Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World July 29

Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World

July 29 Episode

The police let Bani go. Bani tells Deb that she wants to go to Walia house to warn them that she will take her revenge. Jai is shocked that Bani has been released. Pia is happy that she has won. Moksh thanks Jai for all he has done. Jai tells him to find out all about Aparajit Deb. Bani asks Deb why he is helping her. He tells her that all he wants is that Bani should take revenge from Walia. Bani tells Deb that he definitely has some hidden agenda. Bani’s children ask Dadi about their mom. Rano is heart broken and Ranvir gives her solace. Bani is welcomed by Deb’s family.

Gayu and her sisters hope that Deb and Durga marry. Jai tells Rano and Dadi that he will keep a grand party for his kids birthday and invite Bani and Deb too. Pia decides not to let Jai tell Bani the truth. Deb’s mother tells him that his life has changed due to Durga. Jai wants to invite Bani for the party.

Jigyasa tells Pia that they should begin their plan soon. Jai gives Rano the invitation cards for the party. Rano keeps the invitation card near the holy alter, but Jigyasa steals it. Ranvir tells Rano that he loves her. Pia prints a wedding card of Jai and herself. Jigyasa is happy with the cunningness of Pia’s plan. Pia intends to use all the vilest ways to get Jai marry her. Rano too loves Ranvir but is sad about it. Dadi tells Jai about Rano and Ranvir. Pia calls Dia and tells her about her and Jai’s special day.