Sunday Update on Gangaa 30th December 2018

Niru looks angrily at him. He holds Raj’s collar. Stop acting! I left Barkha with you last night. I don’t know what happened once I left from there. I only know that you only killed her! Raj denies. I haven’t met her since last 2 days. I am not lying. You are lying. Who are you? Oh, now I understand. You are Barkha’s Jija ji whom she loved and wanted to marry. You killed her and are blaming me so you can save yourself? Niru gets angry. She was like my sister. You are lying! Madhvi is in tears. Ratan and Maharaj ji have to hold back Niru. Please calm down. Shreya tells Niru to stop. Niru cannot understand why Raj is lying. Raj instead calls him a lawyer. Shreya thinks that this case is becoming like one complex jigsaw puzzle. She turns to Niru. If you are saying the truth then why is there no entry by Raj’s name in the register of the hotel? Niru doesn’t know how it happened. Barkha spoke to him before leaving for the hotel. I dint want to go but she insisted. Shreya takes Raj’s number. She puts it on for tracking. The guy on the other end says there is no call from this number on Barkha’s mobile. Last call was from Niranjan Chaturvedi. Madhvi thinks of the convo of Barkha and Niru that she had overheard on Karwachauth Day. Shreya ends the call. Raj says I don’t know why Niru is blaming me. I was not even in Banaras at that time. I was in Allahabad. He shows her his train ticket. Niru calls it another lie of his, but Raghav ji says Raj is not lying. A room was booked in his name in a hotel there. Niru refuses to believe it. I met him yesterday only! Shreya gets a call.

Shreya tells Niru that in that hotel, the room was booked using your credit card. It was booked under the name of Mr. And Mrs. Chaturvedi. Raj repeats that barkha was only his junior. She was having an affair with Niru. Barkha’s mother is in tears. You only killed my daughter. You are blaming someone else! Niru denies. I am not lying. I know nothing about the booking. He is a liar. Barkha’s father tells him to stop. You are the one who is lying. We dint believe Amma ji when she called to tell us about Barkha trying to break Madhvi’s house. We should have stopped her back then only. You mislead her. You killed her! Niru looks at the faces of his family members. Do you all believe I killed Barkha? He asks Madhvi if she too feels the same way. She leaves from there without saying anything. Amma ji denies. My son cannot kill anyone. My son is not a killer. Barkha says I dint say so. I already told you, I trust proofs. Sadly, all the evidences point at your son at the moment. Niru looks at Raj.

Sagar and Ganga wonder what would be happening downstairs. They notice Madhvi heading towards her room. Sagar gets concerned. Why was mom crying? Niru follows Madhvi. He is sad to see her all heartbroken and in tears. She pushes his hand away as he touches her shoulder. He asks her if she trusts a stranger, and not him? She says how I trust you. I know that that hotel room was booked in your name – Mr. And Mrs. Niranjan Chaturvedi. Ganga and Sagar stand by the door. Madhvi asks Niru what she should make out of it. The bill was also paid by your card. He doesn’t know how the room got booked in his name. I only know this that when I was trying to make Raj and Barkha understand. A flashback is shown. The phone in the hotel room rings. Barkha picks it up. She next asks Raj if he dint pay the bill. Raj says I forgot it. Machine dint accept my card. I will go and try again. Niru offers to do it. He leaves both of them alone. Flashback ends.

Niru asks Madhvi if she still doubts him. You really think I can cheat you? You think I can kill someone? Have you understood me this much only in all these years? I never thought that I will have to ask this to you. You trust me so much. I thought we both understand each other too well. You understand me more than me. But today I can see that I am wrong. I only am responsible for this, not you. It is my mistake if you cannot trust me enough. No one trusts me today, not even you. Ganga steps forward. I trust you the most Babu. Babu cannot kill anyone. She leaves. Sagar too seconds Ganga. I too trust you Papa. He tells the same to his mother. Papa cannot kill anyone ever! Sagar too leaves. Madhvi looks at Niru.

Ginny’s friends make Prabha press their hands and dance because she is hypnotised. Ginny stops them. Mocking someone is really unfair. The lady brings Prabha out of the spell. Prabha cannot recall anything. I know nothing happened. One lady shows her the video she has recorded. Prabha gets all tight lipped. Ginny says sorry to Prabha from her friends’ behalf.

Shreya sits down to talk with Ganga and Sagar. She asks Ganga if there was something wrong between her Babu and Barkha Massi. What happened exactly on Karwachauth Day? Ganga and Sagar are holding hands. Shreya observes their bonding. I trust you a lot Ganga so I took you to your house directly. I understood that you never lie, you always stand by truth. Now I think you lie at times. Ganga denies. I never lie. Madhvi and Amma ji impatiently wait outside. Shreya wants Ganga to tell the truth. Ganga asks her if she will send Babu to jail if she tells her everything. Shreya replies that she wont do anything to Niru if he is innocent. But you must not hide anything from me. Ganga says Babu is innocent. Babu and Bahu ji fought because of Barkha Massi. Bahu ji cried. I felt bad. I got worried, thinking if Babu will leave Bahu ji because of Barkha Massi. I got angry but I never thought that Barkha Massi will die. She also shares the dinner incident and fight afterwards; and how Madhvi left the house on Karwachauth night. I went to hotel but Barkha Massi was already dead by then. Shreya thanks her. Ganga asks Sagar if she said something wrong. Sagar says you spoke truth. You dint say anything wrong.

Shreya finds Amma ji and Madhvi standing outside. Amma ji says we were worried about the kids. They are small so they might get scared. Are they alright? Shreya says they are pretty brave. I think I have solved the case. She walks away.

Everyone is gathered downstairs. Shreya tells them all that this case is complicated. Raj and Mr. Chaturvedi’s story dint match, so I spoke to Ganga. She is an honest and brave girl. All thanks to her, it will become easy for me to reach any conclusion. Ganga is relieved to think that now Shreya knows Babu is innocent. Shreay continues, all the evidences were pointing at Niru. What Ganga told me has actually strengthened it. If Barkha had risk from anyone then it was you (Niru)! Shock registers on everyone’s faces. Shreya says I joined all the links and made the story. You fell for Barkha. She came here to stay with you. You felt your married life has become boring. Niru calls it wrong but Shreya points out that she isn’t done yet. Barkha was smart and you got attracted to her because of her open attitude. You both fell in love with each other. You hid it from your family members. Madhvi got doubt on you both.

Barkha was fed up of this hide and seek game. She was dreaming of her own family. She wanted to tell everyone about your relation on Karwachauth Day. She put a lot of pressure on him as well. But you refused! You dint want to disturb your married life. She tried to commit suicide because of the same. She had threatened to tell everyone to her sister. You got scared, you thought of getting her out of your way! After the suicide attempt, you took her to hospital. You made sure no one came along, so you get successful in what you want. You took her directly to hotel from hospital. You lied to everyone that she is still in hospital. You murdered her in the hotel room!