Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 20 September 2020


Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 20 September 2020

Mitali asking Robin to throw the left over food or give it to animals. Pragya hears her and says why you are throwing the food. You should have make it according to the need. Mitali says Aaliya and Tanu didn’t have food. Pragya says they have to eat this food in the morning else they have to be hungry.

Mitali says ok as you order. She says she is a lady hitler. Aaliya and Tanu come to the dining table and see their food. Mitali tells that it is their breakfast food which they didn’t have. She tells she has been fulfilling Pragya’s order. Tanu says lets go to her and make her have this food. Dadi comes and asks what is in food. Aaliya tells it is stale food. Dasi asks Robin to call Pragya and gets angry. Dadi tells she didn’t want to see her face at breakfast table, and says we shall eat this food. Abhi comes and asks why everyone is sitting with sad faces. Tanu tells it is morning food and how can eat stale food. She asks what did Pragya want? Dadi coughs. Abhi asks what happened? Aaliya provokes Abhi. Tanu tells do Pragya want to kill my baby?

Pragya is resting in her room. Abhi enters and closes the music. Pragya asks him to switch the music on. Abhi asks her to get up. Pragya says only she can order. He holds her hand and makes her stand. He tells he will teach her a lesson today. He asks her to eat the food which she made his family have it. Pragya says she wanted them to eat it so that they realize the importance of money. Abhi says he has earned money for food, and says you have gone blinded with money.

 He says you want to make my Dadi have this food. You are keeping them as an animal, and now what you want to do. He tells Dadi started choking as the roti was stuck in her throat. Pragya thinks it is Aaliya and Tanu’s words. Abhi asks her to apologize to his family. Pragya refuses to apologize. Dadi gets worried and tells we shall go and see. Aaliya says let him handle her. She hopes Abhi murders Pragya in anger and then she will enjoy his money. Dasi asks Dadi to let Abhi take out anger on Pragya. Pragya tells she is not doing anything wrong and is just punishing them for their mistakes. She says this is needed to make them realize importance of money and they should be thankful to her. She asks him to tell them that if they do this mistake again, then they have to eat this food on the street. Abhi is shocked and disgusted. He tells I thought you have been doing drama and will tell me that you are just pretending and acting. He tells you can’t be my fuggi, as she knows to give happiness and not pain. He says you are someone else, and not my fuggi. You have her face, but not her heart. You are money hungry and she is love hungry. He says it will be an insult to his fuggi to compare her with her. Pragya is pain and hurt.

Abhi tells I really regret it. He tells for whom I was waiting, she was waiting for money and not me. He shows her things and tells he used to talk with her things after she left him. He shows poetry and says it is for his fuggi. Pragya reads his letter and message. He says this letter was a hope for him that she will return some day. He tells he read this letter in numerable times. He tells you made me your best friend before going, and I made this diary best friend and wrote my heart talk. He asks why did you come back? He asks her to understand one thing clearly, and asks him not to think him weak. He says he will start hating her soon, and says our story will end with hatred. He says my hatred will be more than my love. Abhi tells I will never forget my fuggi, and will love her always. If she would have told me then I would have named my everything on her name. He tells I will take revenge from you as you have snatched my fuggi and love. He says I will snatched your world from you and challenges her. He says if I don’t then my name is not Abhishek Mehra. Pragya cries. Hamari Adhuri plays…… Abhi coming downstairs and Aaliya asking what happened in his room. Tanu asks did you teach a lesson to her? Abhi couldn’t say anything and goes from there. They are puzzled about his behavior. Pragya cries looking at the things which Abhi showed her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………while she reads the diary and letter. Abhi is sitting in bar and recalls Pragya’s words. Pragya recalls Abhi’s heart talk. Abhi thinks of Pragya’s words that his brand name, Abhi the rockstar is also under her name. He thinks his Pragya can’t be like this and he don’t want to see her face. Hamari Adhuri plays……..She comes to puja room and sits infront of the in house temple. Aaliya and Tanu are curious to know, what Pragya might be doing. Tanu tells Pragya might be crying like before. They see the light off and thinks she is crying. Aaliya says we will scold her and gets inside the room. When they don’t see her in room, Aaliya tells she must have eloped from here. Tanu gets excited and says now we can go shopping and my marriage can happen now. Pragya cries and tells everything is going from her hands. She says she is going far from her love rather than making him away from her enemies.

Someone comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Pragya says I can’t share my pain with anyone, and want to tell the truth to him. She says I am doing this on your sayings. Even If I fulfill my motive then don’t know if I will be able to find him. She asks her to take out from this mess. The person supporting her is revealed and she is none other than Dadi. Dadi hugs her and asks her to stop crying. She says I am with you. Pragya says why did you saved me on that day. Dadi says if you had gone from this world, then what would have happen to me and Abhi. She says three lives was saved that day.

A flashback is shown, Doctor checks and tells Pragya that she is no more. The nurse sees Pragya’s mangalsutra and asks other nurse to deposit it in the counter. Dadi is going from there and happens to see the mangalsutra. She sees the mangalsutra and is being informed that it belongs to dead patient. Dadi insists to see the dead body, and goes to see. She uncovers the cloth from her face and is shocked to see Pragya died. The nurse tells we tried to save her, but she died. Dadi says nothing can happen to my bahu. She asks Pragya, did you hear what she is saying. She asks Pragya to wake up and stop the drama. She holds her ears and apologizes asking her to get up. She tells my life is in you and asks her to wake up for her and Abhi. She keeps head on Pragya’s chest asking her to come back to life. Pragya moves her fingers and comes back to life.
Dadi tells Nurse, did you see? I told you that nothing can happen to her. Nurse goes to call the doctor. The doctor checks Pragya and tells this is a miracle. I saw it today, that second birth is possible too in the same birth. He asks her to relax and says she is fine. Nurse tells Dadi that Pragya was holding mangalsutra in her hand and loves her husband very much. It seems she came back to life because of her husband. Dadi gets happy and calls at landline number. Aaliya picks the call and asks where are you? Dadi says she came to hospital to pick the report. Aaliya thinks Dadi might call her to pick her up and pretends to not hear her. She disconnects the call. The nurse informs her that Pragya is fine. Dadi sits at Pragya’s bed side while she is unconscious and tells that we will find a way to get you back in Abhi’s life. She gets Abhi’s call. Dadi is about to pick it, Pragya gains consciousness and calls Dadi.

Dadi thanks the God as Pragya gained consciousness. She tells my life was going seeing your condition. Pragya tries to get up. Dadi makes her drink water. She asks how did this accident happened? Pragya tells her something which is muted. Dadi tells I will inform Abhi that you are fine. Pragya asks her not to inform him and says everything is finished. She tells Aaliya and Tanu are betraying and lying to him. A flashback is shown, Tanu is shown talking to Nikhil and Pragya overhearing her. Then Aaliya’s conversation with Raj is shown, and Pragya hearing her. FB ends. Dadi tells it was good that Abhi didn’t marry Tanu because of you. She says Abhi forgave Aaliya three times because of me, and she is doing wrong with him. I will punish her. Pragya looks on.

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