Disha and will ruin her now. He says he will change Disha’s Dasha/place.

Dasi tells that she is feeling tea less sugary. Mitali says she is worried about Babli’s homework and tells that she went without doing homework. Tanu worries thinking if Abhi will bring her home. Abhi brings Pragya home. Dadi says God has listened to us and blesses her. Dasi says she is looking weak. Abhi says I will take her to room. Aaliya says Munni is copying Pragya. Simonika thinks both should have died, but returned back. She thinks to do the work before Pragya gets completely fine.

Simonika venting out her anger and telling that Pragya has saved Abhi like his guard all the time, and thinks until she is here, she can’t kill him. She looks at the knife and says Abhi you have to die. She stabs on the watermelon and tells that she will kill him then only she will get peace, nobody can save you. Allah Wariyan plays as Abhi and Pragya slips and falls on couch. Abhi says you slip all the time, and don’t leave any chances to get stick. She says if you try to stick to me then I will hang your pic with garland. Pragya says I don’t fall intentionally, but you makes me fall intentionally. Abhi is surprised and asks why I will make you fall. Pragya tells that you threw your stuff in the room and that’s why I fell down. I have to clean this mess again and


Abhi says you slips, and keeps blame on me. He tells her about lift in look and says you don’t know English.
Pragya says I am educated and knows English. Abhi asks why don’t you do any job. Pragya says she was once a teacher, and understanding. She feels pain in her body. Abhi gets concerned and makes her rest on bed. He gives his favorite pillow and says just because you are unwell. Pragya says I liked the nurse which doctor said. Abhi asks where is the nurse? Pragya looks at him.