Sunday Update on Begusarai Zee Telugu August 25

Sunday Update on Begusarai Zee Telugu

August 25 Episode

Bindya ask why you are giving him money? Choti Amma ask her to mind her business, Bindya says this is my business only, Badi Amma says he has come with rent, some farmers need money to harvest, Phulan promised so we are giving him money, Bindya says ok give him half money, not full amount, its enough for him, give half amount of rent to him and send other half to me, i will put in locker, from today onwards you will tell me and ask me before giving money to anyone, dont give a penny to anyone without asking me.
Priyom s drinking wine and recalls how Phulan said that enemy is from house only as she knows my family is my strength, you have to know about your enemy, Poonam sees him drinking wine, she finds Bindya coming there, Poonam comes in Priyom’s room, Bindya and Rekha goes to listen what she is saying, they hide behind wall, Poonam stares Priyom, he ask if some insult is remaining? you will say that i dont deserve to sit on Phulan’s throne Poonam says i trust Phulan, if he has chosen you then he must have thought something, you have to fulfill your duties and wine is not solution of anything, Priyom says it is solution of my pain, Bindya says to Rekha that this Poonam married Lakhan but shows right on my husband, Rekha says i will teach her lesson, first let me check why she has come here? Priyom pours more wine in glass, Poonam takes other glass and says makes one glass for me too, Priyom looks on stunned, Poonam says we are friends, if we can forget our pain by drinking wine then i also want to forget my pain, i will drink too, Priyom angrily looks at her, Rekha says to Bindya that this shameless women crossed all limits, i will not leave her, Bindya says you dont have to do anything, i know how to teach her lesson, she leaves.

Lakhan is bandaging his wound, Bindya comes to him and says Poonam is going to give you one more wound, he ask what? she says cant you control your wife? Lakhan ask her to say clearly, Rekha says your wife is in Priyom’s room, they are making plans to drink wine, he ask what? Bindya says yes, i was shocked too to see your wife with my husband, let me be clear, if she tries to snatch my husband then i will show my real colors to her, Lakhan angrily leaves from there, Bindya says to Rekha that i think Lakhan understood, Rekha says now he will make Poonam understand well.
Priyom ask Poonam to leave, Poonam says you know me well, if i take step then i dont back out, she takes wine bottle from him and fills her glass, Lakhan comes there and snatches bottle from her, he says now i will make you learn how to back out, he tightly holds her hand, Poonam says its hurting me, Priyom says lakhan leave her, Lakhan says you maybe king but this husband and wife’s matter, dont interfere, her pain or happiness is my responsibility, she is my wife not yours, Bindya and REkha sees this from far, Lakhan says to Poonam that today i will fulfill your wishes, Rekha sys to Bindya now he will take her class and i will get peace, Lakhan drags Poonam from there.
Lakhan brings to their room and throws her on bed, he says you wanna have wine? i will bring it, he brings wine bottle and glasses, he makes her sit on chair and says you wanna have wine right? your wound of heart must have not filled? he pours wine in her glass and offers her, he says this glass for our happily married life, drink it in one, he drinks wine, he ask Poonam what happened? you didnt drink glass celebrating our marriage? why do you wanna break this marriage? Poonam looks on shocked, Poonam says if that was the case then i wouldnt have married you, i dont wanna drink wine, Lakhan grabs her by hairs, it hurts her, he says what were you doing in your lover’s room? you can drink with your love but cant drink with your husband? Poonam says nothing like that, Lakhan says we will know truth, have one glass, he says i will make you drink wine, he tries to force her, she throws away glass and says i dont wanna drink, Lakhan stares her angrily.

Bindya comes to Priyom, Priyom is drinking wine, she says enough, she takes glass from him and says have some rest, you will feel better as i know it was difficult day for you, sleep, Priyom lies on bed, Bindya lies on otherside of bed, Priyom gets and says i will.. Bindya stops him and says where are you going? this is not film that you will become father by just lying beside a girl, this is real life, she puts pillows between them and says fine now? Priyom lies on bed, Bindya smirks.
Lakhan says to Poonam how dare you say no to me? Poonam says even you should not drink as you are on medication, i will not let you drink, he says you will stop me? he drinks more wine, Poonam takes bottle from him and says you will not drink more now, Lakhan says how dare you touch my bottle? Poonam says i will not let you drink, Lakhan ask her to give bottle back, she says no, you can punish me but i wont let you drink, Lakhan says give bottle back, he holds her and tries to take bottle from her, he snatches bottle from her and says now stop me.. stop me, he drinks whole bottle, she is shocked and tensed, Lakhan throws bottle away and says i listened to you, i am not drinking now why you did that? he grabs her from hand and says i dont know why you did that but i wanna listen truth, i was unconscious in fever, you called Piddi but he denied to help me, i remember everything, you helped me, took care of me, i liked it, i really liked it, Poonam looks at him in surprise, Hamari adhuri kahani plays, she looks at him in tears, both are close and sad.

Lakhan says to Poonam that you didnt do good with me by loving Priyom and i cant forget this, i try, i try alot but i cant help it, Poonam says how many time do i have to say that Priyom is my past, i am yours now, Lakhan says you are mine but i became yours when our mariage got fixed in childhood, i used to think about you all the time, flashback shows Lakhan admiring Poonam in school, fb ends, Lakhan says to Poonam that i have loved you alot, i have proofs too, let me show you, he brings things from cupboard, he shows hair ribbon, Lakhan says you remember this? no? i remember it, flashback shows Poonam going back from school and Lakhan following her, her hair ribbon drops, Lakhan runs behind it and takes it, he says now Poonam’s thing will remain with me, fb ends, Lakhan says from that my favorite color was red as this ribbon is red, you cant understand depth of my love, from 10 years, you are in my heart, everyday i used to stand under sun, near your school or near your house, i used to miss my class to reach your school and see you going from there, then i used to get scolded by Rekha for coming late, you used to come on terrace to dry your wet hairs, i used to see you, i have collected many memories in these 10 years, its all in my heart, Poonam looks on in tears, Lakhan says i used to remember these memories and spent sleepless nights, you wont understand, for me it was only you in my life, i wanted to become respectful person like Phulan as you respect him so i started respecting him to, i started admiring him as my idol but for you only.. hamari Adhuri kahani plays, Poonam and Lakhan look each other sadly. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW Update on Begusarai Zee Telugu


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