Sunday Update on Iron Lady July Episode

Sunday Update on Iron Lady

05  July Episode

Indira calls up Mandira to enquire about their mother’s health. Indira is relieved on learning that her mother was recovering. Indira further expresses desire to talk to Ishaan but feels sad when he refuses to talk to her. Sunaina decides to go to the police station to bail out Munna. Before leaving the house, she prays to the God to help her. Indira’s mother is surprised when she learns about Sunaina’s decision. Meanwhile, Munna returns home. Sunaina, Mandira and her mother are surprised when they see Munna. Munna, however, does not regret cheating Inder. The family is further surprised when they learn that Rishi has bailed out Munna. When Indira returns home, she too is surprised to see Munna in the house. She is furious on learning from Ishaan that Rishi bailed out Munna. Next morning, Indira feels hurt when Ishaan not only refuses to talk to her but also refuses to sit beside her during breakfast time. When Ishaan refuses to go to the school along with Indira, Munna decides to drop his son to school. Indira rages at Rishi and reminds him that she had warned him not to interfere in her family matters. Rishi does not pay heed to Indira and leaves. Indira feels insulted and so she decides to change the tenant. Indira calls up Radhey and asks him to find a new tenant for her, who will pay her three months rent in advance. Radhey agrees to find a new tenant for Indira.

Manoj suggests Mr.Chadda to appoint some professionals who will take care of public relations and management of the company. Manoj tells Mr. Chadda that the professionals will help to develop new clients for the company. Manoj also instigates Mr.Chadda against Indira. He alleges that Indira is unable to develop new clients and so Mr.Chadda must look for a better manager, who would help him gain profits for the company. Mandira is upset since Indira has refused to give her money for shopping for her college cultural program. Mandira’s boyfriend plans to shoplift since he too was out of cash. He reveals his plan to Mandira. Mandira and her boyfriend go to a shop and select dresses. After selecting the dresses, Mandira secretly puts them into her back and leaves along with her boyfriend. The shop assistant realizes that Mandira has stolen the outfits and informs the manager. The manager informs the police. Together with the manager, the constable follow Mandira and her boyfriend. The constable nabs Mandira and her boyfriend near Mandira’s house and accuses them of stealing the outfits from a shop. When Mandira’s boyfriend refuses the accusation, the constable asks him to show the bill. Inder sees the commotion and enquires. She is shocked on learning that Mandira had stolen outfits from a shop. Inder pays the amount to the manager in order to prevent Mandira from been arrested. At the office, Mr.Chadda reminds Indira about their most important client, who is visiting India. Indira tells Mr.Chadda not to worry since she had already made all the arrangements for their client’s arrival. Indira is furious when Mr.Chadda informs her that he has appointed Manoj to assist her in their outdoor assignments. Later, Indira is surprised on learning that Mr.Chadda has appointed Manoj as her assistant since he was Mr.Chadda’s nephew. At night, Indira is busy on a phone arranging an Uzbek translator for her client. At that time, Indira accidentally dashes Rishi. Rishi flirts with Indira and asks her intentions of dashing him. Manoj arranges for a translator and informs Indira about it. Indira is surprised on learning that the translator was none other than Rishi.

Manoj arranges for a translator and informs Indira about it. Indira is surprised on learning that the translator was none other than Rishi. Manoj informs Rishi that his client needs an Uzbek translator. Manoj adds that the translator will also help him and Indira in their assignment. Manoj requests Rishi to accept the offer but Rishi refuses since he does not wish to work as Indira’s assistant. Next morning, Ishaan decides to go to school along with Munna as he does not wish to go with Indira. He therefore goes to Munna’s garage and finds him sleeping. Ishaan tries to wake Munna up but to no avail. Meanwhile, Indira gets ready to leave for office. Before leaving, Indira calls Ishaan so that she can drop him to school. She gets upset on learning that Ishaan had already left for school along with Munna. Indira is further upset on learning from her mother that Ishaan was angry at her for throwing Munna out of the house. Munna refuses to drop Ishaan to the school and asks him to go alone. At that time, Rishi arrives at the garage and offers to drop Ishaan. Indira welcomes her Uzbeki clients at the airport. Manoj arranges for another translator named, Gopal but Indira does not like his behavior and asks him to leave. Indira tries to find another translator. To Indira’s surprise, Rishi arrives there and introduces himself as the translator appointed by Indira. He starts conversing with the clients. Indira gets furious and refuses to accept Rishi’s help. She asks him to leave