Sunday Update on This is Fate 27th January 2019

Kareena comes to ask Dadi if she wants them all to be hurt. Dadi says she wants them all to stay safe and leave. Dadi asks her to call everyone, she will request them all to leave. As she gathers everyone Rishab and Karan weren’t there. Shrishti says they have gone to save Preeta. Kareena shouts at Sarla for being selfish, but her mother scolds her this time and shouts at her to shut up. Mr. Luthra comes to ask them collect water.
Rishab jumps into the kitchen through the window. His sleeve gets fire, Karan puts it off and hugs Rishab. Preeta thanks Rishab for coming to save her. Karan reminds he also came here. He shows Rishab there was no way out for them to leave, even the window Rishab came from is at fire.

Shrishti cries outside her house as the bucket fell off her hand. She questions why this happened to them, Preeta is at fire. Sameer comes there, she hugs him. He tries to calm her down and assures Rishab and Karan have gone inside to save Preeta, nothing will happen to Preeta. He tries to console her, then helps her get up. He says he needs her help, until the fire brigade arrives they have to attempt to put the fire off. Rishab asks Preeta for tap, but Preeta says there is no water in it. Rishab was sure there will be some way out through the window in came in.


Rishab tries to make space in the window, but a burning wooden log blocks the space. Karan finds food in the kitchen and eats from it. Preeta asks if he has gone insane. Rishab scolds Karan to stay silent. Preeta asks God for help, atleast for them both who came to save her.
Sameer asks Shrishti if she is fine. She thanks him and turns around with the bucket of water. Sameer prays he doesn’t get to see this face of Shrishti again; he can’t bear her tears. He wipes his own tears and wonders why he feels so strongly for her pain.
Dadi asks Kareena why is so furious. Kareena wonders what if something happens to Karan and Rishab; why they went in to save that Preeta. Dadi complains if Kareena has forgotten any humanity or morality. She feels a relation with Preeta and her family. Kareena

complains her mom takes her wrong. Dadi says it’s about relations at heart. She is proud Karan and Rishab went to save Preeta; Preeta is a precious girl. Sherlin hears this and thinks Rishab already felt for Preeta and now Karan also loves Preeta, it’s not the care that took them inside. The fire brigade arrive.
The begin their operation and looks around the house for anyone inside.
Rishab gets a call from Sameer. He puts the phone on loud speaker. Karan tells Sameer they are having party in kitchen as there is a lot of food. Preeta tells Sameer Karan has gone crazy. Sameer calls Shrishti who speaks to Preeta. Shrishti assures Preeta she is fine. Shrishti goes to inform the fireman the three are together in the kitchen. Rishab places a cloth over Preeta’s nose. She shares with them her dupatta to place over their noses. Preeta was thankful for them to risk their lives for her.
Prithvi comes to Sarla and assures Preeta would be safe, the fire brigade team will save her. Sarla questions Prithvi if he would ever be able to protect Preeta for life. On the day of roka today she was stuck but he didn’t go to save her. Karan and Rishab are better as friends, who saved her by staking their lives. She wasn’t ready to listen to his explanations, she regrets selecting him as her life partner. He doesn’t even care for her life.
They hold Preeta as she felt dizzy now. Karan keeps the mood light, and keeps his hand to cover her face with the handkerchief. He forbids her to cough like an old lady. Rishab also got cough, she places her dupatta over his face as well.

Kareena stops Sarla, she questions why she and her family always create problems for them. And today it’s the limit, two of their sons have jumped into fire just for her daughter. Sarla explains she always pray for both of them. Kareena was furious that what’s the guarantee of her prayers, what if something bad happens to their kids. Rakhi forbids her speak such ill-fated talk, but Kareena says Sarla and her daughters are ill fated. Sarla warns Kareena to speak about her daughter, else she would forget she is their guest. Kareena shows Rakhi how she is pouring the poison. Rakhi says Kareena compelled her. Rakhi holds Sarla’s joint hands, and asks her to pray their children are safe.

Sherlin was worried that its obvious Sarla won’t agree to his marriage with Preeta now. Prithvi was sure he will again compel Sarla for the proposal. Sherlin tells Prithvi that Preeta would back up from marrying him, and even Rishab would break the proposal with her. She has read that two people fall in love in such situations, and this would ruin them. Prithvi says this would only happen if Preeta comes out of this fire, alive.
The fire brigade team comes out to inform there is no one inside, the checking for another side is going on. The three were dizzy in the kitchen. Karan had placed his head over Preeta’s shoulder. Preeta considers herself lucky to have a friend like Karan.

The mothers cry as the bodies were carried out by fire brigade. The doctor inspects Karan. Rakhi asks the doctor why they aren’t opening their eyes. Prithvi thinks he and Sherlin finally won today. This world is a Kalyug, here devil always win. She was the biggest trouble of her life. Preeta wakes up then. They help her take a sip of water. Sarla was relieved, so was everyone else. Preeta asks about Karan and Rishab and goes looking for them, by pushing Sherlin aside. Sarla comes to fire brigade to ask about Janki.

Preeta comes home to find Luthra family there. Mr. Luthra was tensed that Karan and Rishab are in the room, doctors inspecting them. The doctor was irritated by cries of Rakhi and Kareena. Kareena blames Rakhi for being responsible about Rishab and Karan’s condition. Preeta

runs into the room. Kareena stops her there and wonders when would she get away from her family, it’s because of her that her sons are in such a condition. Preeta wasn’t concentrating and comes to wake Karan up. Rakhi calms Kareena down. Preeta asks doctor why they aren’t opening their eyes. The doctor says their smog inhalation is very high. Rishab is better but… Preeta confirms if they will get better. The doctor says Karan is very serious, he has inhaled a lot of smoke and is harmful.
Preeta wakes Karan up and cries beside her. Kareena asks the doctor to call the best of doctor’s penal. Preeta now shouts at Karan why he came to save her, he takes everything so lightly; the room was full of smoke and he wanted to have pizza. She jerks him up and calls him not a hero, but a zero. Karan doesn’t move. Preeta bangs his head hard over the pillow. Karan gets conscious, he questions if she is crazy to beat him in craziness. Preeta cries hard, Rakhi comes to caress him and pray for him. Preeta asks the doctor about Rishab. The doctor wonders how Preeta treated Karan that excess smoke was released from his lungs. Karan wakes Rishab as well. The doctor congratulate them, Preeta comes to rub his hands while everyone was happy there. Preeta says she would have died watching them unwell. Rishab holds her hands, and asks about the family members. They leave for outside together. Rakhi thanks Preeta for saving her sons.

Outside, Prithvi spots a man and thinks this is the right person for his work. He thanks the officer for saving Preeta from such a dangerous fire. Prithvi asks how much he gets paid for such a duty and tries to bribe him. The officer was afraid what if someone watches him. Prithvi silently stuffs his pocket with a bundle of money. Prithvi tells him to hear what he has to do in return of this money. Sherlin hears them from a distance. Sherlin compliments Prithvi.

Karan and Rishab meet Dadi who was emotional. Rishab tells Dadi Karan only got little smoke in his brain, and it’s not working. Rishab hugs Karan calling him the real young. Preeta goes to look for Janki. Rishab was worried. Preeta says she was going to Kumkum Hall, she wants to check there. Rishab offers to come with her. Kareena stops Rishab, Karan offers to go with Preeta. Rishab tells Mr. Luthra to take the family home, someone has to stay with Sarla. He and Karan go with Preeta. No one was ready to listen to Kareena’s objection. Rakhi says she will only come when her brothers are here. Mr. Luthra, Dadi and girls leave, while the others stay to wait for Rishab and Karan.

Sarla sends Shrishti to look for Karan and Rishab. Shrishti was worried for Sarla to get unwell out of tension. Sarla was elated to see the three coming towards here. Both hug her. Sarla was thankful for them to save Preeta. Karan and Rishab forbid her do this. Karan requests her to make Preeta say sorry for him, he complains she didn’t let him eat pizza in the kitchen as well. Preeta slaps his back from behind. Sameer comes there and says he couldn’t leave; looking into Shrishti’s eyes. Sarla leaves all inside, while she goes inside. She tells Karan not to let Preeta move. Karan holds Preeta’s hand. Preeta calls him a duffer. They argue with each other. Shrishti asks them to be normal and reminds Karan saved her. He complains Preeta beat him on chest, what if he got a crack over his six pack abs. He only spares her because she is his fan, Shrishti’s sister. Preeta finally thanks Karan as she realizes his favor for her. Karan says only thank you won’t work, she will have to give him a kiss. Everyone there was shocked.

Sarla looks around at the burnt hall and cries in tension, she was worried how she will marry Preeta. Bee ji also comes there. Sarla was worried how they will run their house. Bee ji reminds they couldn’t find Janki. Sarla asks the officer to look for Janki. The officer says they could only save the other three because of Prithvi. He calls Prithvi there, and appreciates Prithvi instructing them the right way through the hall. Sarla was thankful to Prithvi. The firemen call from store room they have found another body. Prithvi and Sherlin were worried.

Rishab was disgusted about Karan’s demand. Preeta wasn’t ready to give him any kiss on a cheek as well. Karan says he doesn’t want a kiss from her at all, not even if she offers. He says her lips are even dry. Preeta was offensive. Rishab tells Preeta to let them go. Shrishti taunts Karan must want a kiss from soft lip Sofia. Sameer waves at Sofia coming there. Karan was left open mouthed to see Sofia coming there. She comes straight to hug Karan and says he jumped into fire for a girl, she is impressed and is ready to marry Karan right away. Karan tells her to leave, what if she is hurt in the fire.

Sarla comes to wake Janki up. Prithvi comes there and asks if she is alive. They were furious. Prithvi asks why she doesn’t open her eyes. The doctor observes Janki. The fire man says someone has thrown water over her, although she was burnt but was saved. They hold Janki home. The doctor tells them that Janki would be fine with the injection by morning; else they must call him immediately. Sarla cries considering her responsible for Janki’s condition. The daughters insist Sarla saved Janki. Sarla curses herself to blame Prithvi for not going to save Karan and Rishab; he didn’t speak a word. The fire brigade team told her that it was because of Prithvi that the fire team could get into the kitchen. Prithvi asks Sarla not to be ashamed, she has a right over him as mother. Kareena murmurs to Sherlin that Prithvi is a nice guy, she must have a misunderstanding. Sherlin leaves saying he isn’t nice at all. Rishab speaks to Sarla that everything is normal now, she needs some rest and is stressed. He insists on her to have a little tea with him, she will be relieved. Sarla suggests taking Janki to the room.

Prithvi comes into a room. Sherlin was furious over him for leaving Janki alive. Prithvi calms her down, then shuts the door cautiously. He had put the fire off near Janki so that she didn’t die even. What if Janki tells everyone about their affair; Karan and Preeta would understand his planning of marrying Preeta. She now thinks about attempt to murder case over them. Prithvi shuts Sherlin up, his brain has ceased working because of her and leaves the room.