Sunday Update on The Promise July 15

Sunday Update on The Promise

July 15 Episode

Preparations are on for Tarun and Laxmi’s engagement. Tarun asks Bani to tell Laxmi about the woman he loves. Bani mentions it to Karuna but Karuna is not able to inform Laxmi. Jai’s flight gets delayed, so he listen’s to Tarun’s tape where he confesses his love for Bani. A worried Jai says that he has to save his wife. Pia feels faint dancing at the party. A lady reminds Pia that she is pregnant and should take care. Pia gets furious. Rano tells the women about Pia suffering from amnesia. Pia overhears this.

A frantic Pia asks Pushkar how she got pregnant. Pushkar tells her that he is not the father of her baby. Pia begs to know from Bani whose baby it is but Pia gets the shock of her life when she realises that she was talking to Jigyasa. Jigyasa mentions that Jai is the father of her baby. Tarun tells Laxmi that she is very brave to accept him despite him loving another married woman. Karuna asks Tarun to promise her to always love Laxmi but he refuses. The photographer phones Tarun to inform that a cop mentioned about a burqa clad person being present near his studio before it got burnt. Jai returns and informs Bani that Tarun has an anxiety disorder and is in love with her.