Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 26 July 2020(Tani accuses Urmi of attempted murder)


Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 26 July 2020(Tani accuses Urmi of attempted murder)

The next morning, urmi wakes up and doesnt find ishaan still, and wonders where he is. She rushes out to alarm others and find out. Downstairs, rani, the maid serves everyone morning coffee, while urmi rushes down dishevelled and tensed. All are surprised to see her in such a state. Anirudh asks why is she so tensed. urmo asks if they had a talk with ishaan. He asks whats the matter. urmi tells what happened, last night, after his sudden disappearance. this alarms and surprised everyone. damini asks if she tried to find out. samrat and tani come down too, while he is happy that his plan worked perfectly. While sandhya’s husband is jogging outside, he hears ishaan screaming from inside the garage, and opens, while he runs out frustrated.

inside, samrat pretends to be concerned, and says that they should inform the police. Anirudh asks him not to worry as ishaan would come back soon. Just then, Ishaan comes in hurriedly, furious and in a rage, grabs samrat by the collar and asks how dare he do this. all are taken aback, while they try to let ishaan go of his grip on samrat. samrat pretends to be ignorant and asks why is he so agry and what did he do. damini too asks him whats the matter. When ishaan tells what samrat did, all are shocked. anirudh and damini ask him to elaborate. ishaan asks samrat to stop acting, and own to his planning. urmi immediately gets concerned. saamrat continues, while ishaan gets angry. Ishaan narrates everything, as to how he was befooled last night. samrat asks how did this prove that he is behind this, and what possible motive he has, and that ishaan is always after his respect. ishaan asks what respect he has, being the ghar jamaai. Anirudh and urmi back ishaan. Tani tells ishaan to ask urmi to back off, as samrat hasnt done wrong, and infact has been wronged. urmi irritably tells tani that she doesnt know anything. tani says that she knows something which she shall now tell everyone else. she tells everyone that urmi tried a murder attempt on samrat. this shocks everyone. samrat eyes urmi taunting and evilly, at having played this trump card. urmi stands shocked and boggled, at this accusation. The screen freezes on urmi’s face.

Tani tries to say that urmi is behind samrat’s murder attempt. But urmi vehemently denies it, while ishaan rubbishes it as nonsense and asks tani to even realise whats she saying. Tani asks samrat to show his wound, which he does after much pretentious acting of not wanting to show. he finally reveals the gunshot, while urmi and others are baffled. ishaan asks what new drama is this, and insinuates that samrat himself is behind this gibberish. samrat says that he had told her that noone would believe him, and would blame this too on them only. Tani asks how can noone believe this. she tells everyone of how samrat was in great pain and then told tani that urmi tried to get him killed. She says that urmi has lots of contacts with goons in Jhansi. he says that the murderer blurted out, and then urmi too acepted that she wont spare him alive. Tani is instigated. He asks her to let be, as he hopes nothing would happen to her. She says that they wont risk his life and shall come back. urmi understands that this is how samrat convinced her to come back to mumbai. She tries to make tani understand that he is emotionally blackmailing her, but as usual tani doesnt understand and holds it against him. Tani tells that urmi might want desperately for her to go out from this house, but that wont happen. ishaan says that he along with urmi, both dont want her to leave the house. But they cant stand samrat and his cheap tricks and tactics. Just then, sandhya’s husband comes in with the watchman on the night duty yesterday, and asks ishaan to stop, and identifies him to everyone. samrat is extremely worried that his truth might be out now. Ishaan asks the watchman where was he all night, when he was shouting his lungs out. the watchamn says that he accidentally closed the garage door. samrat is emboldened, and signals him to carry on, while the watchman apologises profusely for his carelessness. tani says that everything these days is always blamed on samrat even though he is at fault. ishaan refusesto believthis, but he is asked to drop the matter now. samrat pretends to be tensed, thinking that it was a good move to buy the watchman with money, and that his respect is established forever. Samrat eyes urmi evilly, while she is furious as she stares at him.

Outside, samrat is trying calls, when Damini comes from behind. He asks whats the matter. She directly asks that the guard was lying. He asks why. she says that he must have told him, and that he had locked the garage. He is surprised, and says that she should trust him. She says that she does, and hence is saying, as he did the exact right thing. He is boggled at this change, while she elaborates that this is what they had decided that they wont let urmi and ishaan unite. Samrat is relieved and then narrates everything, saying that other than him, only she understands, and he wants to save her family from urmi, so that it doesnt turn to ruins. damini gets convinced and says that they have to save ishaan from urmi. samrat says that urmi got pregnant and then used the child to make him tolerate her, and then does a wonderful acting, of how she spoiled him, and his entire family, and that now ishaan too shall fall prey to urmi’s plots. She says that they shall have to save ishaan anyhow. he says that he shall do what needs to be done, and save her family from urmi’s torture. he is victorious that she is convinced, who thinks that her only son married the wrong girl, and she would have to do something.

Meanwhile, urmi calls niranjan and tells what samrat did, and how he has come back and wonders what to do now. she thinks that samrat must have gotten to know about their plan but he says that they shall start another route now, but the probolem is that he is in Mumbai now. He gives her hope, while she says that she sdhall think of something else. He asks her to take care of herself. samrat lurks behind her, asking if she gave the latest news to her pawn in jhansi, as to how things have turned around here in mumbai. she turns to him, in surprise that he knows and is confused and boggled. he sees through her plan and taunts her asking how she liked her defeat, as she loved it. she says that she wishes tani saw this. he compliments her for her brainstorm, and tells how he had planned to kill, but then heard him talking to her, and turned the tables around. Hearing this, she is tensed. she stoically says that she learned from him only. He reminds that he is her teacher after all, and is always one step ahead of her. he asks if she thinks she can outrun him. She says that she would, and asks him to beware of his own disciple, and how she shall use his skill against him. He says that this isnt possible. he taunts that her biggest problem is that she is a good player, but has her philosophies and principles, while he has no heart and no principles, ruling his life, and everything is legal and fair to him, as long as his victory is ensured.

Scene 2:
Location: Urmi’s hotel
While gaurav is working with his new secretary, about the Grand finale of little Champs, and then their business, a doubtful asha thinks that the secretary’s beauty shall trap gaurav now. He spots asha lurking around and asks for water. asha is frustrated as she complies. she gets two glasses of water, and intentionally spills water on the secretary’s dress. She apologises while the secretary is disgusted. gaurav reprimands her, while asha says that now this girl has no option but to go home. But he says that he has a presentation today, while she says that this girl cant work in wet clothes, as she might catch cold. he asks her to give some clothes of her own. But asha is angry, saying that she doesnt have skirts like her. He asks her to give the girl some suit, and asks her not to argue. she grumbles but then complies, and takes the girl inside.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
urmi says that one day his lies would have their time up. he says that his lies would be the truth too. She says that she wont let it happen. Samrat taunts that she couldnt save her most awaited wedding night, and then what else can she save or do. She is taken aback and tensed, as she faces him. He asks if she actually thought that he would take it sitting down, that she would throw him out. he says that now hw has returned in the full stature. the screen freezes on urmi’s tensed face.


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