Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 12 July 2020


Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 12 July 2020

Purab comes and takes Daadi’s blessings. Abhi and Pragya come there. Daasi praises them as Sohni Mahiwal. Daadi asks them to give her a gift of Junior Abhi or Pragya by next year. They both get shy.

Purab takes Bulbul to a corner and says she looks beautiful every day, asks her to kiss him. She says someone will watch them. He says nobody will and is about to kiss her when Abhi calls him and he leaves. Bulbul kisses his cheek before he leaves. Aaliya sees their romance and gets irked.

Tanu gets her parent’s call who inform that they have reached Mumbai. She informs Abhi about it and says her parents are waiting since 6 years for their marriage, so they are coming here now. Abhi says Daadis and Pragya’s family are here and they will get suspicious seeing her parents. She says she has waited for him a long and he has to take a decision and tell if he wants her or not. She gets her parent’s call and tells Abhi that their flight has landed and he has to tell his decision to her parents today itself.

Pragya asks Sarla if she is missing her locality holi. Sarla says why will she and says she is happy seeing her daughter happy. They go and sit with family. Daadi asks Pragya about Abhi. Pragya says she will call him. Daadi asks her to sit and calls Abhi over phone. Abhi meets her and she says he has to perform pheras with Pragya in front of lohri. He gets annoyed hearing it.

Abhi clashes with Aaliya and apologizes her. Aaliya says it is her and asks why he is looking tensed. He says since Pragya came in his life, her bad luck is haunting even him. Tanu’s parents are coming to meet him and talk about his marriage with Tanu, but Fuggi’s family and daadi are here and they will get suspicious. Daadi wants him to peform pheras with fuggi in front of her, so he is screwed now. Aaliya asks him to relax. Daadi calls him and he leaves.

Aaliya asks Tanu why did not she inform her that her parents are coming. Tanu says it is her plan to call her parents here and force them to ask Abhi to marry her. Aaliya says if she thinks she will win the challenge she made to Bulbul with her plan. Tanu says she is 100% sure she will win it.

Tanu excitedly telling Aaliya that once her parents come she will perform pheras with Abhi along with Bulbul and Purab. Aaliya gets irked and asks what did she say. Tanu says it is just lohri pheras and not real ones.

Daadi forces Abhi to perform lohri rituals with Pragya. He asks her to do it herself. Daadi forces him, and he lits lohri with Pragya. Tanu looks at him angrily. Bulbul tells Pragya to propose abhi after pheras and if she is shy, she can take him away and propose.

Tanu tries to walk out between rituals, Daasi stops her and says if she wishes something during rituals, her wish will be fulfilled. Tanu excitedly asks if she is telling truth. Daasi says yes. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and performs pheras around lohri fire. Everyone claps for them. Aaliya thinks her worst phase will be over soon and though Bulbul will perform pheras with Purab, she will be kicked out soon. She sees tanu praying and asks what is she doing. Tanu says she is praying to separate Abhi and Pragya and marry Abhi soon. Aaliya asks her to continue praying.

Pragya takes Abhi to the corner and says she wants to tell him something. He angrily asks what and says he is in a big tension. She asks him to tell what tension he has. He says she is her half tension. He asks what about another half. He thinks she does not know about Tanu and asks her what she wants to say. She tries to speak, but sees Purab and Bulbul and stops. He asks what she wants to say. She nervously shakes her hands and says she gets nervous seeing him. Tanu comes there and asks Abih to come with her. Abhi says he will listen to Pragya first and then her. Tanu says he has to listen to her first and drags him from there. Sarla sees them going and thinks of asking Pragya, but daadi takes her other side.

Bulbul gets angry over Tanu and tells Purab that she purposefully took Abhi from there and wants them separated soon.

Tanu takes Abhi to a corner and asks what was he doing with Pragya. He says she wanted to tell something important. She says she wants him to take her to his house as her parents are coming there to talk about their marriage. Abhi is shocked and says he will speak to them in his way and she should not interfere.

Bulbul scolds Pragya for not proposing Abhi yet and says if she does not, Tanu will take away Abhi.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s home and meets her parents. She asks Abhi to meet them. They both ask if he is married and wants to know from him. Tanu says Abhi was forcefully married by her grandma, soon he will divorce his wife and will marry her. Mom relaxes and says she was worried. She asks about Abhi’s family. Tanu says they both can meet abhi’s family in backyard as they are celebrating holi. Mom says they can and gets up. Abhi says they cannot as they must be tired after their traveling and can meet them later. Dad says he is right and asks him tell about his professional and personal life.

Bulbul scolds Pragya for delaying and says now Tanu will play her tricks. Bulbul says she gets nervous in front of Abhi and is unable to speak. Bulbul asks her not to get nervous and propose.

Abhi’s parents praise Abhi for his sense of humor. She asks if his wife stays with her and asks how can he stay with a poor girl, does not he get disgusted and it is a hell for him. He starts praising Pragya and says she is down to earth, is a teacher, knows to handle situation, etc. Mom says then she should meet her.

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