Sunday Update on The Promise Nov 04

Sunday Update on The Promise Nov 04

Pronita stops Ganga and says everyone missed you, Ganga says oh your still here?  Pronita says everyone is really happy.. Ganga says are you done with the speech? these tears are not going to effect me at all..  and walks off

Then you see a shot of small Ganga saying don’t cry mamma.. Ganga tells her to think of better dialuges next time. Pronita says there was something in my eye that’s why..

Ganga says i will make you cry blood.. Pronita says i will let you win you are my child.. Jai listens..

Ganga hugs Meera in the background.

Jai says sorry to Pronita on gangas behalf. Pronita says everything will take time but everything will be better.. Jai remembers Bani’s wrds and then asks why do i feel the pain and why does she remind me of Bani?

Ganga asking Vicky how can he trust Pronita more then Meera, vicky says once the proof is infront of you, then you will know that Pronita is right.
He then walks off..
Meera then says this is all Pronita’s plan, Ganga tells Meera not to worry and she will set everything right.
Krishna’s friends leave but the boss gives Ganga her cheque she says i have 1 Lakh and the boss says i have given you a pay rise (omg i had a six pence rise! she gets alot more!) The boss gives Krishna a bag and she takes it to her room.. she quickly cleans the room up and the bag that the boss gaver her opens up.. then drugs falls out of it.. Krishna realises they are drugs and thinks Pronita was right  
Krishna says i have been selling drugs.. what can i do now?
In Jais room its dark and thundery and then he takes a sip of his drink and he thinks of all the times he had with Pronita…  Suna suna plays in the background. He rememberes everything similar to Bani.
Pronita comes into the room and Jai turns around and asks who are you (his tune blaring in the background) why are you here? I have never said i will give you the company.. you came into my life unexpectedly.. they are my blood, thats why im fighting this game, why are you attached to them.. you even had poison for their sake, how do you know everything about me?
KS tune drums in the back and Jai says i have NEVER forgotten Bani in these 16 years why do i see Bani when i see you? who are you?? He shakes her and Pronita says.. mein Bani. and everything goes black and white.. Jai steps away from her..