Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 2nd December

Abhi asks Pragya to come out and says I know you are at my back. Pragya comes infront of him. Abhi asks where you were and tells that his hands are tied. Pragya says she got the rod to beat the goons, and opens his hands. Abhi sits down. Pragya shows the plan and tells that there are 5 goons including boss and says we have to think something big to elope from here.

Abhi and Pragya getting romantic in the grass while the song main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays….Purab, Sarla, Dadi and Beeji come to that dhaba place. Dadi and Beeji tell him that they will manage to walk. Tanu gains consciousness. Dasi asks janki to make her smell chloroform. Tanu says no and says she can slip in coma. Dasi says it is good if you goes in coma and makes her smell chloroform. Pragya says we shall leave from here. Abhi says he is hungry much and will eat grass in sometime. Pragya couldn’t see his hunger and feels bad. Abhi asks her to come and make food with the water. Pragya asks what can be made with it. Abhi tells about the childhood play where girl and boy act as grown up couple. Pragya says we can play, but our stomach will be hungry. Abhi asks her to
keep water for boiling.

Pragya pretends to make kheer and add grass in it. Abhi says he will have kheer and asks her to make him have it. Pragya pretends to feed him kheer. Abhi says it tastes nice and asks her to put her finger and make it more tasty. Main Phir bhi tumko plays….Abhi says my stomach is full now and says lets sleep. Pragya asks why he is acting childish. Abhi says kids enjoy without thinking and says now we shall play doctor doctor. Pragya hugs him. Aaliya tells Nikhil how could she escape from here Nikhil says why she will return once escaped. Aaliya says Pragya. Nikhil asks her to let Pragya go to hell.

Sharp Shooter Dushyant calls him and says he will come in half an hour. Nikhil asks him to come, and tells Aaliya what he will do now. Aaliya says I care for my brother, and that’s all. Nothing shall happen to him and we shall be saved. Nikhil smiles and thinks to call Pragya and kill them. Aaliya thinks she needs to be alert. Pragya asks Abhi to think how to get out from here. Abhi says we will break the wall, make gate and escape. Pragya says it is a brilliant idea and says goons are sitting outside.

Abhi says I have one more idea and says we shall climb and escape. Pragya says it is a bad idea. She thinks of an idea and tells that she will make snake out of cloth and asks him to shout snake snake so that goons come. She says she will hit them. Abhi says they are goons and will laugh on me. Pragya says this plan will work and asks him to fill grass inside. Abhi says this idea will not work.

Pragya asks him to support her if he loves her. She makes snake. Abhi says it is looking like snake now. Pragya asks him to stand just like they tied him and then shouts pretending to be scared. She ties his hands with rope and puts fake snake on him. Abhi shouts snake snake and shouts for help. Damru and others hear him and think to check. Pragya hides.

Damru and other goon get scared seeing fake snake. Other goon says we shall leave from here. Damru slaps him and says we shall show jalwa. Pragya hits them.

Pragya hitting Babban with rod. Abhi says he is bitten by the snake. Damru checks the snake and says it is fake. He asks Abhi who is here and checks the place. Abhi kicks him and Pragya hits him. Damru also faints. Abhi asks her to open his hands and they try to escape. Goons inform Nikhil that snake is in Abhi’s room. Aaliya gets worried for Abhi. Nikhil asks her not to come infront of Abhi. Abhi and Pragya lock them in room and come out. Purab, Dadi, Sarla and Beeji are walking and coming to that place. Purab says he will call Police, but there is no network here and asks them to try their phone. Other goons come there. Abhi and Pragya hide behind the dry grass. Abhi says you told that there are few goons. Pragya asks him to follow her plan. Goon is about to see Pragya.

saves her at the last moment. Pragya says we are saved. Abhi asks her not to be overconfident. They argue. Abhi says I will think. Damru and Babban knock on the door. Nikhil asks what you are doing here and where is Abhi? Damru says Abhi hit us and escaped. Nikhil slaps him and asks where is the snake. Damru says it was a fake snake, but looked like real. He shows the fake snake. Nikhil says how can he escape? Damru says he was not alone, but there were two people. He says Pragya was with him and hit us with rod and then locked the door. Nikhil is shocked. Abhi tells Pragya that he saw goons boss.

Pragya asks him not to make sound and think of a plan. The goons plan to stab the grass and says they must be here. Abhi and Pragya are inside the grass. Aaliya comes inside and tells Nikhil that she told him that Pragya was inside, but he didn’t listen. She says Pragya has slapped you twice and asks what did you say that I am mad thinking about Pragya. She says even blind could see, but you couldn’t see. Nikhil bursts out his anger on the goons and asks them to search them and not to let them go out of jungle. Damru asks the goons not to let them go. Abhi tells Pragya that when goons were attacking on the grass, she was looking at him. He asks her to follow her plan and see grass catching fire. Damru asks them to do anything, but find them. The goons inform Damru that grass caught fire.

Nikhil asks how did the fire broke out? Goon tells that he threw beedi/cigar on it. Nikhil gets angry and asks them to sets off fire and bring water. Abhi and Pragya are stuck in the fire. Pragya shouts for help. Abhi says they are goons and will kill us.

Abhi and Pragya caught in the fire while being in the grass. Abhi asks if we get into trouble as we are together. Pragya says she will hug trouble if he is with her. The goons throw water on the grass. Aaliya gets an idea and tells that they shall save Abhi and let Pragya die inside the grass, as everyone knows that this is an accident. Nikhil asks her to let Abhi and Pragya die together. Aaliya asks how dare you and says she will not let anything happen to her brother. Nikhil says he or his goons will not go in the fire and asks her to jump and save her brother. Janki brings tea for Dasi. Dasi says I need it. Just then tea cup breaks, Janki says it is inauspicious. Dasi says there is nothing and asks her to break another cup.

Abhi tells Pragya that there is no way to
go out and asks what she will do if this is their last moment. Pragya reminisces their meeting etc and proposes him for life. Abhi promises to make her his life in all seven births and support her. He says I thought guys can propose well, but you surprises me everytime and proposed so well. Pragya asks what you will do at this last moment. Abhi says he will just love her and tries to get closer for a kiss. He hears horse sound and says we have to reach till horse and asks her to come.