Sunday Update on Deception 17 May 2020


Sunday Update on Deception 17 May 2020

Satish apologizes and tells Naren that he will take Anuj from there. Angraj says tonight every moment is special and says don’t know if this moment will come again or not. Naren hugs him. Angraj smiles. Pooja gets doubtful. Naren thanks Angraj for the arrangements. Angraj says I am your brother and asks him not to thank him. Satish tells Harish that the arrangement is good.

Harish says it is our bahu’s birthday. Supriya tells that Anuj’s accusation on Angraj was wrong. Satish says we couldn’t get over the fear. Rachel says Anuj is close to Pooja di. Supriya says whatever it is, just end it. I don’t want pooja to stop going to her mayka. Pooja rests her head on Naren’s shoulder and says sorry..I will talk to Anuj. Naren gets upset and walks away.

Pooja gets a call and she says she is waiting (for the dead body). She thinks why did you get upset with me Naren that you snatched my everything from me.

Pooja tells that everything changed in 2 hours. Every loved ones became strangers.

2 hours before:
Pooja tells Naren that Angraj dragged me here and that’s why Anuj got worried. She says sorry. Naren promises her that nothing will change between them because of anyone. Mora Piya plays….Harsha asks Dada ji what happened? Dada ji says he has bad intuition for his grand sons. Kusum says even she is getting bad thoughts. Harsha asks them to think good. Dada ji asks Kusum to forget her worries and smile. Naren tells Pooja that he wants to keep her safe from everyone’s eyes and says you are just mine.

He makes her wear mask and he wears too. Angraj comes to Supriya and asks why is she smiling? Supriya says she is happy with her sons and will search a girl for him. Angraj thanks her and says he have no regrets even if he gets death. Supriya asks her not to tell this. Angraj apologizes. Naren and Pooja dance in the party. Anuj keeps eye on them. Rahul signs waiter to go to Anuj. Waiter tries to offer him drink, but he refuses. Angraj smiles. Waiter again comes and asks Anuj to wear the mask. Anuj refuses and sees Angraj gone.

Angraj changes his clothes and wears clothes like Naren. He thinks he will have fun to dance with Pooja. Anuj enquires about Angraj. Waiter tells him that Angraj is in room no. 107. Anuj gets shocked. He goes to that room and sees his clothes on bed. Pooja tells Naren that Neelima is standing alone. Naren says he will dance with her. He takes Neelima for dance. Anuj comes back to party and looks for Angraj. Rachel comes and asks Anuj to dance with her. He dances with her. Angraj comes and dances with Pooja. Pooja thinks he is Naren and dances. Rahul takes Naren to bar and makes him drink, while Angraj dances with Pooja.

Rachel tells Anuj that they will have a baby next year. Angraj removes his mask. Anuj sees his face and gets shocked, Rahul smirks and signs at Angraj. Anuj thinks Angraj is with Di, and naren is there. Rahil makes Naren more drunk and covers his face with mask. Electricity goes. Angraj poses with Pooja and take her to terrace. Anuj is shocked. Pooja asks him to say where is he taking him. Anuj comes and hits him. He says he is not jiju, but Angraj. He removes his mask and sees Naren.

Naren asks are you having problem with you and asks why you are doing this? Anuj says Angraj is wearing costume like you. Naren calls Angraj. Angraj comes wearing the suit which he wore first. Naren asks can’t you see the difference between peach and maroon color. He says I thought to surprise Pooja with the crackers. Anuj says I have no proofs, but I am not wrong. Angraj says my entry doesn’t like by some and threatens to jump in river and give his life. He acts to jump, but Naren saves and hugs him.

Angraj smiles looking at Anuj. Pooja and Anuj are shocked. Naren says my brother is ready to give his life and you are saying this. Anuj takes gun from Pooja’s purse. Naren asks him to keep the gun down. Anuj asks Angraj to tell the truth to Jiju. Pooja tries to stop Anuj. Anuj asks him to say truth else. Angraj signs him at his wrist and signs that he will shoot Naren after 12. Naren asks Anuj to keep the gun down. Anuj says this man is taking advantage of your love. Crackers blast in the sky. Anuj recalls Angraj’s threat. He pushes Pooja. Angraj signs him that he will shoot Naren. Anuj shoots at Angraj.

Anuj shooting at Angraj although Naren and Pooja try to stop him, but in vain. He shoots at him again on his shoulder. Naren takes out his gun and shoots at Anuj thrice. Angraj shouts Bhai and falls down in the river from the terrace. Naren shouts Angraj. Pooja tells Anuj, nothing will happen to you and asks Naren to call ambulance. Naren calls ambulance. Kusum asks where is Anuj? Supriya says where is Naren and Angraj. Security guards stop them and tells that someone has fallen from terrace. Naren calls ambulance for his brother and goes.

Pooja asks Anuj to keep his eyes open. Anuj says I have killed him, now nothing will happen to you. He asks her to let him sleep and says he is very sleepy. Pooja cries and recalls moments with him. She cries and is in shock. Everyone asks guard to let them go. Naren comes downstairs with blood stains on his clothes. Supriya sees blood stains and asks are you fine? She asks where is Angraj? Naren is silent.

Kusum asks where is Anuj? Naren says Angraj and Anuj are shot. Kusum, Rachel and Supriya are shocked. Naren says I have to save Angraj and runs out of Vyas resort. Kusum and Supriya try to go to terrace. Shivani comes there and asks nobody will go before Police. Rahul asks her why did you send one stretcher when two were shot? Shivani says one is fallen from the terrace.

Shivani reaches terrace . Pooja asks her to save her brother. Shivani checks his pulse and remove her hat. Pooja gets shocked and cries hugging him. Shivani tries to pacify her. Rachel says nothing will happen to Anuj. Satish and Harish ask constables to let them go, but they refuse. Supriya tells Harsha that nothing will happen to my son Angraj. Harsha says Naren will bring him back.

Dada ji asks God, why you are taking the test. Danish says everything will be fine. Police brings Anuj’s dead body. Kusum, Rachel and Satish are shocked. They cry. Rachel sits in shock. Naren is searching Angraj on the road and says I won’t let anything happen to you. He gets Angraj’s chain and thinks what I will answer maa. He keeps his chain in the pocket and jumps in the river. Pooja goes to the hospital with Anuj’s dead body. She asks how can you leave me alone and asks him to wake up. She says you have to take care of my nephew. Naren searches for Angraj in the river and thinks what I will answer Maa. Rachel asks Pooja where is Anuj? If he opened his eyes? Nurse comes and says I want to talk to you. Rachel asks Nurse to discharge him. Nurse says Anuj will be taken for Postmortem and then you will get his body. Rachel, Kusum and Satish are shocked. Rachel sees Anuj’s face and asks him to get up. Satish cries. Kusum caresses his face and cries aloud.

Naren comes out of the river and again thinks what I will answer. Supriya is at home and asks Naren to save Angraj. She imagines Angraj asking him to keep him with her. Supriya thinks Angraj can’t go far away from me, this is just my illusion. She sees Angraj coming to her and telling that he has to go and this time, he can’t return. He asks her to do his last rites. Supriya says you wait here, I will call your father. She takes everyone to meet Angraj and finds him missing. Supriya shouts Angraj. Naren comes back home. Supriya asks where is Angraj? Naren says I am sorry Maa, I couldn’t save my brother.

Naren apologizing to Supriya and says I couldn’t save my brother. Supriya says Naren has promised me to keep my heart safe and says Naren can’t break my promise. She cries and asks Naren to stop joking and call Angraj. Naren says Angraj will never comeback now. Supriya calls Angraj and asks him to come. She asks Naren to call him. Naren says my brother is dead. In the hospital, Pooja gives Anuj’s clothes and belongings in Kusum’s hand. Kusum checks his wallet and sees Satish and her remarriage pic inside. Naren tells Supriya that Angraj can’t come back and says I couldn’t save your heart, sorry. Supriya cries and is shattered. Naren hugs and pacifies her. Supriya cries. Kusum asks Pooja to stop shedding fake tears and says your tears can’t bring back my son.

She accuses her for getting her brother killed by her husband. Pooja says Mami…and cries. Kusum says he died while saving you.
Supriya asks how you couldn’t save your brother and pushes him. Harish asks her to handle themselves. Supriya says I got my son back 4 days back and I lost him again. Satish tells Kusum that Anuj’s time was over. Pooja says I couldn’t forgive myself. Kusum says I won’t let your reflection fall on his dead body and asks her to go. She pushes her. Shivani helps her get up. Naren tells that it is difficult to get Angraj’s body. Supriya says he came to meet me and asked to get his last rites done.

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