Sunday Update on Deception 26 April 2020


Sunday Update on Deception 26 April 2020

Rahul says if this man gets even a smallest thing then I will not bear it. He calls Servants and asks them to check Naren, as he can’t dirty his hands. Servants are hesitant, but Rahul shouts at them. Neelima asks them to check his suitcase and says he must be carrying jewellery and cash loaded in it. They find a saree inside.

Saturday Update on Deception 25 April 2020

Naren tells Satish that he don’t know what is happening and what will happen. He says he can’t ruin Pooja’s life. Pooja says my life is with you and says until I am with you, I am happy, I just loved you. Naren says you have loved Naren Vyas and says I don’t have even a name to give you. Dadaji comes to him. Naren says now your bookish talks can’t change my decision and says he is freeing Pooja from all relations. Everyone is shocked. Rahul and Neelima smirks. He gets divorce Papers (which Supriya got signed byPooja) from Danish and puts his thump impression on it. He says you are freed from all relations and asks her to agree if she loved him even a bit.

Supriya telling Naren that he is her son even though she didn’t give him birth. Naren says you have a mother’s heart, but I am guilty of you. He asks her to forgive him and free him from all her favors. He cries. Supriya asks Harish to say something and then asks Dada ji to make him understand. Naren apologizes to Harish and says your son couldn’t fulfill his duties. He thanks everyone and says don’t know because of whose karma, I got you all. Malanga Re plays…..Pooja sits in shock. Supriya tries to stop Naren. Sone ne maa nai jeena plays…Naren is about to leave. Pooja runs to Naren. She asks him not to leave. Naren leaves her hand and asks them not to come behind him if they ever loved him. Supriya cries badly. Kahan Jaye re plays..

Naren comes to ghat and recalls Supriya’s words and Dada ji’s words. Pandit ji asks if he wants anything. Narne says he wants to do penance for his sins.

Pandit ji asks him to take jal Samadhi and apologize to God. Naren thinks he is guilty of Supriya for snatching her happiness and for humiliating Chandrika badly. He steps in the ghat water and recalls his family and Pooja. He hears people talking about Vyas Family bahu is taking jal Samadhi at other end of ghat. Naren hears them and thinks if she is Pooja. He comes out of water and runs to rescue her. Pooja goes inside the water while pandits do puja.

Naren comes there and sees Pooja getting drowned. He asks her not to take such step and says I will be guilty of one more thing. Pandit asks other pandits to hold him and says he shall not hinder her penance. Naren is shocked as she immerses herself in water. He jumps in water, but couldn’t find her. Supriya and Chandrika pray for them. They come to the ghat. Naren continues to search Pooja. Supriya, Chandrika and Dada ji pray for them. Naren finds pooja and takes her out of water. He faints, but gains consciousness. Pooja is still unconscious. He gives all his good karma to Pooja. Pooja gains consciousness and sees him. Mora Piya Albela plays. She hugs him.

Pooja asking Naren why did he save her. Naren asks what you were trying to do. Pooja says and what you were doing and tells that you are not always right. Naren says my life would have changed in 2 mins. Pooja says if he thinks that he did a great work to abandon her. Naren says I have nothing to give you. Pooja says you lost your identity and asks what is my fault. She says where you go, I will follow you. She asks him to give red color again and promises to forget his mistake for forever. She says I will wait for you in temple and if you don’t know then this will be our last meeting. She goes to temple.

Rahul plays musical instrument and throws it. Neelima comes and says now it is the time to celebrate. Rahul says I will celebrate when I have this full empire and says naren’s destiny is not weak. He shows the gun and says he wants to make gun realize that it is not illegitimate. He tells her that someone will kill her. Naren comes to a woman and thinks she is Pooja and tells that he don’t want to lose her and holds on her shoulder. The woman’s face is shown, she is Bela. Her husband comes and hits him. Naren says sorry and says I thought. Man says I can take someone’s heart for my wife. Pooja comes and says my husband got confused seeing our similar chunari. Man apologizes to Pooja and says he is newly married and got touchy. Pooja says no problem. He introduces himself as Praveen and his wife as Bela.

Pooja introduces them. Naren gets upset as she calls him Naren Vyas. Harish breaks Naren’s photo frame. Rahul tells Neelima that wounded tiger Harish will kill Naren. Pooja asks Naren not to make the matter complicated. Dada ji comes there with Supriya and says Pooja is right. Supriya says Chandrika will stay with us. Chandrika touches Naren’s face and says Kanhaiya is of Yashoda. She says you will be his mother and says I am good as choti maa. Supriya gets grateful. Dada ji tells Naren that he got two mothers. Pooja says it is your good karma and asks Naren to agree for his loved ones. Naren bends down on his mothers’ feet. He says he got everything today and he will not be sad if someone snatches his heart. Supriya asks Pooja to accept Naren and gets red color of his name.

Praveen shows his hand to an astrologer. Astrologer is shocked and asks him to be saved from her eyes. Praveen says he wants to get drown in her eyes even after he dies. Bela runs. He follows her and fills her maang with sindoor. She looks evilly.

Rahul asks Harish until when he will drink. Harish asks what do you want? Rahul says what I will want from you as you have lost your world and says naren is not equivalent to your feet sand. He asks him not to think lonely and says if you get upset with me then kill me. He gives gun in his hand. Pooja asks Naren how he is feeling after filling her maang. Naren says his heart will beat for only her. Astrologer sees their hands and tells the same thing, that they shall be saved from those eyes. Bela eyes astrologer and the lamp gets set off.

Praveen telling Naren and Pooja that the pandit is fake, he said the same lines to Bela and him. Bela looks on. Rahul provokes Harish against Chandrika and Naren. He says I know you don’t forget your principles. He passes over the gun. Neelima looks on and smiles. Naren and Pooja tie the holy thread around the tree. Milan abhi adha adhura hai…..plays…. Pandit says beware of brown sharp eyes, your life has a risk. Bela takes Pooja’s place in the puja. Praveen says I will make it right. He gets Bela with her. Pooja thanks him. Harsha asks Harish where is he going. He goes in drunken state. Harsha asks Neelima where did Harish go, with a gun in hand. Naren and Pooja perform the puja rituals and smile.

He ties the chunri to the bell. Harsha calls Naren and says Harish went out in drunken state, he had a gun, I m scared that he may harm Chandra and you, or himself. Rahul looks on. Naren gets shocked and runs. The chunri falls down. Pooja sees the bad omen and worries. She ties the chunri to bell and prays for Naren.

Naren asks Supriya about Chandrika. She says Dada ji and Chandrika left. Naren says I m taking your car, I will tell you later. Harish drives and thinks of Rahul’s words. Naren says dad can’t punish Chandrika. He drives off. Pooja stops a car and asks Praveen to help them, can he drop them to taxi stand. Praveen asks them to sit, is everything fine. He says I think you are in hurry to go to Naren, even my state is same. He holds Bela. Naren sees Harish’s car. Pooja says Naren isn’t answering. Harsha calls Supriya and tells her.
Harish sees Naren’s car and gets angry. Naren calls him out. Supriya says Harsha said Harish went towards Krishnapuri. She calls Harish and asks why are you driving in such state, don’t take any step in anger, Naren is our son. He gets angry and says I don’t care now, let him die. He disconnects. Harish gets dizzy. Naren asks Harish to listen to him and stop the car. Harish asks him to shut up and not try to bond. Naren speeds up his car.

Praveen says this is not the right time to joke, but what to do, tell me one thing, do husbands not answer wives’ calls. He tells Bela that he will always answer her calls. He asks Pooja not to worry, he will make her reach Naren. Harsha prays to Lord for Naren. Neelima and Rahul look on. Rahul says Bua didn’t pray or cry for me till now, no worries, its time to turn these prayers into curse, you will do this great work mom. Praveen sings a song. Bela gives him a betel leaf. He says you are two steps ahead. He eats the betel. He says you maybe thinking that I talk a lot, but life has no guarantee, so person should live life to the fullest.

Bela crushes the paper. Naren asks Harish to stop the car. Harish drives other way. Praveen says my mood gets better with a song. He starts getting dizzy and holds his head. Bela looks at him. Praveen feels sick. Pooja says there is no network on this route. Praveen says I m feeling dizzy, why is driver not speeding up. He asks driver to stop the car. He scolds the driver. He says we have to reach fast, give me the keys, reach home, I will get the car. Bela thinks how to stop him, everything will go wrong if he drives. Praveen drives the car. He feels uneasy again. Harsha says a mum needs much courage to live with such big pain. Neelima says you are also living with such sorrow, if Naren didn’t take that wrong decision, Mayank would have been here with us, Naren decided Mayank and Naina’s marriage, truth is Naren doesn’t have any right on us, Mayank and Rahul were always treated like illegitimate children. Harsha goes.

Praveen says Bhabhi ji, don’t worry, I will make you reach Naren. He holds his head and chest. Bela worries. Supriya says taxi… Pooja asks him to stop the car. She thanks Praveen for the lift. He says I will always be there to help with all my heart. Pooja and Supriya go. He drives ahead. Harish and Praveen feel more airheaded. Naren gets shocked seeing an approaching car. He speeds up his car and gets his car between Praveen and Harish’s car. Bela jumps down the car to save her life. Harish worries to avoid the accident. Praveen turns back to see her. Praveen screams to get saved. Naren and Praveen’s cars turns upside down. Vyas family picture gets stained by blood. Praveen falls dead. Harish gets down his car and stumbles. Harish sees Naren fallen unconscious and gets shocked.

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