Sunday Update on Iron Lady November 04 Zee World

Sunday Update on Iron Lady  Zee World

November 04 Episode

Rishi takes both of them to the room. Indu asks him why he didn’t get Zara arrested. Rishi says that he has a plan and convinces her not to anything to ruin it. Indu kisses him and they hug.

During the night, Zara goes to meet someone night and asks if everything is done. The guy reassures her and warns her that the blast might kill hundreds of people. Zara tells him to leave and not to return again. She also leaves for home but sees Munna and Kutumb. She asks them about what they were doing there. Munna and Kutumb tell her not to act smart and they have heard everything. Zara points the gun towards them. Munna threatens her by showing her the phone and says he has recorded everything and he will now tell everything to commissioner. They say that they want SN back. Zara says that Indira has to die for that and leaves the decision to them.

Indira is sleeping and gets a dream *she is wearing a burkhah & walking on a road with some people* Indu sees her restlessness and asks what happened. Indira tries to explain her but Indu does not understand. Indu tells her to sleep as next day they have to go to dargah where Rishi will execute his plan.

Next day at dargah, Zara tells Indira to wear a veil as its not allowed to enter dargah bare head. Munna and Kutumb signal Zara.

Zara decides to plant the bomb at the Dargah in order to kill Indu and Indira. She feels delighted after watching Indu holding the palette of spiritual elements that also contains the bomb, at the Dargah. Zara tries to release Rishi from Indu and Indira’s accompaniment in order to prevent him from the blast. Zara however gets stunned after watching Indu and Indira alive after the blast takes place.

Zara is crying and saying that the cloths is Rishi, Muna is telling her that is CC drama group. Sunaina Bhabi, Indur, Muna, Kutumb everyone is supporting Rishi and Indira, Kutumb ask Zara if she really think she can kill her own daughter etc. Zara ask Rishi to hit her he pushed her down and said he is already dead. Indira, Rishi, Indu hug, aww, so sweet. Some maulvi tells Zara what she did was very wrong he tells her lots, everyone words is echoing in her head She starts laughing like a mad lady
A narration is given that the court has sentenced Zara to be institutionlised for the mirder of Savita, kidnapping of indira, trying to indira and indi etc , in a mental hospital. Well mor or less thats what happened. She ends up in the mad house
Is hagan is show going with a guitar to some valentine rock concert
Muna and Kutumb are seen walking in the street with suitcases hurriedly they reach SN, funny scene with Sunaina sprinkling water on them to purify them or something.
She relents for leaving children hurt etc. she tell Kutumb Muna that first they have to do Kanya puja, worship of young girls to repent or something to that effect, can’t really explain properly in English.
We see Kutumb and Muna washing young girls feet, then Indu where Kutumb asks forgiveness from Indu Indira. What a lovely scene. Rishi is looking from the veranda. Indira puts her feet forward and indicates in hitler didi style for her to wash her feet as well. Sweet. Kutumb begs forgiveness, Muna also talks sweet
Y to her. Sunaina also want forgiveness, but Indira indicates she should ask from Sener, all is happy
Ishan enters and Sunaina greets him as a guest. He says he’s no guest but is hagan, Sunaina is happy but I shaman rejects her and says he’s here for concert and will return to hostel when he’s done. Indira try’s to make him meet his mother but he refuses. He leaves from there, everyone protesting him, Sunaina runs off in tears, Muna his usual mrs everyone sad, Rishi looks on.

Ishaan is seen playing drums and remembering his childhood with his mom
Sunaina is seen crying holding a pic of Ishaan, Muna tries to cheer her with ladoo and pizza, she rejects all, he takes out sindoor, she calms down, he places sindoor on her mang. She happy
Rishi is seen talking to Indira s photo, that he’s missing her scolding for little things, and calling himk mr. tenant, sad bg music.
He imagines she hits him with chappal, calls him mr. Rishi kumar, she asks him to get her memory back he na mr, tenant
She places her head on his chest and embrace, he said shrimatti and comes out of it, he cries.
Kutumb comes, he begs to do something that he could get his shreemati back
She said she will do something
Rock concert is shown Ishaan in band and some male singer singing
Kutumb is dressing Indira as bride, funny scene with Muna Sunaina decorating Rishi room for suhag Raat
Kutumb blocks Rishi eyes takes him inside room, where it’s all decorated and Indira sitting in bridal wear on bed, Kutumb tells him this is what the dr, said will help Indira gets her memory back na.
Rishi approaches a nervous looking Indira . Rock concert is shown
Rishi says definitely my shreematiji, but still not, asking her when will she call him tenant, when would she scold for little thing, when will she say his full name? So touching yaar, she tries, he’s frustrated, don’t know when, she holds his hand, looking at him egging him to smile, he smiles holds her hand in his, she faces him, he caresses her neck, she gets some fb, she then hugs him, rock concert shown with same song playing, she gets fb is restless, pushes Rishi away, she hears the song, Rishi asks what happen shreematiji she point to the sound smiling, gets off the bed runs out the room, out the house to where the rock concert is. She is saying sahib and runs on stage hugs someone saying sahib, she keeps saying sahib while Rishi, Kutumb, Sunaina and Muna and Ishaan looks on, Rishi is shocked.