Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 19 April 2020


Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 19 April 2020

Samrat’s office
While samrat is working, amrit comes in complining a lot, and diwaker comes in too. Samrat asks whats the matter. amrit says that he has been accused of stealing, and he wont tolerate it. Diwaker says that he clearly remembers that he had aken the money.

Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 18 April 2020

samrat asks him to clarify, and diwakar says that he had loaned one lakh. amrit says that he didnt take any money like that. diwaker says that his mistake was to trust him as a family, and that he didnt get any voucher signed by him. instead of reprimanding amrit, samrat turns his fury on dwaker, asking why didnt he get the voucher signed by amrit, and asks for proof that amrit took the money. Diwaker says that he continued to avoid signing the voucher. amrit takes it on a diffrent tngent, saying that he knows he came in between samrat and him in handlng bhsiness, but asks not to be blamed for something that he didnt do wrong. amrit plays the victim saying that he is leaving, and diaker says that he is just dramatising. but samrat stops him saying that he wont go anywhere and the person who has done wrong would go, and thats diwaker. Diwaker is shocked while amrit smiles evilly.

 Samrat’s residence

Urmi remembers tauji’s advise and samrat’s insults that she bore all this while. She is forced to question herself whether she actually is to be blamed for all the insults that she is meted out with. she denies and says that she doesnt deserve the life that she is leading. she remembers tauji’s advise and is determined.

While aditi is taking urmi’s side, in the event of samrat making shaurya slap his own mother, shashi reprimands her for aking urmi’s side, refusing to see aditi’s logic, even though shashi’s husband complies with aditi. shash says that samrat is right. samrat’s father asks aditi to let be, as shashi wont budge, as she doesnt want to understand anything except for the fact that the whole world is wrong, and samrat is right, and whn samrat raises his hand on her, then only she would understand. meanwhile, diwaker comes very tensed, asking kanchan for water. shashi asks if everything is okay. diwaker vents out his frustration at what happened in the office. aditi is shocked to hear amrit’s deed as diwaker tells. Finally unable to take it any longer, aditit asks him not to talk lik this, as he isnt such a lowlife, that he would mishandle money. diwaker says that if her husband cant, can his brother. hearing this scream, tauji and urmi come out too. aditi says that she didnt mean this. kanchan says that indirectly she is hinting at this only. aditi is reprimanded by kanchan hen she brands her husband as a thief, by saying that just because she got a chance to stay in the house, doesnt mean she gets to say whatever she wants to. Aditi says that if kanchan’s husband isnt a thief, then her amrit too isnt. kanchn smirks that everyone knows whats amrit and whats not. shashi is shocked. the enire atmosphere gets tensed, while aditi is speechless. Kanchan continues to spew, while shashi ask her to shut up. diwaker confronts her that du to her, samrat is unstoppable and noone says anything to him. He says that noone has been able to get samrat on track, and whether he would ever get on track. urmi confronts tauji. tauji is super tensed.

By the evening, on the roof, tauji is finishing with his work, when shaurya tells him to play with him. Shaurya asks insistently tauji to become a horse for him. samrat sees this while tauji tells shaurya that he wont comply. Shaurya says that he wuld have to listen to him, like everyone else, and that happens what he wishes fr, and speaks in the same tone, that samrat speaks. tauji says that even his father’s father Samrat is shocked when shaurya tells tauji that if he doesnt comply, then he would beat him badly, and get him beaten by his father. tauji is surprised too.

Shaurya beating door being locked by Shaurya from inside.

Samrat keeps beating and burns with anger. After being open Samrat asks who locked the door on which Shaurya says he locked him to make him realise how one feel on being locked.

Everyone says Shaurya is doing what he is learning from Samrat and now he himself have to pay for it.

Samrat blames Urmi fir teaching Samrat to do this.

Samrat goes to office but cables meeting not been able to concentrate.

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