Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv 20th Jan 2019

Abhi asks Dadi not to stop him and goes outside the house. Pragya thinks he went out of house tensedly and gets worried. She feels apologetic to Dadi. Dadi calls her shameless to play games with Abhi and entered home. She says I won’t let you ruin this house or family members. She says you can’t ruin my Abhi or home. She asks her to leave from her sight. Pragya is sad and touches her feet. Dadi says you are doing drama and goes. Pragya thinks she is alone today and will protect her husband. Abhi is driving the car and thinks that shameless girl entered my house. A woman is following him and says now I will see who will save you. I will kill you and says even your wife can’t save you. Abhi thinks he will force Munni to leave. He thinks he can’t run away from his own house and turns his car to go home and teach her a lesson. Woman wonders why did he go.

Tanu says she don’t like Munni’s attitude. Aaliya tells that she didn’t tell anyone about our plans, so that means she is not here for his money but for something else. Tanu says she wants Abhi and loves him. Aaliya says she don’t love Abhi as he will never love her seeing how she returned home. She says I will find out why she returned. Pragya holds rockstar toy and thinks I have returned so that I can stay with you as your reflection. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays……

Abhi comes home and finds Pragya in room. He asks her to go out of his room. Pragya says she has right on this room and bed and she will see who kicks her out of room. She asks him to take pillow and sleep anywhere. Abhi asks her to leave and says he will sleep on bed. Pragya asks him not to be angry else he will take blanket also. He pulls the blanket and she falls in his hands. Allah wariyan plays…..

Purab comes to meet Pragya and says he knows that she is his Pragya di and asks her to call him whenever needed. Pragya thinks she can’t tell him truth. Abhi thinks how Pragya returned home.

Purab telling Abhi that he took disha to her home. Abhi says your sister Munni wants to get my property and home. Purab says she is Pragya. Abhi refers her Pragya unknowingly. Purab asks him to go to room else she will get his room, bed and blanket etc. Abhi says you said right and goes. Pragya is in her room. Main tumko bhool na pawungi plays…..Tanu comes infront of her. Pragya says you scared me. Tanu says you are not worried about your kids. Pragya says I know that chutka and chutki are in hostel. Tanu says they can do anything with them. Pragya says now Abhi knows that she is Munni and if she does anything to chutka and chutki, then she will expose their truth to Abhi. Tanu says nobody will believe you. Pragya says if they return her chutka and chutki then she will

leave house.

Tanu says I will not leave you. Pragya says this room is mine, leave from here. She thinks to teach them a lesson and rescue chutka and chutki. Tanu comes to Aaliya and tries to wake her up. She thinks Munni is troubling her. She thinks to come in the morning and wake her up.
Abhi comes to room. Pragya thinks Tanu came again and asks her to leave her. Abhi says leave me alone. Pragya says she is going to sleep. Abhi says it is my bed and asks her to go. pragya says she is sleep at other side of bed. Abhi says he will sleep on entire bed. They fight like before. Pragya rests on bed. Abhi says you can sleep here, but I will not let you come close to me, as you resembles with Pragya, but you are not my wife. Abhi is about to sleep on sofa and asks why it is wet. Pragya says water fell down. Abhi says did you?? He says he will sleep on floor. He rests on floor. Pragya thinks he can’t get sleep on floor and feels bad. Abhi couldn’t get sleep and thinks she is too much, she took away my bed, and asks Pragya where are you, if you have been here then you wouldn’t have let me sleep on floor. Pragya rolls on bed and falls on him.

Abhi wonders what she is doing here and asks her to leave his hand. She pretends to be asleep. He takes another blanket and sleeps on bed. Pragya gets up and thinks thank god, he slept peacefully on bed, I can do anything for him. Disha talks to her friend Suhana and tells about Purab. She asks her to tell about their first night. Disha gets thinking and smiles. Suhana says she will call Purab. Disha runs behind her and gets her foot twisted. Suhana says sorry.

Pragya makes coffee for Abhi and asks Robin to tell Abhi that Dadi made it for him. Purab hears her and says now he is sure that he is Pragya. Pragya says she returned as Abhi’s life is in danger. Purab asks if you are hiding something from me. Pragya is about to tell him about Munni when Dasi comes and asks him to come, as Disha’s cousin called and said that she is hurt. Purab tells her that he will talk to her after coming back. Abhi tells Dadi that Purab is thinking Munni as pragya and that’s why talking. Pragya asks him to take care of Disha. Abhi comes there and asks Purab to go. purab says I will go and have coffee.

Disha and her cousin Suhana conversation. Suhana teases her. Pragya comes to Babu Bhai, the driver and asks him what happened that day exactly. Babu Bhai tells him that the truck hits the car intentionally. Pragya asks him to remember the truck number and asks him to recollect. Babu Bhai tries to recollect and says MH 02 AH and says he can’t recollect full number. Pragya says ok, don’t stress yourself, If you remember anything then call me. She thinks don’t know who is behind the conspiracy. She thinks she can’t leave him alone and have to go with him. Abhi thinks if Purab reached Disha. Pragya comes to him and asks him to drop her somewhere. Abhi says I will not drop you. Pragya says she has an important work at beauty parlour. Abhi says you can’t become like

my wife and can’t look beautiful, clean heart etc like her. Pragya insists him to take her, but he refuses. Pragya sits forcibly. Abhi asks her to get down the car. Pragya says she will not come out of car. He tries to pull her out, but couldn’t. He gets designer’s call who asks him to come fast and try the dress. Abhi says ok. He thinks what to do with this chipak kali. He thinks he has to go with her and asks her to fasten up her seat belt.
Disha scolds Suhana and says you will not be saved for calling Purab. Suhana says he is coming here running. Purab comes there and asks Disha if she is fine. Suhana teases them and says you both love birds love each other a lot and also wearing similar color clothes.

Abhi asks Pragya to get down from his car as parlour came. Pragya says my mood is changed and says now I will go with you. He asks why she is sticking with him. She says lets go. Killer calls the woman and tells that Abhi came in the car. Woman asks him to shoot him once he gets down the car. Abhi asks Pragya to be in car and not to do anything with car. Killer tells Woman that his wife is with him. Woman says nobody can save him. Pragya insists to go with him. Abhi asks her to stick in car and walks out of car. Killer is about to shoot him. Abhi stops to help a lady and bends down to lift vegetable basket when killer shoots and the bullet hits poster. Killer gets angry and informs woman. Abhi makes old lady sit in auto and keeps her vegetables, he gives her money too. Woman blesses for his long life. Pragya gets glad seeing Abhi helping old lady from car. He goes to the designer and tries the clothes. Killer tells woman that he will shoot Abhi and asks her to see live and says his fans will make video.

Abhi comes out. Pragya thinks he is fine. Abhi’s fans take selfie with him. Pragya gets Babu bhai call and he tells that he remembered the number and noted it down. comes to Pragya and asks if she did something with car. Pragya sees gun light falling on him and pulls him inside the car. Bullet hits glass and it breaks. Pragya tells him that someone is trying to shoot him. Killer shoots again and the bullet hits Abhi’s car front mirror.

Fans think who is trying to shoot rockstar. Pragya tries to see the killer and he shoots. Killer shoots at her. She bends down and asks Abhi to bend down and worries for his life.