Sunday Update on This is Fate 30 December 2018

Karan comes inside looking for his cell phone, Preeta had just come out after changing. He says he only came in to look for his cell phone, Preeta argues it must be in his pocket. Preeta was about to check his pocket then thinks she must not get so close to him. She finds his mobile on the bed and tells him to leave now. Karan says she must not tell anyone that he saved her. Preeta says this would make him a hero, but Karan says heroes never get unconscious.
Outside, Kareena wonders why Karan took so long. Shrishti says he is with her princess Preeta.
Inside, Preeta pushes Karan away, his head hits a door. Preeta was concerned about him but he smiles that he was only acting. Preeta shuts the door behind him this time. Kareena and Dadi came to take Karan out, he leaves with them.
The next morning, Kareena was looking after the arrangements of an event. Mr. Luthra asks what’s the event and teases if Kritika’s Sangeet. Kareena clarifies its Ganpati, she and Rakhi discuss about a grand function in their neighborhood as well. Rishab comes downstairs and tells Karan he prepared his contract for the Ganpati festival at home. Rakhi had an objection with the contract signing, while Kareena cheers that Karan is exactly like her. Rishab shows the contract to Karan, Rakhi agrees and gets the contract signed. Karan signs the papers without reading. Rakhi laughs that he signed a performance against Gajar Ka Halwa. They all laugh. Karan says all the world’s wealth aside, nothing compares his mother’s hand made Gajar Ka Halwa.

The cricket match was going on. Abhi tells Munni he doesn’t care whether the girls win or boys, in both cases he will kiss her.
Karan comes for batting as all the others had lost. He gives a sixer on the first ball. There was another sixer as plays his next shot. Shrishti was determined to take Karan’s wicket, Preeta comes for bowling against Rishab. Rishab was lost in her thoughts and thinks he can be out for Preeta, just to make her smile. Preeta throws the ball but Rishab wasn’t attentive, the wicket was down. Girls cheer while Karan was upset. Karan plays another ball, he considers it a sixer while Shrishti wasn’t ready to accept it. Karan gets a call from Sofia, he attends a video call. Sofia gives him the news of her pregnancy. Rakhi was in a state of disbelief and gets upset
but Dadi says they must focus on game now. Karan was lost with the thoughts of the news and his wicket was down on first bowl.
Later, Abhi and Munni discuss that this time girls would win, it was girl’s turn to bat.
Karan calls Sofia, Sofia apologizes and confesses she did it because Shrishti called her, Preeta needed a help to beat him in the challenge they had with him. Karan was offensive and decides to teach Preeta a lesson. MORE UPDATE SOON