Sunday Update on This is Fate 20th January 2019

Shrishti and Sameer were unable to find Preeta. Shrishti watches Sherlin leaving the house, hiding. Shrishti thinks Sherlin can do anything, it’s important for her to follow her. Sameer holds her arm, Shrishti warns him touch her. Sameer tells Shrishti its life and death scenario for them to resolve the misunderstanding about their affair. Shrishti also agrees.
Sherlin’s house was locked. Karan asks Preeta for the key, teasing her. He pulls a pin off her hair to open the lock. Preeta hurries Karan. He leaves it to Preeta, but Preeta gives up saying she is a girl. Karan asks what about her being Jhansi ki Rani? Preeta requests him to do something.

Preeta points at Karan to be very close to her. Karan says he feels nothing when close to her and backs up. As he steps up the rug hard, a key fell off. Both cheerfully hug each other, afterwards Karan says it wasn’t that hug.
They enter Sherlin’s house.
In the room, Prithvi tells Sherlin that Preeta and Karan were stalking him, and he and Karan came face to face again. Sherlin was afraid that Preeta might find out about their connection. Prithvi calms her down, no one knows about their relationship. He asks her to hurry up and come to him, he is waiting in her bedroom. Sherlin hurries cheerfully. Sherlin takes Dadi’s permission to leave, but Dadi insists on her to stay here tonight. Dadi calls Rishab and Kareena as well, but Sherlin qualifies she won’t be able to sleep
in anyone else’s bed. Dadi asks Rishab to drop her, but Sherlin was reluctant.
Sameer and Shrishti finally find Rakhi in her bedroom. They explain their situation to Rakhi but she was fast asleep in the easy chair. Sameer decides not to disturb her.
Preeta and Karan enters Sherlin’s house under torch light and look around.
Prithvi was waiting for Sherlin restlessly. Rishab opens the door for Sherlin, she wish him good night outside the door. Sherlin thinks she visits Luthra’s house often, and must invite Rishab inside as well. Rishab thinks if he denies Sherlin might mind. Sherlin was worried watching him come out of the car.
Shrishti takes a leave for Sameer as their matter wasn’t resolved today. Sameer tells her not to dream about him. Shrishti argues it would be a nightmare if he is in it. Both wave at each other later on.
Rishab apologizes Sherlin as it’s really late and promises to visit her house the next time. Sherlin gets a call from Kareena who insists to take Rishab home and spend some time with him.

Karan and Preeta find an album of Sherlin and Rishab’s engagement. Inside the room, Prithvi decides to get fresh until Sherlin returns. Karan and Preeta had entered the room when Prithvi went into the bath. Both were cautious hearing the door lock sound.On the call, Kareena insists on Rishab to accept Sherlin’s offer of coffee. Rishab turns to Sherlin and says sometimes one has to do a lot for family. Sherlin stops Rishab, she says she understands he doesn’t want to come in right now and its very late as well. He can go home, she won’t mind and will tell Kareena they had some good chat together. Rishab turns to get into the car but gets severe cough.
Dadi and Janki come to wake Sarla up with sweet about good news. Dadi says Preeta and Karan’s proposal was fixed. Sarla says she couldn’t speak to Rakhi, Preeta had forbidden her and she left. Dadi asks Janki whom was Rakhi talking about. Sarla couldn’t understand what she was mentioning.