Sunday Update on This is Fate 3rd February 2019

Prithvi was curt why Bee ji had been staring at Janki, if she would wake up that way. He coughs and asks Dada ji for a glass of water, then close the door behind and comes towards Janki.
Outside, Shrishti gets a call from Kareena. She asks Shrishti to come to Luthra house and bring top class ideas; there are going to be two grand functions here. Shrishti agrees to be there and left.
Prithvi holds a pillow to stuff Janki’s face. Preeta asks from behind what he is doing? Prithvi stops at once and says he wanted to place the pillow under Janki’s head, she might feel better. Preeta likes the idea and comes to help him. Prithvi was determined to torture her for each of her mistake. Preeta asks Janki to wake up, they miss her a lot. Prithvi also speaks that Preeta is getting emotional

for her, she must wake up now. He says somewhere he feels himself guilty for her as it happened on the day of their roka. She requests to stay here at night.

Preeta gets water for Prithvi and leaves the room. She then turns around and asks him to come out with him too.
Rakhi meets Shrishti and asks her to come to her bedroom when free from Kareena. Kareena scolds Shrishti for being late and tells her to place the albums here, she will select later. Shrishti asks if she called her for delivery of albums only. Kareena asks if she had any problem. Shrishti says she doesn’t have any problem in delivering the albums; and not hers but Kareena’s time was ruined. Kareena sends Shrishti to bring a glass of water for her. Shrishti didn’t go initially but Kareena begins to cough. Kareena was determined to revenge the two sisters. She will treat Shrishti as a maid, this will tease Preeta.
Prithvi asks Sarla to let him stay here, he needs to serve Janki. Sarla asks why would they need to take her permission, it’s his own house. There was a bell at the door. Rishab and Sherlin come in. Rishab greets Preeta. Prithvi wonders what they two are doing here. Rishab explains he took a recommendation from a senior doctor who is a friend, but the doctor is sure she will be fine if she takes it. He wonders how she would eat them as she is unconscious. Preeta assures she can administer them, she is a doctor too. Sarla offers them to sit. Prithvi says there is a huge difference between the two brothers. He explains Rishab cares a lot for them, but there is Karan on the other side. Rishab asks what did Karan do. Prithvi asks Sarla to tell him, then says Karan blamed he was having an affair with some other girl. Resultantly, he was proven wrong. Rishab was shocked to hear this. Prithvi says Karan doesn’t want him to marry Preeta. Rishab thinks about Karan’s interest. He agrees its wrong and apologizes Prithvi and Sarla. Preeta regrets as Rishab will now be angry at Karan. Prithvi says he is suspicious someone is trying to spy about his past.

At Luthra house, Shrishti dislikes to bring water for Kareena. Sameer comes to call her as there is a lot to be done. Kareena was furious that Rakhi must have called her, and Shrishti doesn’t focus on her work. Shrishti stares towards Sameer, but try to get way for each other. Shrishti holds him straight. She blames Sameer to wander around him always. Sameer blames her the same, and turns to leave calling her insane. Shrishti says she has done PhD in stupid like him; and he is filled with stupidity.
Prithvi says he only feels so, you get suspicious when a lot of people begin pointing towards you. But he was ready to let go of a lot of things now. Dadi ji comes cheerfully that there was movement in Janki’s body. They find Janki move her hands. Everyone was happy. Preeta hugs Rishab out of happiness and cries. Rishab smiles and places his hand at her back.
Sherlin blames Prithvi for leaving Janki alive. It takes five minutes only to kill her. Prithvi clutches her neck and blames its Sherlin fault, she never does anything but only blames him. Sherlin leaves the room angrily.

Preeta and Sarla both try to ask Janki wake up. Sarla scolds Janki to wake up now. Preeta asks Sarla to give her some way, they have been waking her up for long. Preeta asks Sarla to do it carefully, Janki will be perfectly fine. She looks towards Rishab emotionally and says Rishab is always there when there is a problem in their family. Today, Janki is conscious as Rishab arrived. Rishab hands her his handkerchief, as she wipes her tears. Sarla was now worried and suggests about calling the doctor. Preeta says it takes time, she had been unconscious for last three days. Bee ji goes to call the doctor. Rishab offers his phone but Dadi says there is no number here.
Shrishti turns to leave Sameer’s side. Sameer calls her idle, she always wastes his time. Shrishti says it suits him more.

Rakhi comes there and enjoys their argument and fighting. She says their fights are so cute. Rakhi asks Sameer if he likes Shrishti. Sameer says no. Shrishti also replies in negative. Rakhi was worried that what will happen about their marriage planning? Sameer says it’s cancelled. Rakhi says not the wedding, but fights must be cancelled. Karan comes to save them and sends Rakhi to get him something to eat.
Rishab brings Sherlin aside and asks how she dare behave so rudely with him. No one, even Sherlin can behave so ill with him. Sherlin hits his foot with her heel and leaves, saying she is always right and no one can consider her wrong.
Shrishti was excited to take Preeta’s call and informs Sameer. Sameer was also excited but Shrishti remembers she didn’t have to speak to him anymore. Preeta says Janki is in a little pain, may be because of head injury. Sameer tries to stop Shrishti, Karan asks her about the good news. Shrishti excitedly tells Karan about Janki and hugs him. She tells Karan to ask Sameer get away her way. Sameer says there is an auto strike today. Shrishti was tensed, Karan counters Sameer and offers to drop her.
Sarla sat with Janki, she calls for water. They were all excited. Sarla cries emotionally. Janki asks them for water.
Prithvi comes to Sherlin and makes her up. She agrees and was worried about the next development. She asks him to think about a story they can make up even if Janki blames them. Prithvi says Preeta trusts Rishab and Karan more than him, and he senses their end is very near. He was shocked to see Rishab staring at them. Sherlin turns around worried and wonders if he has heard the talk. He says he knew it very well, his heart said and he was right; he speaks to Prithvi that he never thought he and Sherlin… Prithvi asks Rishab to speak directly to him. Sherlin takes the blame. Rishab explains he senses Prithvi is as nervous and worried for others as Sherlin is. He heard they are concerned about Janki, so Janki is now conscious and they can meet her. Prithvi and Sherlin were worried. Shrishti and Karan arrive them, Shrishti was excited about Janki. Rishab takes Sherlin inside.
Shrishti sat beside Janki and asks who put Kumkum Bhagya hall at fire. Karan comes to her side. Preeta says they doubt Janki is aware the reason of fire. Janki points towards Prithvi, her hands trembled badly. They all notice she was pointing towards Prithvi. Janki attempts to get up while she pointed towards Prithvi. Rishab holds her and gives her a glass of water, helping her in bed again.

Preeta asks Janki if she needs something. Janki asks who you are. Sarla introduces herself and Preeta and Shrishti. Janki recognizes Sarla has two daughters only, Pragya and Bulbul. Sarla asks her about fire. Janki asks which fire? Prithvi and Sherlin smirk. Shrishti says Janki definitely knew something, and that’s the reason someone attempted to murder her.