Sunday Update on king of Hearts 11th August


Sunday Update on king of Hearts 11th August

Roshni and Meesha finding DD’s property papers in Simran’s cupboard. They see Simran coming and Meesha starts coughing to divert her attention. Roshni silently keeps file back in cupboard and gives Meesha water and cough syrup. Simran says she will take her to doc. Meesha says she will be fine with cough syrup and leaves room with Roshni. Simran checks her file and relaxes see it in place.

Roshni takes Meesha out for a roadside icecream. Meesha asks how will she manage getting file from Simran’s cupboard as her papa’s marriage is tomorrow. Roshni says she has to manage. Meesha takes out money from her purse to give it to icecream vendor when 2 goons in bike try to snatch her purse and escape dropping it on floor. Roshni keeps purse’s items back and is about to pick a pic when Meesha hurriedly stuffs it in purse and leaves saying she has important work. Roshni gets confused seeing sudden change in her behavior.

In the morning, Simran sees Raj and Biji ready in party attire and asks where are they going. Meesha comes ready and says they are all going for roshni’s papa’s marriage and asks her to go and get ready.

Shiv’s marriage starts. Sid loudly tells what is going on loudly to attract DD’s attention. DD burns her and Shiv’s marriage and continues shedding tears. Pheras start and Sid start counting. Raj comes with family in between. Roshni touches their feet and take blessings. Sid continues counting pheras and just before last phera, DD comes and frees Shiv and Jigna’s knot and says Shiv he cannot remarry as she is still his wife. She asks how can he forget their moments together and says him I love you. Shiv, Sid and everyone are happy hearing this and Sid jumps as his plan worked.

Sid happily taunts DD and she smilingly hits him with paper roll. She asks Shiv if he did not think about her even once before pheras. He says he was feeling like losing life. Jigna says marriage was fake as Sid asked him to act in this marriage to get a role as heroine. Sid continues taunting. He asks Shiv if he forgot his friend-like jamai after getting back wife. Roshni says they have signed divorce papers. DD says it is still not valid and burns papers in havan. Sid and everyone clap in happiness.

DD asks panditji to complete their marriage as per rituals and sits next to Shiv. Pandit starts their marriage. Simran sees Meesha trying to speak to Roshni and she ignores her. Simran gets happy thinking her plan is working. Pandit completes marriage. Roshni gets into room with Meesha and Simran tries to enter, but Simran locks door. Roshni tells Meesha that she cannot hide truth. Simran opens door and enters in. Roshni says she knows the truth now and will tell it to everyone. Simran says if she tells truth to DD that she got her property back in exchange of her daughter’s divorce. Roshni is shocked to hear her revelations.

Roshni telling Simran that she will tell the truth to her mom. Simran asks if her mom will tolerate if she will know that she got her property back in exchange of her daughter’s divorce. Roshni is shocked to hear that and shatters. She says Sid suffered so much and is still smiling and getting her mom and dad’s remarried. Sid who is happily dancing outside does not find Roshni and comes in. He sees Roshni crying vigorously. DD also enters and asks Roshni why is she crying. Roshni says she wants to tell her one truth. Sid interferes and says DD that Roshni is emotional regarding her parent’s reunity, not to worry he will bring her out. Meesha takes DD out.

Sid asks Simran what happened. She says she told Roshni about her divorce. Sid is shocked, simran silently slips from there. Sid consoles Roshni and tells it was their life and he did not want to ruin other’s life because of them, so he divorced her. She says she will inform everyone. He says everyone is happy out and she should not. He goes and starts dancing again with Yash and others. Roshni thinks Sid is very strong and only he can bear all this. She also joins with them and starts dancing. Meesha calls someone sitting near swimming pool and asks to meet her and tell plan. Sid sees her and asks whose call it is. She says a friend and says she is planning a surprise and he will know it soon.

Sid and his family at home happily discuss about something. He gets Roshni’s call who looks very afraid and asks him to come to a particular spot. He tells family that he has to rush. Meesha says she will accompany him, but he says he will call her if needed and rushes. Raj tells Biji whenever happiness is about to enter their house, so problem starts. Meesha thinks why did Roshi call him tensely.

Yash’s nephew and neice request him to take them out for dinner. He agrees and asks Sam to accompany. She says she will not. He asks children to out while he convinces her. Sam gets irked and he says he they will go no a date today. She asks what about children. he says he will take them tomorrow. Children get sad hearing that.

Sam gets busy getting ready for dinner date with Yash. Yash’s niece enters coughing and asks her water. She asks to take it from servant. Kid insists, Sam goes to bring water. Kid cuts Sam’s clothes. Sam comes back and shouts seeing her torn clothes. Yash comes and asks her what happened. She says kids torn her clothes. He calls kids and says they cannot go out for dinner as a punishment and takes Sam out to buy clothes and then dinner. Kid shouts that mamu/Yash scolded her because of Sam, so she will not forgive her.

Sid reaches Roshni’s said spot and does not find her. He sees a letter asking to come foward and switch on light if he needs roshni. He follows wire and presses switch. He is surprised to see I love you glowing on a wall. Roshni calls his name. He asks her to come out. She shows slides of their first meeting, their romance, etc. and says she loves only him and will be forever. He gets happy.

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