EPISODE 109 – 111

Mouni Roy comes as guest in the party, she dances on Aaj ki Raat song. Twinkle is searching for the rifle which has bullets in it. Mouni dances around Kunj and Yuvi. Some dancers comes to Twinkle and asks her to come to dance, the dancers take the rifles from there before Twinkle can check them all, Twinkle thinks that she have to keep an eye on the rifles. Twinkle comes to the party and she dances in veil. Bebe thinks all the dancers have rifles in their hands, and wonders how Twinkle will save her husband? Twinkle keep looking at Kunj, she comes to him and dances around him, she finds one dancer pointing rifle at Kunj, she thinks she have to stop that man, just when the man is about to fire at Kunj, Twinkle turns his rifle upward, but it’s a fake rifle, another dancer tries to fire at Kunj but Twinkle turns it upward too, it’s also turn out to be fake too. Yuvi gets irritated seeing this and says he will play with the rifles, he takes the rifle from one of the dancer and points it at Kunj. Twinkle is shocked, she comes to Yuvi and points the rifle upward, he fires it and it’s also fake too. Yuvi laughs and says he made everyone scared. Twinkle thinks that Yuvi can harm Kunj any time and she have to keep an eye on him. She comes to the room and talk to herself that she checked all the rifles but didn’t find the real one, she wonders what Yuvi’s plan is? And she have to save Kunj at any cost. Yuvi comes there and asks why is she so confused and what did she think that he will kill Kunj infront of everyone? He compliment her that she have tried alot to save her husband that she wore this dancer’s dress too. Twinkle ask if he recognized her? He says when he asked her to dance with him, he recognized her that very time. He further tells her that he love her so much that he can recognize her silhouette too. Twinkle asks him to shut up. Yuvi reminds her that on 31st december at 12am, Kunj will die and his plan will be execute, he tells her to wait for sometime that Kunj will be gone.

Twinkle comes back to the party and see that 3 minutes are remaining for 12am, she thinks that she can save Kunj by taking him out of the party, she thinks where Kunj is? While looking for him, she strikes with Kunj, he sees her as the dancer as she is in veil and asks what is she doing when the rest of her dancers have left. Twinkle drags him from there. She brings him outside the party, and shows her face to him, he ask what is she doing here? Twinkle says he will think that she have come here to execute any plan against Yuvi but he warned her today that he will kill him. Kunj puts his finger on her lips to stop her and asks how can she speak so much in one breath? He apologises to Twinkle that she kept saying that Yuvi is acting but he never listened to her, he was so guilty that he couldn’t see anything and that Yuvi took advantage of that guilt, and now that he know the truth, he is with her and they will end his drama. A surprise Twinkle ask how he got to know about Yuvi? Kunj says he called himself and talked about Goa which Yuvi answered and he got to know that he is faking everything then he saw her and Yuvi talking in the room. Kunj adds that he did so wrong with her and still she kept protecting him and his family, he then thank her. Twinkle tells him not to thank her that his family is her and he is hers, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj says on new year’s eve he promise to never doubt her again and will become good husband like she is a good wife, they will end Yuvi’s chapter, and ask if she will you be with him? Twinkle asks always, Kunj wishes her happy new year Mrs. Kunj Sarna, Twinkle also wishes him happy new year Mr. Kunj Sarna, they smile at each other, Kunj tries to hug her but is reluctant, they both move to hug each other but bangs head with each other, Kunj laughs, Twinkle suggests they should bang head again as it’s bad luck to bang head one time and she don’t want any bad luck in new year, he bang head again, Twinkle hugs Kunj, they wishes each other happy new year, Yuvi sees them and gets angry.

Yuvi comes to Kunj and Twinkle, Kunj tells Yuvi that he will expose him today. Yuvi acts like kid and ask Twinkle what Kunj is saying? An upset Kunj slaps Yuvi for touching Twinkle, he asks how dare he touch his wife? He beats Yuvi up. Kunj starts coughing and falls down, Twinkle pushes Yuvi away and comes to Kunj, she ask Kunj what happened to him? Yuvi laughs and says they both won, and that she exposed him infront of Kunj? Blood starts coming out of Kunj’s mouth, Twinkle gets tensed, Yuvi ask Kunj what happened to him? Yuvraj reveals to Kunj and Twinkle that he poisoned Kunj. He shows the chocolates to Kunj and Kunj feels suffocated. Yuvi tells Twinkle that he made Kunj eat these chocolates and that he promise he haven’t mixed any poison in the one he is holding. He asks if he remember one kid came to him in the party and gave him the chocolates. A flashback is shows, Yuvi gives chocolates to a kid and ask to give it to Kunj, the kid comes to Kunj and gives him chocolates. Kunj thanks him and eats the chocolates, flashback ends. Yuvi asks if he remember it now? He says he knew his reality is going to come forward soon that’s why he made this plan. Twinkle tries to go to seek help but Yuvi stops her and tells Twinkle that he promised her to kill Kunj on new year’s eve and to see Kunj is dying, Kunj breaths heavily while Twinkle cries for him. He tells her to apply vermilion of his ( Yuviraj) name because he like red on her and no one is going to come to help her as all have gone to enjoy the night, and she have to come to him. Twinkle says she won’t let him succeed in his dirty plans. Yuvi tells her to leave Kunj and they will live happily. Twinkle comes to Kunj and assured him that nothing will happen to him, she brings out Kunj’s car keys and says everything will be fine, he have to get fine for her and Bebe but Yuvi snatches the keys from Twinkle. Twinkle request Yuvi to give her the keys as she have to save Kunj, she beg him to give her the keys and promise to do anything he say. Yuvi ask if she is ready to do anything? Twinkle folds her hand and says she will do anything he asks but to let her save Kunj first. Yuvi smirks and then asks her to come with him.

Cherry meanwhile is flirting with a girl, he tells the girl that he is the heir of all this property. Bebe comes there and ask if he has seen Yuvi and Kunj? He says no, he takes the girl from there with an excuse that she is going to the gent. A worried Bebe thinks where Yuvi, Twinkle and Kunj are? On the other hand, Yuvi is driving the car while Twinkle and Kunj are in the back seat, Twinkle cries and ask Yuvi to take her to the hospital. Yuvi get furious and points gun at her asking to sit quietly else he will shoot Kunj right here. Twinkle stops and ask Kunj to wake up. An upset Yuvi stops car at Mandir, he says they have to get married now, Twinkle asks him to first take her to the hospital, he refuses, he ask Twinkle to come out of the car. Twinkle tries to wake Kunj up but he doesn’t. A devastated Twinkle kicks Yuvi, he falls down, she quickly comes on the front seat of the car and tries to start the car, it doesn’t get started first but starts in second attempt. Twinkle leaves from there before Yuvi can stop her, she tells Kunj that everything will be fine. While Twinkle is driving towards the hospital, Yuvi follows her on bike, she sees Yuvi behind her car and gets worried, she ask Kunj to wake up, Yuvi stops her by bringing his bike infront of the car. Twinkle ask Yuvi to let her go to the hospital. A flabbergasted Yuvi takes the car keys and says she can’t leave him and she have to become his. Twinkle begs him to let her take Kunj to the hospital. Yuvi says her Kunj ranting is not ending and she have eaten her brain with Kunj’s name, he threatened to end his story rightnow, he points the gun at Kunj and fires but Twinkle manages to points it upward. Yuvi angrily tells Twinkle that Kunj have to die, he ask Twinkle to leave the gun but she doesn’t, they both fight to take the gun from each others hands. Since the new year celebration are still going on, Twinkle finds a caravan of people going from there, she runs to them that she need help, she point to Yuvi and inform them that man wants to kill her husband, she request them to take her to the hospital, the people start running towards Yuvi. Yuvi sees this and tells Twinkle that he will be back, he sits on bike and runs from there. One of the man ask Twinkle why that man was after her? Twinkle says he wanted to forcefully get married to her, he gave poison to her husband in order to kill him. The man tells her that he is a doctor, he checks Kunj and says they have to take him to hospital. Twinkle brings Kunj to the hospital, the doctor takes Kunj in the operation room while Twinkle cries and pray to Lord to please save her Kunj, as he is very nice and that Kunj has always protected her, and asks lord to save him.

Bebe and Anand comes to the hospital, Twinkle tells them Kunj’s condition is serious and he is not getting conscious. Anand ask how it happened? Twinkle says Yuvi made Kunj eat poisonous chocolates then he wanted to get married to her but she somehow brought Kunj here. At the same time, the doctor comes there and informs them that Kunj is out of danger now, and compliment Twinkle that she have saved her husband’s life. The doctor further tells them that Kunj is very weak, and warns them not to stress him much. Twinkle goes to meet Kunj. Twinkle, Bebe and Anand comes to Kunj, Kunj looks at Twinkle and calls her, she ask how is he? He says he is fine but he got so scared. Kunj swear that he won’t spear Yuvi so easily and thank Twinkle for saving him and asks where Yuvi is? Twinkle inform him that Yuvi ran away. Kunj assures Twinkle that he is with her and they will end his game together. Twinkle tells him to get fine first, she holds Kunj’s hand and smile. An angry Yuvi talk to himself that Kunj got saved again and now everything has come out so now everything will happen infront of everyone, he have to end their marriage, he says Twinkle should be ready to become his bride and he smirks.

Kunj is brought back home back and is lying on bed. Twinkle comes to him, sit beside him and ask how is he feeling now? He says better. Twinkle tells him she have brought chicken soup for him and asks him to drink it. Kunj says he will drink it later. Twinkle asks what’s the problem if she make him drink it? She asks him not to act like kid, Kunj says he know her plan that she will spill soup on him then will ask him to go and take bath. Twinkle cries. Seeing that she is crying, Kunj asks her not to cry but to make him drink the soup, spill it too and he will take bath too. Twinkle apologize to him that all this is happening because of her and that he is in problem because of her, if she was not in his life then this wouldn’t be happening. Kunj holds her hand and makes her feed him the soup, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj tells her not to cry, and praise her that she is the unique piece and he is save because of her. Twinkle refuses and says everything is happening because of her. In order not to start another argument with her, Kunj agrees with her to keep crying and he will drink the soup himself. Twinkle insists to make him drink it, that wives are smart enough to do multi-tasking, she smiles. Kunj tells her to keep smiling, as she look good and to keep her smile like this and they have to find Yuvi at any cost.

Bebe comes to Twinkle and Kunj, Twinkle ask Kunj to get fine first then they will find Yuvi. Kunj figures out a way to get Yuvraj to come out of hiding and says if Yuvi is not coming out in open then they have to bring him out. A confused Twinkle ask what is he thinking? Kunj says since Yuvi’s truth has come out in open and now he will contact who first? Twinkle immediately says Anita? Kunj says they can bring out Yuvi in open by kidnapping Anita. Twinkle asks Kunj what has happened to him and how can they kidnap her? Kunj says his plan is that they will send news to Anita that they are going to kidnap her then she will call Yuvi and he will come for sure to save his mother. Twinkle sees this as a great idea and says his mind has started working after drinking her soup. Kunj asks if she is giving credit to herself for the soup? Kunj tells Bebe to see who is starting fight now. Bebe tells him to leave it and asks what will they do now? Kunj says to send the news to Anita about the kidnapping. Anand meanwhile talks to Leela and says Yuvi’s truth is out and he is hiding now. Leela says Yuvi will make other plans so they have to find him soon and asks what about Anita? Anand says Anita is not ready to listen that Yuvi was acting all this while. Leela says one day she has to accept that Yuvi was behind all the crimes, and it will be better if she understands it, and only Anita can handle him. Raman says once the police finds him then he will be beaten badly. Leela says she can understand Anita’s pain as mother, and if anything happens to Yuvi then Anita will be broken. Raman reminds his sister that Anita is not saint too. Leela says he is right but she is scared about Yuvi as he can attack Kunj and Twinkle again and she just want her kids to be safe. Just then, the door bell rings, Anand holds a show-piece thinking it might be Yuvi, Raman opens the door to find the policeman there. Anand ask him what he got to know? The inspector inform them that they are searching for Yuvi and if they find him then they will tell them, the inspector adds that he need statement of all of them. Leela comes to Kunj and ask about his health? He says he is better. Leela thank God he is fine and asks where Twinkle is? And she should be with him. Kunj says she was making him drink soup, she is hurting him by crying and she knows that she can’t see tears in her eyes. He apologises for behaving badly with Twinkle as she kept saying that Yuvi is atcing but he didn’t listen to her, she kept fighting alone and he didn’t take her side as her husband, he raised his hand on her too but it will never happen again, he was guilty for Yuvi’s condition that’s why he couldn’t see anything else. Leela says the thing is that he is a nice person and Yuvi was taking advantage of his niceness, she then tells him to leave it. Kunj ask if she is not angry with him? She says she is as he broke her phone that day because she had good selfies in it, they both laugh over it. Leela tells Kunj that Yuvi must be planning something to hurt them so he have to be careful.

Anita comes back home, Bebe ask where Yuvi is? She angrily tell Anita that when he calls her then to tell him the police is searching for him and he should accept his crime. Anita gets call from some man who tells her that Kunj is planning to kidnap her, and he had worked with Anita earlier that’s why he thought to tell her to be careful. Anita thanks him, she stares at Kunj and leaves. Bebe smirks at Twinkle. The same man calls Kunj and inform him that he have done his work and told Anita that he is going to kidnap her. Kunj says now he just want Anita to tell this to Yuvi and he will come infront of them to save his mother. At night, Leela feel uneasy and says she feel like something wrong is going to happen. Raman says nothing will happen to her. Leela says she is her mother and she can sense danger on her, she know Twinkle fights bravely but she feel like something major is going to happen. Raman assures her that nothing will happen to Twinkle, he agrees that Yuvi has crossed all limits, and the police are searching for him and the day he find Yuvi, he will beat him alot. Leela prays for Twinkle and Kunj’s safety.

Twinkle wakes up and doesn’t find Kunj in the room, she starts looking for him here and there, she wonders where he must be gone? As they made plan to keep an eye on Anita so if Yuvi calls her then they will know it but she slept off and maybe that’s why Kunj left, she decides to check in Bebe’s room, she comes to Bebe’s room and doesnt find her there, she comes in the hall and searches for Kunj and Bebe there. Just then, Yuvi whistles and sings Tumhe Apna Banane Ki Qasam Khayi Hai song. Twinkle asks what is he doing here and where is Kunj and Bebe? Yuvi says he wants to get hunted so what can he do? He tells her that they all made plan to kidnap Anita but Kunj and Bebe got kidnap themselves, and they all though that they will make his mother scared that they are going to kidnap his mother and she will call him ( Yuvi ) and he will come here in anger but they are new people in this game. He further tells Twinkle that his mother listened to their plan, she told him about it and he mixed sleeping pills in their food and when they all slept, he kidnapped Kunj, Bebe and Anand but not her (Twinkle) and that she is alone with him again, he adds that he kidnapped her mother and Raman too, he shows her the video in which all are kidnapped and unconscious. Twinkle is shocked to see it that Yuvraj turns the tables on them as he kidnaps Bebe, her mother, Anand, Kunj and her uncle. Twinkle cries and asks why did he kidnap them? She plead with him to leave them. Yuvi says he is doing all this for her and asks why don’t she understand that he love her like crazy, and now it’s time to give name to this love, informing her that they are going to Mumbai as Mumbai is special, their love started there so they will marry there too, he then tells her to go and start packing and to make sure she pack one red saree too, as he love red. Twinkle refuses to going anywhere with him and that he is not scared of him. Yuvi says that’s what he like about her and she know he can kill her family but she is showing him attitude? He like it, and tells her to give him a kiss. Twinkle says she can’t become his, and remind him that she is Kunj’s only till her last breath. Yuvi says if she don’t marry him then he will kill Kunj, and asks her to marry him. Twinkle threatened him to call the police. Yuvi says she will not listen like this, he calls his goon and instruct them to kill Kunj, and put the whole 6 bullets in him. Twinkle is shocked to hear this. The Ggoon stands up and starts going towards Kunj, Yuvi tells Twinkle that he will count till 5, if she don’t agree to marry him then his goon will shoot Kunj. Yuvi starts counting from 1..2..3..4.., and just when the goon is about shoot Kunj, Twinkle ask Yuvi to stop it, she beg Yuvi that she will do what he say and she is ready to marry him too but not to hurt her family. Yuvi says he is not that bad as she think, he ask his goon to not shoot Kunj, he inform Twinkle that he will free everyone but after their marriage and if she try to act oversmart then she know he will kill her family.