Sunday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

Sunday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

August 12 Episode

The family is left shocked when Mandira reveals that she had got intimate with Sameer as she believed him to be Rishi. Kutumb gets furious and curses Mandira. Rishi questions Mandira how could she think that he would ever get intimate with her. He states that he never had any feelings for Mandira. Indira gets furious and leaves. After sometime, Rishi tells Mandira and Indira that they must not allow Sameer to prove that he had physical relationship with Mandira. When Rishi questions Mandira whether Sameer had any such evidence, she informs him about the photographs, which she had clicked on her cell phone. Mandira fears that Sameer might have taken the photographs from her cell phone and that he may show them to prove his innocence. Rishi pacifies Mandira and assures to help her get justice. On the following day during the proceeding, advocate Rani shows some photographs on the projector, wherein Mandira was standing close to Sameer. By showing these pictures, Rani tries to prove that the duo had physical relationship. Rishi requests Rani to show the pictures again. When the projector is played again, to Rani’s surprise it shows her photographs along with Radhey. Rani fumes with anger and requests the judge to stop the projector. By showing these pictures, Rishi proves that one can morph pictures, if he or she has computer knowledge and can work on Photoshop software. He states that just by showing Sameer and Mandira photographs, Rani cannot prove Sameer innocent. After hearing the evidence presented by the prosecution and the defense lawyer, the judge states that the photographs shown by Rani could not be considered as proof. He adds that Mandira never had physical relationship with Sameer. After the judge’s statement, Rishi requests Inder to come to the witness box. When Inder arrives, he recollects that Sameer had threatened to kill him, if he testified against him. Inder gets scared and falls unconscious.

Indira panics and rushes to the witness box to help Inder. With the help of Rishi, Indira rushes Inder home and calls the doctor. Due to Inder’s ill health, the judge adjourns the court. When Indira returns home, she gets furious on learning that Sunaina has lost Vidit’s medical prescription. After examining Inder, the doctor informs Indira that Inder had suffered low blood pressure and that he would soon be fine. Before the doctor could leave, Indira requests him to write Vidit’s prescription. The doctor agrees and asks Indira to show him the medicines wrappers. After Indira shows him the wrapper of one of the medicines the doctor gets worried. He questions Indira why that medicine was prescribed to Vidit. Indira explains to him about Vidit’s accident. She gets worried on learning from the doctor that the nervous system of the patient may get damaged, if he continues the medicine. He adds that after consuming the medicine, the patient loses consciousness and his vital organs may also stop functioning. The doctor advises Indira to stop giving that medicine to Vidit. After the doctor leaves, Indira recollects the incident wherein Sameer had introduced her to the doctor, who had prescribed the medicine to Vidit. Indira apologizes to Vidit for making him consume wrong medicine. At night, Rishi confesses his love for Indira to Vidit. He requests Vidit not only to convince Indira to forgive him but also to get married to him. Indira confronts Inder and questions him whether he would testify against Sameer the following day or if he had changed his mind. She warns him not to ditch them at the last moment. Inder is determined to help Mandira and asks Indira to trust him

Indira is in hurry as she has to attend Mandira’s trail. Before leaving, she asks Sunaina to take care of Vidit. Indira decides to take Vidit to the doctor after she returns home. At the court, the media tries to question Mandira but Indira does not allow them. Before the proceeding, Inder, who was about to testify against Sameer, expresses desire to use the washroom. Meanwhile, the proceeding starts. Rishi calls Inder to the witness box but Inder is not present there. Indira, who is waiting outside the washroom for Inder, panics when he fails to come out. She fears that Inder must have fainted inside the washroom. She notices a person coming out of the washroom and enquires with him about Inder. Indira gets puzzled on learning that there was no one inside the washroom. She gets shocked on learning that Inder must have escaped as the person had heard someone opening the window. When Indira arrives in the court room, Rishi enquires with her about Inder. He too gets shocked on learning that Inder had escaped. To prove Sameer guilty, Rishi requests the judge to give him some more time. The judge grants Rishi’s plea and asserts that the he would announce the verdict, if Rishi is unable to prove Sameer guilty in the next proceeding. The judge adjourns the court until afternoon. The media broadcasts news about Mandira’s case and suspects that someone must have kidnapped Inder. It is revealed that Simi had sought Jhumpa’s help to abduct Inder. After the trial, Simi pays money to Jhumpa for helping her. Jhumpa reveals that her aides abducted Inder while she distracted Indira’s attention when she was waiting for Inder outside the washroom. Vidit comes back to senses from his paralytic