Sunday Update on Iron Lady August 26

Sunday Update on Iron Lady

August 26 Episode

Munna and teaching their daughter(Magically she seems to be to be 3-4 months baby)to say 10 millions.The couple is discussing in themselves how many zeros are present in 10 millions.Indira sees them wants to say something.Indira goes in kitchen to drink water and notices there’s nothing to eat,all recipients are empty.Indira hears Indur calling her,she runs in her room,Indur is searching his money and threatens Indira to give back the money and leaveotherwise…Munna asks what happened and offers to search for the money.Rishi,Sumer and the others arrive in Indira room.ishi asks what’s the matter?Indira says indur will not get the money.Indira asks Rishi to stay out of these.IndIndur says it is something between father and daughter and Indira says this is something not toforget and tells him the Indian law says a daughter also is heir.Indur is adamant and says he’ll take back his money.Indira says not to say this big rude words,Indira swears to fail his plan.She tells him to tell it to his team and Sunaina;Mandira  and Kutumbh run and stand near Indur.Indira and Indur give each other a challenging look.

Indur leaves and Sunaina asks Indira if she really has the money and will going to take back the money.Munna tells Sunaina from where will Indira get this amount of money?They leave and Rishi and Indira talk about their plan and Indira says she agrees to the plan it is the only way to get the house back.They hug and Rishi notices a hesitant shy Sumer he goes to hug him.Sumer tells Indira she’s right and has taken the right path to get back the house.To call him back if they need help.Rishi goes to pack Sumer stuff.Indira reminds him of his mother and tells him if he goes home his mother will make him marry.Rishiis hearing them from the stairs.

Indira tells him he’s part of the plan as he showed them the house.Indira tells Sumer he can join back his job from tomorrow as she talked with the commisioner and took back the case.She tells Sumer to stay back.Rishi is not that happy.Sumer thankas Indira by holding her hand Rishi signals him to leave Indira hand. At night some cute fight goes on betweeen Sumer and Rishi for the bed.Indira stops them and they make the plan.Indira decides Sumer is right that Kukreja will recognise Rishi as he’s from Diwan family so he’s going to be the NRI and Rishi the maid.Indiratells Rishi to sleep down when sumer says if he does not get the bed he’ll leave.Rishi gets angry and leaves.Indira goes to persuade Rishi they have some very cute little verbal fights and Rishi tells Indira to forgive him.As Rishi comes near to Indira,Sumer tells Indira they have decided why an NRI coming to India will directly go and meet Kukreja.Indira says it is decided someone else will go to meet him.

Ranjeet and Radhe praying to Sai baba,Radhe chants a prayer but Ranjeet is not that happy.Right after the prayer Ranjeet goes to eat his lunch wich consists of chicken.As Radhe was there he throws a small bit to protect himself from evil eyes.Radhe tells him about himself his business and the motive he’s in his office.Radhe tells him there’s a NRI party who wants to settle a deal and they want to sell a property in Gurgaon.Ranjeet shows his interest and asks Radhe he visited his office last time accompanied by Indira.Radhe tells he was compel as Indira threatened him.They need to team up to take their revenge..Ranjeet asks if they talk English.Both Ranjeet and Sumer are learning English lang.Ranjeet is learning English from english Cd whereas Rishi is teaching Sumer.Sumer was standing near the window and on seeing Mandira Rishi makes him repeats some sweet romantic phrases and on hearing this Mandira thinks he’s flirting with her and says she also adores boysss/Indira asks them if everything is ready and asks Sumer about his costume which he pronounces badly.Indira asks him what helearnt?Sumer and Indira look at Rishi.Rishi is disguise as the servant and the other laugh at him.Indira asks Rishi to tie Sumer ties.Indira forgets Sumer new name,and he corrects her.Indira tells let’s leave and tellsRishi that they need to be successful.Rishi says from when he got kidnap Indira nor more trust him.Indira asks him if he said something he says no,but he saw everything.Indira wishes Sumer all the best then to Rishi.Radhe,Sumer and Rishi are in Kukreja office both his Kukreja and his man welcome them.Sumer says hello fine thank you to Kukreja and the latter saysnothing else remained for him.Ranjeet asks Rishi to go in the servant quarter.Sumer says no he’s a friend but Sumer says he’s afriend and tells him to ber seated.Rishi sits on the sofa and Ranjeet tells him to sit  downRanjeet asks Suumer about himself and his lang and Sumer says he knows hindi .

Ranjeet asks why he’s back?Rishi is the saviour and asks Ranjeet about a picture on the wall and Ranjeet says it is his grandma.Ranjeet says as if he knows Rishi,Sumer says it is weird as he’s their servant from a kid.They cook a false family story to make the deal,about Sumer grandma who wants to die in India.Ranjeet seems a bit lost in their story as it is not giving him the feel of reality and sumer and Rishi answers to the same question is different.Ranjeet asks Sumer about his family and he Sumer does not have an answer and he puts his hand on Rishi shoulder.Rishi says Sumer has everyone from wife children brother grandma in his family Ranjeet .Ranjeet reluctantly says tomorrow itself he’ll be coming to see the property,and he wants to see Sumer family overthere.Sumer and Rishi tells Ranjeet they want Sumer grandma to die peacefully.Ranjeet asks where is the property and they say Gurgaon.Ranjeet says he’s coming tomorrow itself.Indira gets angry and says they could have make any excuses that for not presenting the family.Radhe is scares and tells it to Indira,who is getting more angry with Rishi and tells him because of his stupidity she’ll lose her house.Rishi tells her the family is supposed to be of Sumer why isn’t she telling something to Sumer.Indira says to Rishi he only knows to fight.Rishi stands up and says he has an idea and says to involve the other Sharmas in their plan.Indira says they are siding with Indur and will tell him about their plan.

Rishi tells them about his plan,some few person are required to act and that is how he’s going to rope the Sharmas in their plan.Indira asks from where they will be going to pay them? Sumer says they will use the money which is with Indira and is to be given to Kukreja.Indira says No!!! Rishi thinks Sumer idea is not bad he’ll use it andafter he’ll also take care of his hitler wife.Rishi Indira Sumer and Radhe lock the house andare going home,Sumer notices the car of Kukrejawho comes before time to check.They hide themselves against the wall.They would have been spotted if the constable disguise as the caretaker would not have stopped Ranjeet who asked him some few questions about Sumer/Mr Kapoor family and their whereabout.The constable answers correctly and he leaves.Indiraand the others decide to be careful in the future.Sumer pays  the constable,for saving them.Mandira gives a flying kiss to sumer who’s doing his workout.

Indur is at the breakfast table and everyone is serving him with a different dish.Maina is able to make him eat also and saysshe gives him her best daughter out of the 4 as adaughter in law.Kutumbh is not happy.Mandira says after having the money he can gives her 2-3millions.Sunaina says to Mandira she’s not married and have no children,so she’s the one who need more as she has two children.Kutumbh says why should he give the money to them as his better half is alive and she’ll be taking care of him.Indur is fed up with their dramas and leave.Rishi proceeds with his plan, fakes to read the newspaper and tells them for a new film their is an audition going on in CC.He continues to read and tells them about the characteristics needed to be roped in the project They’ll be paid 15,000 Rs perday.Everyone gets ecstatic.Rishi says he’s also going to give an audition and Ishaan asks if ever a child is not needed.Rishi leaves the the newspaper and hides behindthe curtain.Everyone rushes to get ready for the audition and Rishi thinks except from money these shameless Sharmas family don’t know anything.Rishi takes the money from Indira room slowly.While leaving the room he makes one note falls and thinks this is the money which will fool Indur.Indur picks up the note and tells Rishi if he has got a lot,Indur asks if ever he should considered the note his or not.Rishi tells him to consider it as Indira money  it will be better.

Indur asks how come he has the money with him?Indira tells Indur if her money will not be her hubby with whom else will it be?Indur suggests her to search a job for herself as after 13 days they will be moving out of the house and she’ll remain jobless and will have no shelter.Indur asks Indiraif Rishi is with him why did she took a loan.Indira asks Indur how he got to know about it?Indur tells him he’s her father above all and leaves.Rishi tells  Indira why did she take a loan and handles her the money.Rishi tells her everyone take loans when needed.

Rishi shows Indira how everyone is perparing themselves to go in the audition.Kutumb also read the newspaper.Indira says to Rishi they’ll never come on line.Mandira well deck up goes inSumer room and tells chooses a shirt for him,and tells him to wear it for the couple audition.Rishi tells Indira that Mandira will definitely woo Sumer one day.Maina hides the newspaper,and a fight between her and Kutumbhbegins.Indira says to Rishi if they are fighting here what will happen afterwhile,Rishi says they will select who’s better between the two.Indira says they’ll fail.The auditions is going on and Munna and family are selected,also Sumer and Indira.While Kutumbh and Maina are rejected for their overacting.Maina and kutumbh are back home and Kutumbh says they rejected maina it can be understand but they rejected her acting.She’s complaining about her knee .Kutumbh sees Indurin the towel and her over romantic scene begins.Indur says he’s going to take the bath.Indur asks Munna where’s he going Sunainasays shooting and Munna covers the facts saying they are going to see a shooting going on.Mandira says she’s also going to see the shooting and will eat outside with her hero.Indur thinks they are all planning something and he’ll find out.