Sunday Update on Gangaa 24th February 2019

Sagar comes upstairs. Ganga asks him if he ran up again. This is what you do always. You run when things don’t happen your way. First love, marriage and now this puja. He says how does it matter to you what I do. Why do you? He looks at her and is shocked to see her hair. What did you do? Why did you cut them? She reasons that she can live her life her way. He denies. you have no right. You are my Ganga. I have right on you. She too had wanted the same but now nothing is like it was before. Everything has changed. Now you have no right on me. I cut all the relations that could connect me to you. He pins her to the wall holding her neck. I also said I am in your heartbeats and breaths. She says they too will stop one day. He backs off in shock. You hate me this much? She says no, I don’t hate you as that is also a bondage. I want to be free from every bondage. I want to forget you for forever. I want to go far away where even the shadows cannot reach me. He asks her who she is. You are not that Ganga that I knew, loved. How did you change so much that I cannot even recognize you? She is happy that he understood this much atleast.

I am not the Ganga you loved. I have indeed changes. Circumstances changed me. Time changes everyone. I changed. You too will have to change now. He holds her angrily. Who are you to tell me what I should be doing? Listen to me please. Say once that this is a drama. You are doing this to trouble me. Just say once that you still love me. She pushes him away. I don’t love you, I used to love you a lot but you ignored it. With what right do you come to me? You have no right to touch me even. He agrees. I thought I had a right on you. She repeats that he has no right anymore. You married again. What do you expect from me now? You think it to be a joke or game? Or like childhood you want me to dance on your wish? No! Ganga is not a toy which will dance on your tunes. I wont bear to hand over my life to you. I am no toy which was brought in this house by Amma ji for her grandson. I am human being too. I too have a heart. I feel pain too. I request you to please go away from me. He cannot believe what his ears. I will die without you. You very well know this. You are doing this to ruin me! You want to take revenge of the childish acts done by me in childhood? She looks away. He agrees to do what she wants. You will see me getting destroyed before your eyes. Live your life if you can. I wont come in your way ever again! He leaves angrily.

Pundit ji is irked by Sagar. This young generation don’t understand anything. He left puja in between. This is disrespect to God. Amma ji would have not spared him if she was here. Prabha and Ratan speak in Sagar’s favour. Niru comes there. He notices everyone standing. Did the puja complete? Pundit ji replies that his son left the puja midway. Madhvi is about to explain when Sagar says sorry to pundit ji. He apologizes to everyone. It is good Dadi isn’t here or she would have pulled my ears and called it a sin. Let us complete the puja now to lessen the sin. Everyone is boggled at his behaviour. He makes everyone sit down for the puja and himself sits down with Janvi. He repeats pundit ji’s words. I want to ask you something. It’s all dark in my marital life. Ganga comes there. He adds (looking at Ganga) that the girl he loved and made his wife, left him in a second. She left me. She threw me out of her life like someone throws a fly out of milk. What marital life then? Pundit ji is shocked. Sagar insists that this is the truth. There is another truth. The fate of the girl sitting next to me (Janvi) is worst. She got a husband but will never get his love. We both have fallen in love. How will two broken people have a marital life? We can atleast do the last rites of their married life. Niru holds the mattress tightly. Sagar forces Janvi to do puja of the same with him. Everyone looks on stunned. Janvi gets hurt during giving aahuti. She withdraws her hand and gets up. He asks her how she will support him when she could not bear this small hurt. I am on fire completely. How will you handle me? He looks at the Agni kund and pours oil while chanting a mantra. People take pheras around the same fire to tie relations. Today my heart, my soul are getting destroyed in this very fire. Why can no one see the fire inside me? You all will see the spectacle of my heart. Look here. Madhvi slaps him. Stop it. How much will you make drama of all of us? Burn us all in this fire if you are so angry. Think about us at times as well. Do you hate us all this much? Burn us today in this fire then. He shakes his head. I only will have to burn in this fire. This is my destiny and my punishment. He looks at Ganga and then leaves.

Madhvi walks up to Ganga. You wanted to destroy Sagar, right? Is this the reward for taking care of you? What else do you want? Niru tries to stop her but in vain. She says I know why you have come back here. You want to ruin us all. You are taking revenge from my son and ruining his marital life. Amma ji is right. You brought destruction for this house. You actually did it.

Sagar realising his mistake and apologizing to Niru. I have hurt you a lot because of what I did in the past days but not anymore. Now I will become a good son. They share an emotional moment.

Next morning, Sagar gets ready. Janvi talks to him about Pag Phera ritual. If I go then you will come to pick me up, right? Sagar tries to leave but she does not let him. She asks him if she is important to him or not. Will I ever be able to become your wife in the real sense? MAdhvi asks her what she means by that. You are my DIL and Sagar’s wife. Sagar agrees. You are mom’s DIL. Janvi adds that she is his wife also, right. Sagar leaves without saying a word. Janvi thinks not to go to her parents’ home. I cannot leave them both alone. Ganga will do anything to win him back from me. Madhvi says he has just promised his papa he will change for good. Give him some time. He will realise his responsibility towards you as well. Don’t be afraid of anything.

Niru is giving dictation to Raghav ji regarding a case. Sagar says papa. Niru is touched to see him dressed for the court. Both Niru and Raghav ji bless Sagar. Niru makes Sagar try his shoes. They fit Sagar perfectly. Niru calls it a moment of pride for every father when his shoes fit his son. he also gives him his lucky pen. Madhvi is happy to see them both happy after a long time. She tells Sagar about Janvi cooking something for the first time today. He goes out without saying anything to her. She complains to Niru. Niru is sure Sagar has heard her. he will stay back for breakfast. Pick out my clothes for me. I will go to court today to see my son’s work. She is concerned about his health but he says I am hale and hearty after seeing my son understanding his responsibilities. She agrees. Raghav ji too is happy to see Niru happy after so many days. Niru gives the credit to Ganga. She is the one who has returned our happiness to us. Raghav ji shares that it is her exam today.

Ganga is doing last minute revisions. Supriya comes there with sweetened curd. Ganga recalls Madhvi making her eat sweetened curd before all her papers. She also used to specially ask Niru to pull her ears while wishing her good luck. A flashback is shown. Ganga asks Babu to pull her ears so she can do well in papers. He calls it her superstition while she calls it her good luck charm. He happily pulls her ears and wishes her good luck. She gets happy. Flashback ends.

Niru too thinks of the same. Raghav ji suggests him to wish Ganga. Niru knows Ganga will not come to seek his blessings today. I have hurt her pride big time. She will never forgive me for this.

Ganga tells Supriya that she will show everyone she is just like River Ganga. Anyone can try to stop her but she knows how to make a way for herself. It never stops. I too will not back down ever and reach my goals. Supriya advises Ganga not to be so stone hearted. Forgive papa. Ganga says Pulkit BHaiya must be waiting.

Janvi has made kheer as per the ritual. Niru happily takes it while Sagar goes outside without even replying to Janvi. Niru compliments Janvi. He also give nek to Janvi. She bends down to touch his feet. He notices Ganga passing from there and loudly blesses her indirectly through Janvi. Do good. Madhvi realises what he is doing while Janvi is confused. Niru says if it was in my hands then I would have pulled your ears to bless you but maybe you wont like it. Ganga is all teary eyed. Pulkit calls out for her as they are getting late. She leaves. Niru leaves with Raghav ji. Janvi is confused about Niru’s blessings. I thought he will wish me like you. I dint understand his words at all. Janvi

Outside, Pulkit tells Ganga that he is more concerned about her paper than her. Sagar hears them. You have paper today? Ganga tells Pulkit to drive. Sagar says wont you even let me wish you. He gifts her the same pen to write the papers given by Niru. Ganga and Sagar talk through Pulkit. She says I have pen already.

Sagar wonders what she is so arrogant about. I accepted it when she said she does not live me. Why she always talks so coldly to me? He puts the pen in her bag. Think of this as your Babu’s blessing. He sits in his car while Pulkit and Ganga leave. READ NEXT/25 MON FEB ON GANGAA