Sunday Update On Begusarai Zee Tv

Sunday Update On Begusarai Zee Tv

Manjeeta brings axe, Rekha is shocked, she recalls how in past, Manjeeta had killed a guy throwing axe on his beck, how he beheaded people with same axe, she is afraid and thinks that i forgot Manjeeta cuts head of person who talk against Phulan, who will save me now.
Mitlaish says to Bindya that i thought to bring diamond necklace but then i saw Bindya doesnt need money, she has no interest in it so brought this rose, Bindya gives fake smile, Mitlaish sys i never saw a dancer who doesnt have interest in money, i am impressed with you.
Manjeeta moves towards Rekha, she is moving back, she strikes with wall, she ask Manjeeta to stop it, she ask Birla to stop it, Manjeeta says i have beheaded more than 100 people with this axe, one more head will be cut from it, you can ask me anything but i cant betray Phulan thakur so i will cut my head and give it to you, Rekha throws axe and says you always talk about killing, i will not ask you to leave Phulan, leave it.

Bindya is abusing Mitlaish in heart, she says he made me fool by giving flower, Mitlaish says i feel like someone is abusing me, Ghungroo says that jerk Lakhan must be abusing you, Mitlaish slaps him and says dont you dare say Lakhan’s name with your mouth, Bindya stops him and says i will handle him, she beats him with slipper, door knocks, she ask ghungroo to check, he says that in day, he was about to kill Lakhan and now talking about brotherhood, Mitlaish is with bindya, door knocks, Ghungroo opens gate and says no i didnt do anything, forgive me, its Lakhan on door, he comes in, bindya recalls how he had put gun on her head, he looks at Mitlaish and says i will not take much time, Mitlaish sys if you have come to say sorry then i dont have time, you keep doing mistake and i keep forgiving you but now i am in no mood to talk, Lakhan says i will talk to you later but now i have come to talk with this cheap dancer, he brings out his gun, Bindya is shocked.
Rekha says if ask anything else, will you give? Manjeeta says ask anything, i will give it, Rekha says Phulan have given you 10% partnership in business, give to Lakhan, i am not asking dowry, its practical, after you die, who will take care of your son and daughter? it will be Lakhan so you should give it to him, i am not asking for myself, so now talk is done, at end of this month, you will 10% profit, you give it to me secretly, i will keep it for future of your son dolad, Poonam and Lakhan, Manjeeta agrees, Poonam listens all this.
Lakhan looks at Bindya, she is afraid, Lakhan says Mitlaish promised you that you will dance in my marriage and you will stay here till then, Bindya says yes i will dance nicely, i have started practice, Lakhan says tomorrow 9am i am marrying Poonam, Mitlaish is shocked, Lakhan says you will start dancing at 9:30am, you will stop at 10am and you should not be seen in Begusarai 10:05am else i will empty my revolver on you, Bindya is stunned, Lakhan says remember nobody’s promise will save you this time, he is about to leave, Mitlaish stops him, and says i liked it you are lion too but jungle have only one lion king and that is me, he says you did one mistake today, dont do another else bullet will be fired but who will fire it, that will not be your decision, he gives him his revolver and ask him to leave, Lakhan says do whatever you want but i will end this story (pointing Bindya), he touches his feet and leaves, Mitlaish is disappointed.

Priyom is talking with one girl on phone, he says i will come to Patna and we will go to watch movie, he finds Mitlaish coming and asking his men to ready guns, he ask him if everything is fine? Mitlaish says something is going to happen but i wont let it happen, do you really dont know anything or acting? your friend Lakhan is coming tomorrow to marry Poonam, Priyom is stunned, he says what about guns? you are readying them for Lakhan? Mitlaish says i am elder of this house, if Lakhan had gone against me then i would have stopped him with words but the way he is insulting family, spitting on us, i dont have other way but to cut him, Priyom says he is younger brother, he is angry man, try and understand, Mitlaish says make him understand that he is younger, if he had problem with Bindya then he could have said to me, i would have removed Bindya’s name from Begusarai but he want to become my father, he has decided to marry Poonam suddenly, he is challenging me, whats is his worth, i have to tell him what i am, if i can forgive him as elder brother but can cut him ad enemy, tomorrow there will be bloodshed, people will mourn over Lakhan’s death, he leaves. Priyom comes to Pooanm’s room, he opens window and finds Poonam shivering, lying on bed, he comes in and checks her, she has high fever.

Priyom comes to Poonam and checks that she has high fever, he goes to Maya’s room, she says i will bring food for you, Priyom says Poonam… Maya and Priyom comes to Poonam’s room, she checks her and says she has high fever, she ask Birla to bring to cold water, Birla goes. Servant brings doctor there, Priyom ask him to check, doctor checks Poonam and says she has 103degree fever, how did this happen, Priyom looks at Birla, she recalls how Lakhan had made Poonam stand under cold water for long time, she cries, she tells everything to Priyom, he says Lakhan has become devil, he comes out of room and is sad for Poonam. He imagines Poonam dressed as bride and Lakhan coming with Baraat, he then imagines Mitlsiah coming to balcony with his gun, points gun at Lakhan and shoots.. it all turns out to be his imagination, Priyom is in tears, he says what Lakhan has done today, if it is not stopped today then storm will come, he ask servants where is Lakhan?
otherside Lakhan is with marriage band people, they are giving him demo of music they will play, Priyom comes there and looks at him, band man says i will play saxphone, Lakhan ask what? Lakhan says its saxophone, he says play it on my marriage else i will play it on your death ceremony, leave, they leave, Priyom stands infront of him, Lakhan says i know you have come to give lecture but i am not in mood to listen, let it happen what is happening, you are brother and friend so dont involve in this matter, what if i get angry and do something with you, he ask Priyom why you are staring at me, have you come for fight? Priyom says are you in mood to get beaten up, Lakhan says if you wanted to beat me then you should have brought 3 4 men, Priyom says i am alone enough for you, get down from car.
Pinto comes to Mitlaish and says i am not getting sleep, Mitlaish takes him in his arms and says to his men that get ready on your positions tomorrow and as i order, dont think much, just shoot, he says that it will be difficult for king of begusarai if Lakhan starts challenging him, you have forced me to take gun and finish my brother.

Lakhan comes to Priyom, Priyom hugs him and says i want to punch you hard but i stop thinking that you will devil in marriage picture, he says you are getting married and didnt inform me even, he ask Lakhan to smile, its time for celebrations, Lakhan says you have not come to stop me? Priyom asys are you mad, you have thought a very good idea, you will marry Poonam tomorrow and bindya will be thrown out of Begusarai, Mitlaish’s ego will be crushed, what an idea, Lakhan ask if you are praising me or taunting me? Priyom says i am praising you, Lakhan says its Rekha’s idea not mine, Priyom coughs and murmurs that this idea is of her to make brothers fight, Lakhan ask what are you thinking, Priyom says she thought great idea, he says lets have some drinks, printing press person is brought there, he ask what mistake did i do, Lakhan says i have work from you, i am marrying tomorrow, you have to print invitation cards, he ask dont kill me, Lakhan says did i say i will kill you? just print cards, man says when i will say that i cant print cards for whole begusarai in one night then you will you kill me so i am pleading beforehand, Lakhan ask why you cant? Priyom says because the one who made that printing machine didnt know that his machine will come in Begusarai where fool like Lakhan lives, who want to print 5000 cards in one night, its machine not a magic, Lakhan says ok print only 1 card for Phulan Thakur and make banner for others, Press man says ok, Lakhan ask his man to place banner in whole begusari on which it should be written that Lakhan weds Poonam.
Doctor is checking Poonam, Poonam wakes up, Maya ask her to rest, doctor gives her medicine, Maya ask her to not worry, we are with you, she ask how are you feeling, Poonam nods, Doctor says she is not in condition to get married tomorrow, Manjeeta comes there and says i have given promise, marriage will happen tomorrow 9am only, even if i will have to make her stand by tying her to tree, he ask doctor to make my daughter fine till tomorrow else you are gone. Doctor says she will be fine.

Priyom says to Lakhan that this is your friendship? Lakhan ask what you mean? Priyom says you are getting married and you are not even drinking wine with me? Lakhan says no i will have hangover tomorrow, Priyom says when did you start getting afraid of wine? you have changed before marriage only, Lakhan says i am not afraid nor did i change, tomorrow is marriage thats why not drinking but will drink for you.. what if anything happen, Priyom says have faith, i will do good only, i will play band of your marriage, i mean i will play band in your marriage, i will see that no problem comes in your marriage, he says cheers, Lakhan drinks wine with Priyom.
Its morning, banners are being put on sign boards about Lakhan’s marriage, Phulan is in car and sees the banner of Lakhan marrying Poonam on road and gets angry, he sit back in car and leaves.
Birla comes to manjeeta and gives him tea, he says tomorrow is daughter’s marriage, why are you not smiling, smile, she says i will go and check Poonam, he says dont think and waste time, she says yes, she takes medicine to Poonams room, she comes to Poonam and ask her if you are fine? you had high fever whole night, she ask why did you wake up so soon, there is time in marriage, Poonam ask are you afraid of father? Poonam says whenever i look at Lakhan, i get afraid of him, Birla says i got used to that fear in 30 years, Poonam says so you want to me live with that fear too whole life? Birla says no mother want this but we women can think but cant fulfill our thoughts, Poonam says how can i love the one whom i am afraid of, birla says we have fear of God too but love him too, Poonam says but God doesnt punish without mistake, whats my fault that i am being punished? you asked me to not smile much then i didnt smile, i always followed so whats my fault? i always followed Lakhan, used to talk according to him, used to walk according him, he kept giving orders and i kept following, but he also never asked me what i want, in which thing i am happy, he cant see my happiness its fine but cant he see tears of my eyes too? i am trying to find happiness in this relation from childhood but i am not happy, is it my fault? Birla says you didnt do any mistake, Poonam says then why punishment for me? this is one sided relation, i always understood Lakhan but he never understood, Birla says women have to understand always, Poonam says why? relation was set by Phulan, relation was agreed by Manjeeta but i will have to follow this relation, and i tried too, Birla says we are in debt of Thakurs, your father has promised them for marriage, Poonam says i will do this marriage today, i have never said no to elders and will not do that today, i will do what you have made me learn but Lakhan will never change then how will i handle this marriage alone whole life? make me understand, i will do that like always, Birla ask her to have medicine, Poonam takes it.