Sunday Update on Begusarai Sept 16

Sunday Update on Begusarai Sept 16

Priyom says now stop crying and show me your smile. She smiles. He says you wanted ward evil eye on me? Rather you should ward it off our relation because that is beautiful. He hugs her from back and does it with her in the mirror. He kisses Bindya’s forehead. The song hamnava plays in background. He pulls her closer and kisses her neck.
Next morning, Bindya recalls Bhanu threatening her about killing priyom. She wakes up. She says please take care of him God. I will go to temple and pray for his long life.
Lakhan is doing weight lifting, the weight falls on his foot. Poonam runs to him, she says show me. She caresses it, suddenly she stands up.

Badi amma gives salary to servants. Priyom comes and says give me too. Badi amma says you will get only blessings. Mitlesh comes and says I need them more. I am started papa’s business anew. I will have to take it to the skies. Priyom says but jaika has been running it. Mitlesh says she has to take a side. Raise your standard. Badi amma says he thinks more than benefit and loss. He can do anything else. Mitlesh says I understand you don’t even know how to make excuses. Mitlesh says dadi, I don’t care about what anyone thinks. I will do the business anyway. whether you give me money or not. I will take it anyway. Priyom says i wanna understand your plan better. You can’t take this decision alone. He says I will get your meeting fixed bahubali.

Rekha comes to Lakhan and says there is some Vanraj with whom Mitlesh wants to do some business that some Jaika mai has been doing. Lakhan says then? She say to Priyom that messin with Jaika is dangerous. Lakhan says and then because of me they will fight. rekha says so then? You are not lying. Why should we care? Then you will takeover. Lakhan says I have no interest in all this. I am the king of my heart, now go from here.Rekha says on my wedding day my dad said you are going to be queen. Your dad and this family lied to me. I became nothing. I just had one home, to make you bahubali but that is lost as well. She leaves.

Servant comes in with food. Lakhan says tell your bhabhi I said thanks. She goes to Poonam and says lakhan said thanks.
Bindya says to badi amma I am going to temple to pray for long life of Priyom. Choti amma says very good. Badi amma says but be careful.

Bhanu’s men puts all new guns in front of him. he says take this photo, it priyom’s. Bhanu says i will shoot it, go stand there with it. He shoots the photo. He says very good. he says Priyom has to pay. Tonight.

Bindya goes to temple and does the pooja. She says I have got these happiness after so long don’t take them from me. Protect Priyom from everything. A van comes outside and some step towards her. she says save my marriage i don’t want anything else. The men abduct Bindya from there.

Badi amma Mitlesh’s partner why you want this business? He says we have even looked for the property for factory. Priyom comes in. Mitlesh says he is.. Priyom says Banraj Khera. Banraj says I didn’t I am famous. Priyom says you are in most wanted list of every other police station. Why wont you be famous. Mitlesh says what are you saying? Banraj says you are accusing. Lakhan comes and says he is right. He has his photo in every police station. Expert is all crimes. This factory is just an excuse he wants to have roots here. But he forgot that this is Pulan thakur’s begusarai. Where women are respected not sold. Banraj says what is this Mitlesh you brought me here to get insulted? Lakhan says get out of here or I will call cops. He leaves. Mitlesh says you ruined my dreams. are we innocent? Go and apologize. Priyom says Lakhan showed me the real face of otherwise you would have gotten us all in trouble. Mitlesh says I can take care of myself. I don’t need this outsider. You started loving him more than me. We dont need him, Priyom says he is our brother. He wont have done so much for us other. Mitlesh says you better learn to stay quite. You are not allowed to give decisions in this house. He says you have this plan to ruin everything and destroy my dreams. He grasps Priyom’s collar. Priyom says i told you everything. Mitlesh says IU will tell you.

Priyom says he knows what that man is still wants to work with him. He looks for bindyaa. priyom gets a call from driver, he tells that bindya went inside temple and didn’t come out. Priyom takes his revolver and goes out.
Bhanu throws water on Bindya’s face. He says you knew I loved you and you wanted to kill me because of him. I brought you here anyway.
Priyom is looking for Bindya. She says you are even a more worst person than I thought.
She says you outplay me. He says what you mean? are you playing with that priyom? Bindya says you got it now. Bhanu says don’t act celever with me. You shot my man. She says I shot his leg. I could kill him but I didn’t. Why don’t you get it Bhanu. If priyom was my mission, my mission is whole thakur family i want to ruin this family. They ruined my life. He says I will give him death for you. She says if he had died that day they would have thrown me out of house. They would have found you and killed you all. I saved you all as well. She says once I can die and kill for it.

Priyom is looking for Bindya. Bhanu says I got it now. He comes closer to her. he says this is my lioness. She says I have to go back that house. The driver would have told everyone. I have to go. He stops her and says go but on ojne condition. On right time, I’ll kill that priyom. She nods. He leaves.