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Parmeet and Cherry are finally caught out on their lie after Jeet make Parmeet believe that Cherry betrayed him when he sees the poison in his hand in which he use to kill the witness in jail. He realize that Jeet fools him and Cherry scold him for allowing Jeet to fool him after warning him to be careful and not to say a word to anyone. The Khurana family express their resentments to the two but they show no remorse. Soni is in her room looking at Veer’s picture and she begins to cry. She tells Veer’s picture that those who have done wrong are being punished today but she is still not happy as he can never be returned back to her. Soni says she feels very lonely but is living for their child yet she is scared about what will happen when their child asks about his father. Durga watches Soni talking to the photo and begins to cry as well. She walks away and tells Veer through her thoughts that Soni is very lonely without him. She asks him how they can keep Soni happy when Jeet comes and comforts her. Everyone is getting ready for Shabd’s friends to come over for dinner and Mahi notes that they were supposed to come a while ago. Shabd says he knows they will end up coming late. Suddenly the door bell rings and Shabd’s friends come in and greet him loudly. Mahi asks what this is and Shabd’s uncle tells her that they do these kinds of things. Shabd tells his friends to calm down and takes them in. They go to shake hands but then take back their hands and say namaste. His friends make a few jokes and greet Mahi as sister-in-law and they all go to eat.

Shabd’s friends joke and reminisce about the old college days. His uncle and aunt get to know Shabd’s friends while Mahi watches quietly. Soni sees Jeet throwing clothes into a suitcase. He clarifies by saying that he doesn’t want anything of Cherry’s in the house. Soni says she feels very bad about all this. Soni tells Jeet that Cherry did love him but Jeet refuses, saying it was just her stubborness to get him in the end. Jeet tells Soni that love is when you sacrifice and he says it doesn’t mean that the one you love will love you back. Durga watches all this as Soni slowly walks away. Shabd gets off the phone with his friends and tells Mahi that they loved the food. Suddenly the doorbell rings again. Mahi opens it and sees Durga and Mr Khurana. Everyone greets each other and sits down. After a bit of reluctance, Durga calls Mahi to sit beside her and tells her that she has come to ask for something. Since Durga is thinking about what is best for Soni and Jeet since it is her fault they didn’t get married in the first place. She hesitates then finally asks for Soni’s hand in marriage for Jeet. Everyone is shocked.

Durga pleads for them not to refuse. Mr Khurana further explains to them that they can’t see Soni like this. Durga says she did horrible with Soni and feels like it’s her fault whenever she sees Soni so sad. She wants to give her back her happiness by getting her married to Jeet. Mr Khurana says that it’s the right thing to do as it is better than letting Soni live like this for the rest of her life and Jeet will keep her very happy. Durga says she feels Veer will also be happy with this. Shabd’s aunt agrees with the decision. Mahi says she has nothing against Soni and Jeet’s marriage and she’s happy that they care for Soni just as much as she does but she knows Soni well and she knows Soni won’t give anyone else the chance to take Veer’s spot in her life. Durga says she knows, which is why they have come to ask Mahi and her mother to try and talk to Soni about this. Shabd agrees. Durga says they will try to talk to Jeet and the rest is up to God.

Soni is very surprised that Mahi and her mother have come with such a proposal. Her mom says that this is best for her as she cannot spend the rest of her life alone. Mahi tells Soni to think about her child as he has a right to call someone his father. Soni asks her mother and Mahi why they aren’t understanding but her mother explain to her that they’re doing this for her well-being and that they’ve all thought that this would be the best for her. Soni’s mom says that she knows Soni will not be able to give Veer’s place in her life to anyone but she wants her to live her life with some happiness. Soni gets upset and says she doesn’t want Veer to hear all this, she doesn’t want him to even think that she can think about anyone else but him. She says that her happiness is with Veer only and she can live with that for the rest of her life. Mahi agrees saying Soni can live with Veer’s memories but who will the baby live with. How can the baby live without having a father. Soni’s mother says that a child needs to have both a mother and a father’s love. Soni says she isn’t weak, she can give her child a mother and father’s love. She says there are thousands of children who have no father but have grown up to be successful. She says she will raise her child as she can’t take away Veer’s name from him.

Durga asks Jeet to reconsider the proposal again. Jeet says he doesn’t want to think about this and Soni will never agree. Jeet says they aren’t doing right as they are trying to get her married, that too against her wishes. He tells his mother that as they have been taking care of her (Soni ) for so long, they will do so forever. Adding that he knows Soni well and he knows Soni will not marry him. Durga tells him that the world looks down upon widows. Jeet says he won’t let it happen. They are all with Soni, nobody will be able to say anything about her. Mr Khurana tries to convince him but Jeet continues to refuse. He tells them that he doesn’t want to make her troubles grow. Mahi and her mother tell Durga that after lots of convincing, Soni still hasn’t agreed and that they should now leave the decision to them. Durga says she’s right as they shouldn’t force them into anything they don’t want to. She just prays that Soni’s life will take a turn for the better. Mahi and her mother leave as Soni overhears everything. Soni walks quietly back to her room. She remembers the day her husband died and tells Veer’s picture that nobody could come between them. She says she knows everyone wants what’s best for her but she can’t say yes to the rishta. She is thinking to herself and says nobody else can come into her life and no one can separate her and Veer. Jeet meanwhile is in his room deep in thought, Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahaan song plays in the background as Soni and Jeet both sit in their rooms.

Mahi comes to her room all depressed. Shabd asks her if Soni said yes. Mahi says that she refused as she cannot forget Veer. She tells Shabd that for Soni, Veer is still alive and she is living on his memories and she cannot see her in this condition. She says she knows her since childhood and she will show everyone that she is very strong but she is very weak from within and she is living for her kid, she has also learnt to smile in front of everyone but behind that she as her sister, she can see her tears and that Soni won’t let anyone take Veer’s place in her life and she knew she would say this. She breaks down in Shabd’s comforting arms as she tells him she can’t see Soni like this anymore. Shabd tries to tell her that since she know Soni so well then she ( Mahi ) also understand how much she loves Veer and she should give her some time and time will heal all her wounds.


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