Sunday Update on Kindred hearts 11th August


Sunday Update on Kindred hearts 11th August

Nisha comes to Kaki and asks if she wants breakfast? she says first I will do pooja then eat, she leaves. Nisha says to Kaka that ask your goon to not do Dr. Bhatia’s accident, Adi has gone to pick him up, he will get hurt. Kaka says what? he calls his goon but his phone is switched off, Nisha says no please try, dont let your driver do the accident, make him stop it, Kaka says if he picks call then I can do anything otherwise he will do his job for sure, Nisha says please keep trying to call him, Kaka says okay you leave now. Nisha leaves. Kaka tries to call his goon again.

Jhanvi comes to Nisha and says come do pooja with us, Nisha nods. Jhanvi lights diya in mandir.

Kaka is trying to call goon but says what am I doing? I always wanted to finish Adi and now when
I have the chance, I am trying to stop it? this is great, one attack will do two of my works, let goon hit Adi’s car and let them die.

Adi is in car with Dr. Bhatia, they are going to Adi’s house. Goon follows Adi’s car in their truck, he is about to hit Adi’s car. In house, Jhanvi, Kaki and Nisha start doing aarti. Jhanvi prays that Adi gets successful in his mission today. Nisha is tensed and does aarti with fervor, Jhanvi notices it, Nisha prays God please save my Adi, nothing should happen to him. diya blows off, Nisha is shocked to see it, aarti plate falls from her hand and she screams Adi! Nisha runs and calls Adi. Adi takes her call and asks what happened? suddenly Nisha hears Adi’s scream and call goes dead. Nisha panics, Samar asks what happened? Nisha says I was talking to Adi but suddenly I heard his scream. Jhanvi calls Adi, its ringing but he doesnt pick, Nisha says I dont know what happened, Kaka says let me call the hospitals, Kaki says you were upstairs when Nisha called Adi then how do you know he is injured? Kaka gets tensed. They get call from hospital that Adi was in accident and died, all are shocked.

Adi’s family comes to hospital. Doctor says Adi died in the accident, he had such bad accident that his face is not recognizable. Nisha gets dizzy hearing it, doctor asks them to see him operation theater and recognize his face. Jhanvi recalls how Adi met her last time and asked her to give him goodluck kiss and how she applied tikka on his forehead by touching hers and said it will protect him. All are shattered hearing about Adi’s state. Kaka smirks. Jhanvi goes to operation theater. She sees Adi’s body lying there and covered with sheet. Nisha comes there and thinks I killed my Adi? this cant happen. Doctor shows deadbody’s face to family, Jhanvi and Nisha both say that this is not Adi. All are relieved that its not Adi’s deadbody. They leave theater.

All family members are in hospital, Kaki says I just want Adi to comeback fine to us. Samar says to family dont worry, that deadbody was not of Adi, we will find Adi, Doctor comes there and says this accident happened on MG road, Adi was there too, are you sure that deadbody is not of Adi? Jhanvi says yes I am sure, its not Adi. Jhanvi says but where Adi must be? Adi comes there and says I am here, all look at him, he fine.

Nisha comes to Adi but Jhanvi runs to him and hugs him before she can, Samar is confused seeing her behavior, Nisha gets jealous, Jhanvi cries in Adi’s arms, Adi says I am fine. Jhanvi realizes her mistakes and moves back. Nisha hugs Adi and says are you fine? Adi says I am fine and that deadbody you saw was of Dr. Bhatia, our car was in accident and he couldnt survive it, it seems like someone made that accident happen, like someone wanted him dead, Kaka says he is big name, there must be his enemies, thank God you are fine. Samar hugs him and says thank God you are fine but it was such bad accident and Dr. Bhatia couldnt survive it but how did you not get even one scratch? Adi says I went to bring water for him and left car, he was alone in car and thats when he was hit and died. Inspector comes there and the truck which hit the car was stolen and his driver has runaway, this case seems fishy, we will get to know who is behind it. Jhanvi says whoever did this will get punished and truth will come out, Nisha gets tensed and says you are right, Adi glares at her.

Jhanvi comes to her Maa’s house. Maa says thank God Adi is fine. Jhanvi says innocent Dr. Bhatia had to go through all this, dont know how this happened. Survi says this seems like someone’s full proof plan. Maa says she is right, Nisha can be ill but that woman can do anything, this seems like a plan. Jhanvi says to Maa that you are right, maybe Nisha didnt want Dr. Bhatia to check her and made this plan to finish him, first Adi wanted to know her truth, if she is pretending to be ill or not but now I have doubts too, I will get to know Nisha’s truth.

Adi asks Nisha how she found out in which hotel Dr. Bhatiya is staying. Nisha says she assumed because he had once told when NRI doctors come, that’s where they stay. And she saw in news that truck and car had accident. Adi asks which news channel? Nisha says that she doesn’t remember. She was just changing channels and she saw. Samar tells Adi leave all that, he got saved. That’s what matters. Jhanvi also signs him to leave it. Samar says everyone should eat now. Nisha thinks thank God she got saved, she will have to do something to divert everyone attention from her.

Later, Jhanvi is recalling Nisha’s behaviour. Adi comes there and says she was that worried in hospital that she hugged him in front of everyone. He says now no one is there. She hugs him and asks what
if anything had happened to him. He says she’s there.. how she would let anything happen to him. They have eyelock. She says they will have to get to the truth. He says that’s what he was doing, but she stopped him. She says it’s not right time. He asks when is right time? Nisha is upto something. Jhanvi asks he thinks Nisha will tell everything? Adi is angry. She asks him to sit down and explains that they have to make Nisha feel that she’s winning, so she becomes overconfident. And then she will make some mistake. When she makes that mistake, they will catch her red-handed. For now, they should show that they are supporting her. Adi says but it’s very difficult for him to tolerate Nisha. She says it’s about few days. They will catch Nisha when she’s making a mistake.

Adi comes to Nisha and apologizes her for questioning her. He was just tensed with what happened with Dr. Bhatia. She says she understands he cares a lot for everyone but asks him not to doubt her. She loves him and their coming child a lot.. he’s reason for her to live.

Jhanvi doubts Nisha did the accident, but then wonders if she can get her kids kidnapped, then can she really try to kill Adi… Samar comes there with coffee. Nisha watches them from distance. Samar says he had promised her for coffee, so here it is. She says she’s already having one. Nisha says she just told Samar once to go and talk to Jhanvi.. and now he’s going to her himself. Samar sits with Jhanvi after taking her permission. Nisha leaves. Samar says Adi is so good.. who can do this with him. He feels whoever did this.. their intention wasn’t to hurt Adi. Jhanvi says can’t say anything. Samar says she seemed afraid seeing Adi in hospital. Adi is like that only.. makes everyone theirs. And maybe by staying in this house, their friendship got stronger. That is why may be she was worrying a lot. Jhanvi says she’s sleepy and leaves. Samar says at least she didn’t get mad at him this time.

Next morning, Nisha comes to Jhanvi and gifts her a saaree. Jhanvi thinks Nisha can’t do anything without a purpose. She takes it and says she will wear it today only. Nisha is happy.

Later, all are gathered for prayer. Nisha asks Kaki for Jhanvi. Just then Jhanvi comes wearing saaree that Nisha had gifted her. Nisha looks at the saaree. It’s shown that Nisha had spread something on bottom of that saaree. Kids are with Samar. After arti, Nisha goes to Samar and says whoever eats prasad first, their wishes come true. Kids rushes to get prasad and Jhanvi gets pushed in that. Her saree catches fire. Nisha tries to stop fire with her hands. Adi brings a blanket and stop fire. Later, Jhanvi thanks Nisha for risking her life to save her. Nisha says she gave her blood when needed, gave her new life, she just did what she thought was right at that time. Nisha tells Jhanvi she wants to rest now. Jhanvi leaves. She still can’t believe that Nisha risked her life to save her. She says all that happened lately can’t be a coincidence. There has to be something behind that.

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