Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World July 22

Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World July 22

Deb brings Atharva to Bani. Bani is thrilled. Pia and Dia flaunt her sarees at an award function and boast about its exclusivity, only to realise that their designer has designed the same piece for both of them. Both get waiters to spill drinks on the other one’s sari! But finally, Dia and Pia befriend each other. Deb phones Jai, and Jai vows to kill him. Deb takes Atharva from Bani and tells her that he is taking him to his parents. Atharva is returned home but the cop informs Jai that he is under arrest for intentionally harming Deb. Deb is delighted at Jai’s downfall

Jai receives a chit from Deb’s man warning him that his damnation has begun. Jai’s family wonders who Aparajit Deb is and what he wants. Atharva points a finger at Bani’s photograph when asked who took him away. Deb shows Bani on TV how Jai was taken to jail. Bani demands to know from Deb why he volunteered to help her when she was a total stranger to him. He promises to answer her questions when the time’s right but warns her never to trust him. Jai’s lawyer tells Pia that only if Aparajit Deb declares Jai innocent, Jai can be released. Pia phones Gayu and seeks to speak to Durga. When Bani hears Pia’s voice, she is shocked.

Rano is dejected at how the children have been separated from their parents. Pia phones Durga saying that she loves Jai like crazy and requests Durga to ask Deb to get Jail released. Bani vows that nobody will come to save Jai, not even God. She goes to the jail to see Jai. Meanwhile, Pia too goes to see him. Bani gets shocked to see Pia embrace Jai. When Jai asks the cop who bailed him out, the cop replies that Deb took back the charge against him. Bani walks away. Pia pleads with Jai to love her back but Jai spurns her. Deb phones Jai and promises to remind him who he is. He also promises to show Jai something else at the business bid meet.