Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 17 May 2020


Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 17 May 2020

Amrit gets the idea that this net banking thing, could help him realise his dreams and that he would manage to transfer all of samrat’s money into his account. he smiles evilly.Servants and family members all are singing praises of Urmi for making entire family eat together. Shashi gets irritated and sends the servants to work. She wonders what black magic Urmi has done on everyone.

Amrit sits on a laptop to transfer all Samrat’s funds to his name, but he doesn’t have password. He has only 3 tries to guess. He thinks most men would give wife name, but that’s not in Samrat’s case. He enters Shaurya, but it doesn’t work. He then thinks Samrat loves himself the most, so it could be his birthday. He doesn’t remember it, so he calls Aditi. Urmi hears her talking on phone and wonders why Amrit needs Samrat’s birthday. Amrit says he’s updating his diary with everyone’s birthdates. Aditi tells him. His birthdate doesn’t work as password either. He has only one try left and he decides against guessing. He looks at camera and thinks of seeing what Samrat enters through camera.

Asha is not coming out and all family members are confused/worried. Gaurav comes and she comes out running. Gaurav has something in his hands. Anu checks it and it’s Gajra. Asha gets happy knowing he brought it for her. Karan comes there which surprises Anu. All ask him why he came here. Karan says he joined Anu’s institute lately and she is not coming, so he came to check if she’s okay. Dadi asks her she never told them about it. Anu says what was to tell in that? Karan further says if she has problem with him coming there, then he will go elsewhere. Asha interrupts and says maybe God brought them together again because they are made for each other. Anu gets irritated. Asha goes on that she will also fall in love with him, just like Gaurav fell in love with her.

A parcel comes for Samrat. He doesn’t open in front of Urmi. She tells him there should be nothing hidden between them. If he loves her, then he’ll open. He still doesn’t. She gets upset.

In night, Tauji asks Samrat if he now realized what he was missing. Samrat says yes and tells him about another surprise for Urmi. Tauji tells him to keep it up.

Samrat comes out from the bath. Urmi asks him why he didn’t tell her. He says he has a surprise. She says if that was the surprise? She goes back to work and ignores him. He tries to talk to her, but she doesn’t respond and is about to leave. Samrat acts of having pain in his leg and she comes back running. He gives her the parcel and says that secret was for her only. She opens and it’s a nighty. Urmi feels awkward. He asks her to wear it. She first says no, but he convinces her. She goes to change. Samrat sprays perfume on him and gets ready. Urmi comes out in the nighty and he glares at her.

Samrat’s residence
As urmi comes out in a shimmer lingerie, samrat is highly sensitised to see her like this. He asks her to take the top piece off, of the three piece nightgown. she is shy and embarassed, but when he insists, she takes it off teasing him to the core. But she gets shy and wraps herself in the bedsheet, while he asks her to step out of it. She denies, and he drags her by the bedsheet towards him. A passionate embrace follows, while he puts her on the bed, and they finally consummate their new found love.

The next morning, Samrat wakes up to find urmi missing from the bed, and turns around to find her trying to tie the knots of her blouse. He pretends to be asleep, as she continues taking care of herself, dressing and beautifying herself, hoping that he is asleep. He wakes up with a start, screaming in pain, to get urmi to him, and as she rushes, he drags her to the bed, and gets romantic with her. She asks him to let her go as the room is open. Samrat asks it to let be. urmi is scared that someone might see them. shaurya comes in and asks him to let go of his mother. Samrat gets up but doesnt let go of her, while shaurya insists that he let it go. Shaurya is angry that they made him sleep in mandira’s room. samrat makes a story that he flew in the night. shaurya believes it. amrit comes inside asking if he may. samrat agrees. amrit gets him flowers, for getting well soon. Samrat says that when he is getting right, he is getting him flowers. aamrit continues to try and please samrat. urmi starts to keep the flowers by the mirror, but amrit insistently places it on the table next to samrat’s side of the bed. urmi leaves to get breakfast for shaurya. He starts chattering with samrat, trying to set the cam perfectly so that he can see the password. As amrit comes out, shashi asks about the peer baba, and how nothing happened. amrit too plays along, saying that they should file a report, but then tells her that they would have to tell them why they went there too. Shashi asks him to forget it then too.

While all are sitting, mukti comes in giving a package to tauji saying that soem travel agent came to give this to him. all get curious and asks whats in this. Tauji shocks them by saying that its his return ticket to Australia. All ask why is he going so suddenly and unannounced. tauji says that he would again be attached to materialistic life, if he stays here any longer, and so as to avoid trouble tomorrow, he has to go todayt. Samrat doesnt listen to anything, but tauji says that he cant lt himself get too attched to all this. Rudra says that he too tried but in vain. tauji says that he cant stick in one place hence he is going. Tauji teases samrat that he has a girlfriend there and hence needs to go. Amrit says that tauji has his life, and should enjoy it too. Tauji retorts back saying that only amrit is too happy to see him go. Amrit says that he is always pulling his leg. urmi and other ladies again insist him, but he says that he wont be able to come back if he doesnt leave. samrat says that he can leave on one condition, if he tells the date of his returning. tauji tells him that he and urmi should come to Australia, and see the world. samrat agrees and makes him promise that he would come back with them. tauji agrees.

Annu’s residence
Granny asks anu to go to the computer classes, while anu says that she knows why granny is so interested all of a sudden in her classes, as karan is teaching there. granny says that such recklessness isnt right. Anu asks her to let be. Granny again pushes karan as a viable suitor for annu. devi says that the way anu insulted him and his parents, she doesnt stand a chance. but granny still sees hope, and asks anu to be silent, and stop her bitter speech. Asha again gets the wrong idea and goes inside. As they continue to chatter, asha comes with sugar, and forcibly feeds it to anu asking her to eat this, so that she can speak sweetly with people. all are amused at this. anu is frustrated and leaves. Asha innocently asks if she did right. Granny too plays along and says that she cant do wrong.

Scene 3:
Location: Samrat’s residence
tauji is chatting on the net, when urmi comes in tensed, and tauji takes a break. She asks him why is he going so suddenly, as she would be completely alone and lost without him, and asks him not to go. tauji says that she isnt alone, and that with the whole family, and by god’s grace and her efforts, samrat is with her, and now they have to focus on that. Urmi gives him credit for the happy life that she has today. He says that he only showed her the way, she did it all. she is unsure. He says that he wont let her be dependant on him, and that she is self sufficient and self relaint, and that he just needed to make her realise her inner worth and strength and identify between the right and wrong, and can handle the family well. Tauji tells urmi that everything is okay now except for amrit, and he has the fullest of faith that she would handle him well. urmi is tensed. He blesses her. tauji gives urmi the advise, that at any cost, she shouldnt compromise on her happiness, under any circumstance and in any situation, as things would go well only if she is happy, satisfied, healthy and at comfort in her life. He asks her not to be worried, as his love, blessings are always with her, and whenever she needs him, he would be right there. she gets emotional and starts crying. He asks her to smile always, and not attach himself in materialistic things. He blesses her to stay happy always and send him off happily too as with tension, noone has ever succeeded. The screen freezes on tauji’s face, as he blesses her, while she thanks him.

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