Sunday Update on Iron Lady Zee World August 5

Sunday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

August 5 Episode

Kutumb gets angry when Munna expresses desire to perform Indira’s kanyadan. Indira, however, refuses and states that Vidit would perform the rituals. Munna feels insulted and states that Vidit would never return to India. Rishi intervenes and tells Munna that Vidit would soon return home. The family is shocked and wonders how Rishi knew about Vidit. Rishi tries to pacify Indira and requests her to smile at least on her wedding day. At that time Sameer arrives in Sharma Niwas along with a wheel-chair bound Vidit. The family is shocked to see Vidit. Indira confronts Sameer about Vidit’s health. Indira is shocked when Sameer holds Rishi responsible for it. Sameer reveals to the family that Rishi is a spoilt brat and a careless person. He adds that Rishi was driving his car in a completely sloshed state and at that time he knocked Vidit down. Indira is left shocked and confronts Rishi. A furious Munna hits Rishi and asks him to reveal the truth. He also threatens to kill Rishi. Rishi narrates that two years back while in the US, he was returning home completely sloshed after a party. He adds that his car was in full speed and that Vidit was walking in the middle of the road. Rishi further adds that he could not control the speed of his car, due to which Vidit met with an accident.

Rishi states that Vidit was speaking to Indira before the accident. He further states that he heard Indira’s conversation after the accident and so he spoke to her, posing as Vidit. Rishi states that after the conversation, he realized that Indira needs Vidit and so he hospitalized him. Kutumb gets furious and slaps Rishi hard. Sunaina questions Rishi whether he would have left Vidit to die, if he would have not heard Indira’s conversation. Sameer intervenes and instigates the family against Rishi. Indira feels upset as Rishi kept on hiding the ugly truth from her. Rishi tries to convince her to forgive him. A furious Munna hits Rishi. Sameer too assaults Rishi and warns him to stay away from Indira. When Sameer throws Rishi out of Sharma Niwas, Rishi expresses desire to talk to Indira but fails. Mandira taunts Indira that she could not choose a perfect life partner for herself. She criticizes Indira’s decision of getting married to Rishi. Later, Kutumb finds Indira upset and tries to pacify her. Kutumb feigns concern for Indira and asks her to forget her past. Indira hugs Kutumb as she believes that Kutumb was concerned about her. Indira further feels upset when she realizes that Kutumb was worried that she may not go to work the following day, if she keeps thinking about the incident. Sameer apologizes to Indira on behalf of Rishi. Sameer also expresses concern for Indira. At that time, Ishaan arrives and doubts Sameer’s intentions. He intervenes and asks Sameer not to worry about Indira as he would take care of her. Ishaan also asks Sameer to leave. Before leaving, Sameer vows to win Indira’s heart and get married to her.

Indira is upset as Rishi had knocked down Vidit in the U.S. and had also kept on hiding this ugly truth from her. Ishaan tries to pacify Indira and states that he would take care of her. Kutumb believes that Vidit must be having a good bank balance as he was working in the U.S. for many years. She shares her belief with Munna, Sunaina and Mandira. They try hard to force Vidit to disclose his account number. Vidit, who is paralytic, is neither able to disclose the number nor able to give any signals. Ishaan gets angry when he sees his family’s behavior towards Vidit. When Ishaan informs Indira about it, she too gets furious and rushes to Vidit’s room. Indira threatens the family that she would not give them pocket money, if they tried to trouble Vidit in the future. She also insults them and states not to worry about her and Vidit. Rishi visits Sameer’s house and confronts him about Vidit’s health. Rishi asserts that Vidit had recovered after he admitted him in the hospital. Rishi adds that Vidit was supposed to perform Indira’s kanyadan. Sameer refuses to confess the truth and tries to prove him innocent. Sameer instead holds Rishi responsible for Vidit’s health. Rishi gets furious and accuses Sameer of creating problems in his life. Eventually, Sameer admits that he had made Vidit paralytic.