Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate 30th December 2018

Dasi asks Dadi why she is worried. Dadi says whatever happened today was not good. She says ghatbandhan caught fire and havan fire was set off. She says something wrong happened or going to happen. Dasi says even she used to think this, but seeing Pragya and Abhi happy, her doubts gets cleared. Aaliya and Tanu hears them. Aaliya says they have to take action against her.

Pragya gets ready in saree and applies sindoor in her maang and wears mangalsutra. She looks herself in mirror. Doctor asks what she is looking at? Pragya says even her reflection is incomplete without it. Doctor says you are weak. Pragya says she is fine and asks can I call you Didi. She says once I reach my home, I will be fine completely and will get new birth after meeting him. Doctor says she wants them to unite. Pragya thinks abhi must have waited for her and thinks she is coming to her house, to her family. She thinks he will be more happy to see me, when I go there.

Munni thinks husband should be like Abhishek and thinks if she had taken rounds with him, then she would have married him. She then thinks Abhi’s love is for Pragya and not her. She thinks she shall not make love blossom in her heart else the thorn will pierced her. She thinks she is getting his thinking and feeling good. She thinks if I love him.

Tanu coming to Munni and asking her if she is dreaming about Abhi. Munni says no. Aaliya scolds Munni for trying to be smart and says your eyes are clearly speaking that you are in love with Abhi. Munni says it is not like that. Aaliya asks her to get Abhi’s signatures on the papers and says if you takes his sign then it will be proved that you don’t love him, but if you don’t takes his sign then it will be proved that you love him.

Munni asks which papers. Aaliya says property papers, wealth etc. Munni says I came here to make Abhi hate Pragya and not to do fraud with him. Tanu asks if Abhi is your love ones and tells Aaliya that she is in love with Abhi. Munni says it is not like that. Aaliya says you are already betraying him by becoming Munni. Munni says I am refusing
as I don’t know how to take his sign. Tanu says but you knows how to make Sangram go. Mitali thinks to hear them. Munni says it was easy to make Sangram lose, but this work is not easy. Aaliya threatens to harm Chutka and Chutki. Munni agrees. Aaliya gives her papers. Munni says you have made the papers ready already. Aaliya says what else she would have done seeing her marriage. He asks her to get her signs anyhow. Tanu asks her to get somehow. Mitali ears them. Aaliya scolds her. Tanu says she has a plan to get his signatures. Aaliya says it is a brilliant plan. She tells Munni that it is time for her to save her chutka and chutki.

Abhi gets dream of Pragya in trouble as she screams asking for her help. He wakes up shockingly and calls Pragya. Aaliya tells once the property is transferred on their name, nobody can kick them out. She says Abhi will think he is naming property on your name, but it will be ours now. Pragya is in the car and hopes to meet Abhi.

Pragya’s car gets stopped in the market. Sarla is in the market and buys vegetables. Pragya gets down the car and sits in auto. She sees Sarla and thinks it is her imagination. She thinks to meet Abhi and her family. Doctor says we will go to your house tomorrow, and now we will go to our friend’s house. Pragya says she wants to go today itself. Doctor says you are tired. She gets some emergency and asks Pragya to go and messages on her friend’s address if she wants to tell anything. Munni thinks she can’t betray Abhi and says God gave her similar face like Pragya, but why did he made her meet witches and made Abhi as Aaliya’s brother.

Pragya thinks how Abhi will react seeing her, and tells that he will be very happy seeing her alive. She reminisces the happy moments between them. Allah Wariyan plays…..She thinks how he might be spending days without her and smiles.

everyone getting worried about him. Munni says you need to be careful. Abhi says he was thinking about her. Mitali demonstrates how he fell down. Abhi asks Munni to become his stick and take her home. Dasi says they will take off black eye from him. Dadi says someone bad eye fall on you. Pragya comes there and thinks why there is a decoration here. Abhi says he don’t want to do puja. Dadi asks Munni to convince him. Munni asks him to agree. Abhi agrees. Allah Wariyan plays….Pragya enters and recalls their marriage etc. she sees everyone doing aarti, and is shocked to see Abhi doing aarti with Munni, she don’t see her face. Pragya is shell shocked and heart broken. Dasi tells that only his wife can take care of him. Dadi says if wife shields her husband then nothing
can happen to him.

Pragya thinks Abhi got married seeing Munni doing his aarti. She thinks how can he marry? I am his wife. Abhi says you have come in my life as lifeline and says thank you so much, and be with us always. He says without you, we have no identity. Taya ji says they can’t be separated. Dasi says nobody can come inbetween them. Pragya is shocked hearing this and leaves from there cryingly.

Dadi tells Abhi that she wants to do puja for house peace. Taya ji says this is needed. Abhi asks why this is needed. Dadi says you have become nastik like him. Dasi says last time you had convinced him. Dadi says did I refuse when do anything. She says she is getting this shanty puja for everyone. She emotionally blackmails him. Abhi agrees. Munni thinks Abhishek shows so much love, how I will take his signs on the papers. Aaliya comes there and reminds her that she is not actually his wife and asks her not to think about him. Munni says she will not double cross anyone and asks her not to cross her way. She goes out and collides with Abhi. Abhi says he is searching her and pulls her towards him. Munni says you are hurt and is taking him to room.

Purab and Disha come there and says love birds are here. He says Disha made sweets so they brought there to get approval. Pragya thinks Abhi didn’t wait for her and got married so soon. May be I am dead for him and that’s why remarried. She thinks everything ended now, and says your love ended with my wait. You have moved on, but I will not come inbetween you and will go far away from you for your own happiness.READ MONDAY ON TWIST  FATE