Sunday Update on Begusarai Zee Tv August 5

Sunday Update on Begusarai Zee Tv

August 5 Episode

Poonam calls Priyom but he cuts it, she calls him, Priyom doesnt listen and leaves from there. Dolt and Lakhan comes in jeep dressed as old man, Lakhan stares Poonam and says i have come Poonam to take you with me. Bindya and Ghungroo comes on terrace too, Lakhan comes out of jeep, he comes in Thakur’s house, Bindya says to Ghungroo my fate is very nice, Phulan, Manjeeta have already left and now Priyom has gone out too, Lakhan is stopped by Phulan’s man, they check them, Bindya says we will attack them with their weapons only, i will give guns to Lakhan from Phulan’s rooom only, Lakhan with Dolt and other man enters Haveli.
Lakhan recalls how Phulan broke his marriage with Poonam, Lakhan says to Dolt that if we have guns in our hands, and Poonam comes infront of us then dont think about anyone, just shoot whoever comes infront, i want Poonam at any cost, it will be slap on Phulan’s face. Phulan’s man ask Lakjan who are you? Dolt says who dare you stop us? we have come with jewelry, Badi Amma has called us, they say you cant go inside, they ask them to sit in hall, Lakhan and Dolt sit, Dolt says i wanna kill them, Lakhan ask him to calm down till we dont get Poonam then you can kill anyone, Lakhan gets Rekha’s call, he says she is always on wrong time, Rekha ask where are you? i have come to market to buy mangoes, you like it, why dont you come back home? if you cant then i can, tell me where are you, Lakhan says i am busy, right now, Rekha says what you are upto, where are you? Lakhan says dont worry, i will bring your daughter in law today, Rekha listens Phulan’s men talking behind Lakhan, she ask Lakhan are you in Haveli? Lakhan ends call, Rekha says my son has gone mad for that Poonam, i was seeing dream of making him king and here he has become lover boy but if he brings Priyom’s bride to his house even then he will praised so its nice.

Poonam is sadly sitting in her room, Birla ask her to get ready and come down, Poonam says ok, she turns to find Priyom standing there, she hugs him tightly and cries, he hugs her back, she says i am bad, i have hurt you, Priya told me everything, sorry Priyom, you can punish me, i will bear it but forgive me please, Priyom says at one condition, tell me first why did you agree for our marriage? what you were trying to say earlier? tell me truth, Poonam looks at him, she says I LOVE YOU PRIYOM, she closes her eyes and says i love you alot, you were asking me what happened to me in Patna, this happened in Patna, i started loving you, she ask will you not say anything? she opens her eyes to find Priyom not there, it turns out to be her imagination, Najma comes and ask what happened? Poonam says Priyom? Najma says he is not here, come down, all are waiting for you for Mahndi, Poonam says whoese Maehndi i am applying, that person is miffed with me, Najma says i know you both, i know you both cant stay away from each other for much time, he must be restless too, he will come in Mehndi for sure, Poonam is tensed.
Phulan’s men beat some man, man says i dont know about Lakhan, he has made new gang thats all i know, Priyom comes there too, Manjeeta says what if he has run away from Begusarai, Phulan says he ha thakur blood too, he will not run away, he ask Priyom do you know about his new gang? Priyom says no i dont, all i know is he was doing some fruit business, Phulan says he can’t do such nice business, he ask Manjeeta to find which business he was doing and who was involved with him.
Lakhan says to jewelers with him that dont show tension on your face else i will kill your family. Piddi comes there and ask Phulan’s men to leave from house and guard from outside, men leaves, Piddi ask jewelers to come inside, Lakhan and Dolt smirks.


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