Sunday Update on Dream Girl 29th May 2022


Sunday Update on Dream Girl 29th May 2022

Shikha trying to find Ayesha. She goes to some cabin and checks for Ayesha. She wonders where did Ayesha go. Doctor comes there and asks Shikha to leave. Shikha tells Raghu that I have seen Aarti going here. Raghu says whats happening, you told me she came here, was she there inside cabin. Manav says we checked the entire hospital, Aarti is not here, whats going on between you two. You both blame each other, what is this. Shikha says I called you as I found cancer symptoms in her. Raghu says stop it, she is Aarti, not Ayesha. Shikha says I called you here and Aarti was not there at that time right. Raghu says maybe she was in kitchen, I did not check. Shikha says we will check at home, come. Ayesha lies to doctor that she was getting her fallen phone, and that she is Ayesha’s twin sister Aarti. She says I want to get some tests done, I want to get pregnancy test to give good news to my husband. Doctor asks her to come.

Everyone come home and see Ayesha there. Raghu asks Shikha to come and see. Ayesha asks what happened, what is the matter. Raghu says where were you some time before. Ayesha says I don’t know, I was here, maybe I went to bathroom or kitchen, I don’t remember, but what is the matter. Raghu says Shikha feels she has seen you in hospital. Ayesha asks Shikha to see time and then do drama, I was unwell and slept. Can I sleep now? Raghu asks her to sleep. Shikha says I m sorry and goes.

Ayesha asks Raghu to sleep. He says I will change and come. Ayesha hides her saree. Shikha says she is so clever, she proved me wrong, what to do. Shikha says if I get the reports, I can prove this. Servant receives the courier and gives it to Raghu. Raghu thanks him and takes it. He sees its from hospital. He checks the reports. Ayesha comes and asks who was it. He asks who are you…. She gets stunned.

Raghu takes her out and shows the reports. Manav and Shikha look on. Raghu shouts who are you, answer me. Ayesha says I m your Aarti. He says you can’t be my Aarti, she never lies to me, you went for pregnancy test…. These are your reports…. Ayesha says I was feeling strange, so I went for tests. He asks really, when we did not consummate this marriage, why this tests. Manav asks what. Raghu says yes Manav, after Ayesha’s accident, Aarti was not ready. Shikha smiles. Ayesha says such personal thing, why are you saying here, humiliating me. Raghu asks am I humiliating you, what is this…

Ayesha says yes, this is my report, I did not go for this test, I was being unwell, that doctor knew I m married, and did pregnancy test along other tests. Raghu says it means you went to hospital, you lied to me at night, why did you lie to me. Ayesha says I went to hospital after my shoot rehearsal, not night. Raghu asks why did you not tell me, I would have come. She says yes, I felt you will get worried for me, I m finding you tensed since many days, I thought to go for routine test, I did not know I m thinking good for you and you are thinking bad for me. She throws reports and leaves. Raghu goes after her.

Shikha comes to her room and thinks Ayesha made me lose one more time, my plan failed, I think this is not so easy as I thought. Ayesha packs her bag and says everyone trusts Shikha and not me, I will go away. She scolds Raghu for saying personal things infront of everyone, how can he doubt her. Raghu says I m sorry, I did mistake, I love you, I trust you. She thinks Raghu is apologizing to me, Shikha thinks she will snatch him, its not easy. She hugs Raghu and says we will make a new start. He asks her not to leave him ever. She asks where can I go, you are my life, if I ask anything, will you refuse. I want you to be at home today, we did not spend time, please don’t go. He says fine, I will end a small meeting and come. She says I don’t like acting in movie, I m fed up now, I will get real happiness when I make my family, I want to become a mother soon. He asks really? She nods and hugs him. They smile.

Raghu says fine then, how can I ignore this lovely request, I will see you soon. He goes. She asks servants not to disturb her today, no calls and no guests. She asks them not to come in her room. Shikha asks is everything fine, your mood looks off. Ayesha says I m rocking, its my and Raghu’s suhaagraat today, it looks cheap to say this to servants. Shikha gets shocked, and says I forgot, Raghu announced this yesterday that you both did not consummate marriage, what was the reason, that Ayesha disappeared. She laughs. Ayesha taunts her and says your Raghu will be mine tonight, wish me all the best, actually you need my wish. Shikha says don’t do this mistake, your Aarti-Ayesha is working as you did not go close to Raghu, he will identify you easily that you are Ayesha, not Aarti.

Shikha/Aarti thinking she loves Raghu a lot, even when they did not marry, but his love was her power, and strength in bad times, she trusts her Kanha ji that he can’t snatch her love. Ayesha says I m Ayesha Sareen, its not big thing to win Raghu’s love, I will make him helpless to love me, I will prove Raghu did not fall for Shikha’s simplicity, he liked just her face. She gets ready. Shikha thinks what to do that Raghu does not go to Ayesha’s room.

Raghu comes and Shikha stops him. She says I m sorry, I did not wish to create misunderstanding. He says its okay, we all know why Aarti went there, she is Aarti. She says she is lucky as you love her a lot, I wish your trust is proved right. He goes. She wishes that her trust wins and says whatever Ayesha does, Raghu is just mine.

Raghu goes to room and sees the lovely decorations in the room. Ayesha shuts the door and sings Raat akeli hai………… She dresses in a western outfit. She pushes him on the bed and hugs him, while he gets surprised and shocked seeing her. She gets close to him. He tries to get away. She holds his hand and he signs her to stop it. She asks what happened. He says I don’t know, I did not have any feelings, I felt as if you are not Aarti, but someone else.

She says I m Aarti, or tell me you have someone else in your eyes, what are you doing, look at me, see this, I did all planning to give you happiness, you are saying you are not getting that feeling, do you get feelings with Shikha. He says shut up and comes out of the room. Ayesha fumes. Raghu gets the wine bottle and does not drink. He goes back to the room. Ayesha drinks wine. Raghu gets shocked seeing her drinking wine.

She turns and sees Raghu. He holds her and asks who are you, and sees the wine bottle. He says please tell me, who are you, you are not Aarti…. You are Ayesha…. He shouts and says you are not Aarti. She shouts and says you are not Raghu then, you are not the Raghu I knew, he had love for me, care and pain for me in his eyes, see yourself, you are ill mannered, you can’t be my Raghu, how will you feel if I talk to you like this, I m fed up, since we are married, its like you got any shock, did you talk with love, I told you once not to come close to me, you agreed, as if you were waiting for it, you did not do anything special for me, now I did all this, you are saying this. He says shut up. She says I m fed up, everyone is saying the same, get over it.

She says I drank wine and I became Ayesha for me, what would I do if you behave such, you ruined everything today, you wanted to know who am I, that’s why you came in this room. He slaps her and says I m someone else right, my Aarti is not such shameless, you planned all this to get physical, Aarti used to get shy when I held her hand, she did not know this drama, why did you dance, when I touch you, there is no feeling, its all fake like your love. He says this is Aarti’s fav tie, you did not even notice this tie, why… you are not my Aarti, she knew what I wanted and who I m, I know good and bad, don’t be in misunderstanding, you are Ayesha. Now when this is clear, there is no meaning in staying together. She stops him. He asks her to leave him, and goes out. Ayesha cries.