Sunday Update on Deception 24 May 2020


Sunday Update on Deception 24 May 2020

Naren asks Pooja to dance for his victory. He removes garland and throws it. Pooja dances with him. Rahul and Surbhi sign each other. She leaves. Pooja dances while he plays dhol. Rahul thinks his dance is last.

Rahul thinking why did Surbhi haven’t switched off the lights yet. He plays the drum. Angraj scolds the Doctor and tells that because of her stupidity, he can’t take Naren’s place. He says if Rahul kills Naren now then everything will be over. He calls Rahul, but his phone is away. Surbhi takes off the fuse and thinks few time left. Electricity goes. Naren and Pooja looks at each other. Rahul thinks it is last time as you will romance with Angraj. Rahul asks Naren to come and check fuse with him. Surbhi diverts Pooja so that Rahul takes Naren with him. Supriya asks Naren to be careful. Naren gets happy.

Pooja sees Naren going and stops him. She asks him to wear the garland which she brought for him. Naren asks her to make him wear it. Pooja makes him wear garland with tracker in it. Her bracelet gets stuck to his. He says I am sorry, I don’t want to wait. Zalima song plays….They come to the fuse box. Naren sees fuse down and says someone took it out intentionally. Rahul closes the torch. Naren asks why did you switch it off? Rahul says so that you couldn’t put on the fuse and Vyas vamily heir dies. He hits rod on his head. Naren falls down. Pooja senses something wrong and is running towards there, but Surbhi and Neelima stop her and take her away. Angraj is with Dr. Kiran and waits for Rahul to bring Naren.

Rahul brings unconscious Naren there. He asks Angraj to kill Naren and says two bullets are enough as he is unconscious. Angraj says this doctor has foiled our plan. He says we can’t kill Naren as of now and asks Rahul to take Naren to Dr. Kiran’s tribe. He tells Naren that he will snatch his everything just as he snatched his everything in his childhood. He says I will snatch your relations and everything and also your face. His face is shown, he got his plastic surgery done and got Naren face after the surgery.

Angraj laughs and says good bye Naren. He says from today I am Naren and Angraj and darkness and light too. Rahul says I will drop Naren and this girl to that tribe. Danish tells Pooja that Naren is not here. Pooja says she can’t take risk with Angraj. She tells him that Angraj is alive and he never died. Rahul packs Naren in the bag and is taking out. Pooja sees location changed and runs out. She doesn’t see Rahul dragging the tied bag. Pooja sees the garland there and picks it up. She thinks where did you go Naren? Angraj comes and talks as Naren. She looks on.

Angraj coming in Naren’s avatar infront of Pooja. Pooja thinks he is Naren and comes running to him, but he moves away and she gets hurt. Angraj says if Pooja had touched him then she would have understood with his touch. Angraj asks Pooja to leave. Pooja goes in her car. He thinks they will unite in the morning when all the family members leave from the house. Pooja calls Danish and asks him to keep eye on Naren. Danish assures her.

Supriya makes kachoris for Naren and says he slept without having food. Surbhi says she will give him food and is going there. Angraj hurts himself as pooja got hurt because of him. He acts crazy and thinks if Pooja noticed that I didn’t have bandage on my head. He hits his head. Supriya is going to Naren’s room, but Neelima stops her and makes an excuse. Rahul brings Naren to the tribal people and asks the head of the tribe to make his life unbearable and keep him alive until he asks him. Tribal head beats Naren. Pooja feels uneasy. Dr. Kiran says if we beat him like this, then he will die without giving his finger prints. Rahul asks tribal head to make him alive until Angraj gets his finger prints else…

Satish and Kusum do asthi visarjan of Anuj’s ashes. He tells that they shall leave as he don’t want election result to make Naren and Pooja’s relation suffer. Kusum taunts him and tells that he always cared for Pooja. Shailaja comes to Pooja and makes her wear garland. She announces that Pooja is the new CM of the state. Pooja is shocked and worries for Naren’s reaction. She gets Angraj’s call and he tells her that he deserves this defeat. He tells her that he wants to reconcile with her and asks her to come home. Pooja removes the garland while Shailaja and party workers are celebrating her victory. She leaves. Shailaja thinks where did she go? Angraj is sitting near Naren in the tribe and tells unconscious Naren that he will get Pooja while Naren is unconscious. He tells the tribal head to call his daughter and take Naren’s finger prints fast. He says he can’t wait any more time. He threatens the head while Dr. Kiran looks on shocked.

Pooja comes home and sees Naren singing bhajan. He is actually Angraj who is acting good to maintain good image. Everyone is standing while he is doing aarti and singing bhajan. Pooja comes to him and asks if he is fine. Angraj thinks I can’t let her come close to me.

Pooja asking Naren (Angraj) if he is fine. Supriya asks why did she come there? Angraj says he has no complaints with anyone. Supriya taunts her. Pooja asks if they are going somewhere? Angraj says he is sending everyone to London on a vacation and tells that new temple is opening there. He asks Danish to keep everyone’s luggage. Harish says we shall leave. Angraj asks Pooja to make a new start with him. He says he will wait for her answer. Danish comes to Angraj/Naren and gives him envelope. Pooja comes to Angraj and says she wants to start afresh with all family members and asks him not to send them to London. Angraj says even we need time to make our relation rekindle. Harish and others leave. Angraj thinks your family are very far from us even if you come to know that I am

not Naren. He tries to get closer to her and thinks they will be alone tonight. Pooja sees heavy wind and closes the window. He looks at her with lust and gives off to all staff members. He asks them to close door from outside.
Pooja asks why did he give off to all staff members? He says their relation need some togetherness. He tries to get closer to her, just then the car comes back. Everyone rush back home. Harish tells Angraj that Dada ji’s condition got worsened so they cancelled the trip. Dada ji says it seems God don’t want me to go. Harish says we will go next week.

Angraj asks Danish to book the tickets. Pooja says we will go with them next week. Danish says there are no tickets. Angraj beats Danish and says my family shall go today itself. Rahul asks Angraj to control his anger else they will get doubtful on him. He then tells that he can understand that he lost in elections and asks him to vent out his anger on them. Angraj calms his anger and tells Supriya that everytime his planning is getting ruined. Supriya says we will go and tells Harish that they will go. Neelima says Naren needs our assurance today. Harish says let Danish come. Pooja thinks why Naren is behaving this way and why is he avoiding me. Angraj thinks I need this house lonely tonight. Pooja thinks if Naren came to know about Angraj being alive and that’s why stressed out to send family members. Pooja calls someone. Danish comes and says he got the cruise tickets done. Angraj gets happy and hugs him.

He asks Dada ji to rest for sometime. Pooja says 1 min Naren and says nobody can go outside this house also. She calls guards and asks them to give their passports to her. Harish says you can’t do this with us. Pooja says I am the would be CM of the state and nothing is difficult for me. The women guards take their passports. Angraj asks what is she doing? Pooja says she came with all planning and is reopening Anuj’s case.

She tells that she will file case against them. Angraj says you wanted to start afresh with him. Pooja says now her mind is changed. Harish scolds Pooja and asks Harsha to take Dada ji inside. Pooja asks him to give Naren’s passport. Angraj bends down infront of Pooja and asks her not to do this with her. Supriya asks Danish to give Naren’s passport. Danish gives her passport. Angraj tells Supriya that he will get their passports from Pooja. Pooja feels bad and thinks he stopped them as she doesn’t know about Angraj’s conspiracy. Angraj comes to pooja and says I thought you wants to start afresh with me and asks her to take out enmity with him, but let his family go on a vacation, and asks her to return their passport. Pooja is about to touch him, but he moves back and pretends to cry. Pooja thinks why is he avoiding my touch. She thinks of Naren getting hyper and thinks why she is getting uncomfortable with his sight. She thinks there must be some way with which I can clear my doubt.

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