Sunday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv Oct 28

Sunday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv Oct 28

Munna and savita are talking and indu is eavesdropping while seher is looking for the meaning of physical relationship in the dictionary.Rishi and zara are discussing about what the doctor said and zara tells Rishi to carry on with doctor’s advise. Rishi gets mad at her and they are going to kiss when indu interrupts. Rishi promises Indu that he will do anything to get her mom well asap. Indu asks him about what the doctor meant.

Indira going upstairs.Rishi is sadly thinking about his destiny he thinks all turns like a web.He wants his life back as before he prays God for it.Indira is playing with Indu and sees Rishi lying on the border of the terrace and has flashback of what happened previously,she begins to call for Rishi and Zara tells Rishi that Indira must be remembering something to keep on lying.Indira runs upstairs and keeps on calling Rishi but he moves away.She sees Savita and begins to beat her and Rishi holds her saying to see that her Rishi is absolutely fine,nothing happened to him,Indira hugs Rishi and Zara feels bad.

Rishi tells Indira nothing haned to him and begins to take her inside when Savita comes with Kutumbh and Meher and tells Rishi to decide for Indira as she’s turning very dangerous.Kutumbh also says yes, Munna also agrees with what Savita said and tells Rishi that he can’t gets married once again as she can be mad but did not forget her Hitlergiri.Indira cuts Munna hand,Rishi tells Indira to let go of Munna…

Radhe suggests to visit the Gurumata as what is happening in SN is bad omen.Radhe praises lots Gurumata of how many person believes in her.On the other part Gurumata is being shown partly and Radhe says only and only Gurumaa will be helping Gurumaa.
Gurumaa wearing sandals is walking on flowers and is blessing everyone dancing and chanting in her honour.Munna arrives with Kutumbh and Savita he says Hail Gurum— and is shock on seeing Gurumaa who’s eating some sweet.Kutumbh also is shock and Savita thinks what wrong with them.

Savita asks what is wrong and why are they fixing at her and Kutumbh says she must be back.Munna says she’s the one the fatty one with 1/2 kg of lipstick.Munna asks Kutumbh to pinch him and he jumps near Sunaina.Gurumata does some magic and bring first a banana and puts it in Munna mouth then once again brings a laddoo and puts in Kutumbh mouth.He tries to touch Sunaina but one of her student tells Munna no one can touch Gurumata though Munna tries again and feels like current passing through his body.
In SN Rishi is watching at Indu and Indira from upstair.

Indu tells Indira that she has as homework to do candle painting as she lights the candle and begins her work Indira gets flashback of her being on the pyre and the fire she’s afraid and Indu keeps asking what happens.

Rishi is disturb and discourage of what should he do to help Indira to remember everything and Indur helps him saying he must turns into a stronger person to find his way to settle everything.Rishi is happy and laughs.