Sunday Update on This is Fate 6th January 2019

The girls try their best, cry and plead the police not to take Sarla. Dadi ji joins hands to Rakhi requesting to save Sarla as she is innocent. Rishab joins his hands and requests Dadi ji not to take any tension and instead take a seat. Shrishti runs behind the van and fell down on the road crying. Preeta tries to support her and assures nothing would happen. Preeta says they will ask Rishab, someone would surely help them.
Kareena tells Sherlin she understands it can be disturbing to witness so much on her engagement day. She says Preeta must have been arrested today, this venue was booked because of her. Rishab says it was his only decision, Preeta wasn’t involved. He tells Kareena Preeta or Sarla has no mistake in that. Sherlin argues who can be responsible? Kareena says only the caterers

or Sarla’s family would go to kitchen. Rishab asks if they would do that, then why? Shrishti comes inside crying, Preeta looked extremely tensed. Sherlin thinks Preeta is still crying, Rishab might melt again; how to handle this all. Rakhi’s condition worsen. They all help her to hospital. Preeta cries hugging Dadi ji.
In the hospital, Karan was upset. Sherlin walks across restlessly. Kareena prays for her family’s health. Sanjana tries to console her. Kareena asks if she doesn’t know what she has done. She then thinks about controlling herself. Sanjana comes to Sherlin worried that she involved Kareena with her, Kareena might reveal to the world about her act as she loves her family the most. She reminds Sherlin about her past. Sherlin tells her to stay calm, else her past would be brought to her present.
Sherlin comes worried. A nurse informs them that Mr. Luthra is fine, Rakhi is being treated. Sameer comes to inform them that all the guests have been discharged and treated well. The family was relieved.
Preeta and Shrishti come to police station. The lady inspector says Sarla is a criminal, she rented the hall in spite of the case going on in court and put a lot of people’s life at stake. Shrishti has an argument. Preeta cries in front of inspector and tries to convince her to meet her mother. An inspector comes there. Preeta requests him and was allowed to meet Sarla.
In the hospital, Karan thinks about Preeta. He thinks who else could do this if not them. They must prove its not their mistake. Mr. Luthra comes there and cheers them all up. He boasts to his sons that Rakhi is Mahesh Luthra’s wife, it’s his right to worry about her. He needs to take care of her. Rishab hugs him. Mr. Luthra taunts that Rishab was even upset in his own engagement. Karan says he was happy, only his face is upset. A nurse comes to inform Rakhi wants to meet them. In the room, Rakhi asks about Mr. Luthra. He holds her hand saying he would have taken care of her as such. He asks how she fall ill when they had eaten together. All at once, Rakhi begins to pant and suffocates. Kareena holds her hands. Rakhi asks Kareena to forgive Preeta, she requests her to save Sarla as it wasn’t her deliberate act. She owes a lot to Preeta and its time to pay back. Kareena agrees and asks her to relax. Kareena thinks she won’t do any such thing when she turns around. She feels bad for Rakhi and thinks she won’t let Preeta come out of these problems.
In the jail, Sarla gives Preeta and Shrishti some hope. Shrishti says she can take the blame over herself. Sarla scolds her, then asks Preeta not to tell Pragya about it. Shrishti gets upset about her orders. Sarla tells Preeta to make Shrishti understand the matter. Preeta assures she will take care of them both, she knows what she has to do. Sarla asks what she will do. Preeta tells her to take care of herself. Outside, Preeta asks Shrishti if she wants to help her, then go home.

Preeta comes to hospital and goes towards emergency. Sherlin stops her from going inside and says no one will get any forgiveness. She only wants to meet Rishab. Sherlin asks who else she would meet except her beloved friend .Preeta tells Sherlin to think clearly, she has no interest in Rishab. She goes inside. Kareena forbids her to come inside, but Karan asks them to listen to her as well. Rishab was considerate at once. Preeta explains may be they were a bit irresponsible about the security matter in the function, but it was none of their mistake. Rishab thinks he is well aware they aren’t irresponsible. Preeta says they can never play with lives of others. Her mother is being punished for no reason, they wanted the best for their function. She requests Rishab if he feels she has ever done anything good for him, he must help her in this case. She owes him a lot of favors, but today she is requesting this favor. She isn’t of an age to bear all the torture. Rishab asks her to stop crying, he will come with her. Kareena stops Rishab and reminds him they are standing here because of her family. Rishab says he is sure someone has done this, and is sure it’s not her family; they can’t keep her mom in jail only out of doubt. Kareena interrupts complaint can’t be taken back. Rishab says he doesn’t need anyone’s consent, everyone has gone home except Rakhi. And Rakhi would also wish the case is reverted. Kareena says Rakhi told her she has no trust over Preeta and family, she clearly stated Sarla must be punished. Rishab was lost at once. Preeta says may be Rakhi is angry right now, but he just stated its not necessary everything is wrong when there is one thing wrong. Preeta reminds he promised her help to her in any time of need. Kareena doesn’t let Rishab fall for Preeta and asks if he would fulfil his mother’s wish or help her? Preeta pleads Rishab crying. Sherlin was irked, Rishab withdraws his hand. Kareena smirks. She asks if he asked to help her, and promised his help; today he backed up when her mother is in jail. Rishab requests Preeta to leave. Preeta says she always considered him the best man in world, but today he proved her wrong. She was silly to expect anything from him and leaves. Mr. Luthra wonders how can Rakhi say this all.
Preeta thinks she feels really helpless. There is not a single person to help her, she has no hope now. She thinks about Pragya, then remembers her promise with Sarla. She fell on the floor in corridor and cries. Karan comes there to give her his hand. She asks if Rishab sent him?

Karan clarifies to Preeta that he didn’t come for her help, they have actually ruined the function. Preeta explains they aren’t responsible. Karan tells her to prove this, if they are on the right no one can ever keep her mother in jail then. Sherlin comes to take Karan as Rakhi is calling. When alone, she tells Karan she is aware he isn’t dating Preeta and was only wanting to hide her hand with ring. She says she was on Preeta’s side but when Rakhi lost her trust, she consider Preeta as wrong as to be hated. Karan leaves. Preeta cries while Rishab was upset that he has been helpless about Preeta.
Shrishti returns. Dadi asks if Sarla didn’t come with them. Shrishti says they didn’t even let them meet Sarla easily. Shrishti asks Kappu and Mohan, they say they supervised the whole

cooking well.

There was no fault. Mohan tells Shrishti to check the kitchen, they haven’t touched anything yet.
Rishab and Mr. Luthra come to ask doctor’s opinion about taking Rakhi home. The doctor tells them to take her home but with a nurse.
Shrishti looks into the kitchen where everything was fine. She wonders how the food was spoilt if everything here is fine. She turns to leave when finds a wrapper of rat poison, and decides to take it to Kappu. READ 7th MONDAY ON THIS IS FATE