Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World August 5

Sunday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 5 Episode

Aditya thanks Jigyasa for saving Jai, she tells him that she sis it for herself. Deb tells Jai that he loves Bani. He tells Jai to make her hate him or he will prove Bani is not Durga and then she will go to jail. Bani gets ready to go to Walia House. He tells Bani the whole truth. There is Pooja at Walia House. Ranvir tells Rano that he cannot act in front of Rashi anymore. He wants to sit with Rano at the Pooja. Aditya tells Jai that he is lucky to love Bani so much. Jigyasa tells Pia that Bani will not sit with Jai in the Pooja.

Ranvir gets a saree for Rano but Jigyasa gives it to Rashi. Jigyasa warns Rano that she will not let her come into Ranvir’s life. Everyone wait for Bani’s arrival. Bani comes dressed white. Dadi and Jigyasa tell her to dress up in bridal dress. Bani finds that the dress is torn. Jigyasa taunts Bani that now she will make her life hell. Deb misses Bani. Jigyasa makes Pia sit besides Jai. But Bani comes on time and takes her place besides Jai.

Bani tells Jai that she has come to destroy the peace and happiness of the Walia house. Pia asks Jai why he loves Bani and not her. Pia promises herself that she will destroy all love of Jai for Bani. Rano promises herself that she will finish the distance between Jai and Bani. Bani takes care of the kids. But the kids are not used to her. Bani is sad that her kids do not recognize her. Rashi thanks Rano for keeping her treasure as it is. Rano is in a dilemma as she loves Ranvir. Ranvir is shocked to see Rashi in his room. Deb tells Jai that though he has married Bani, he will have to consummate it with Pia. Jigyasa overhears this.