Sunday Update on Anupama 5th June 2022


Sunday Update on Anupama 5th June 2022

Bapuji opens eyes after operation. Vanraj holding his hand emotionally says if he frightens him again, he will fight with him. Bapuji says he will hit him. Baa enters and scolds Bapuji not to frighten her again. Anupama enters next and emotionally speaking to Bapuji asks him not to think of cream rolls again. He says he will change cream roll’s name to bottle gourd. Vanraj shouts at Anupama that because of her carelessness, Bapuji got a heart attack; she must have given something wrong to eat as she is out of house most of the time. Baa gets angry hearing that and asks where was he last night, he was untraceable whole night while bahu brought Bapuji to hospital, saved him, and was present beside him whole night. Nurse asks them not to make noise in patient’s room. Anu tells Baa let us go out and speak. Baa emotionally thanks her for saving Bapuji. Anu also gets emotional and cries. Vanraj gets jealous seeing their bonding.

Back home, Toshu and Samar discuss about diwali decorations. Vanraj gets ready to leave for office. Kinjal comes in car and calls Anu. Baa asks Anu why is Kinjal calling her. Anu says she wants to learn drive. Samar gets happy hearing that while Toshu rushes to Kinjal and opposes that mummy doesn’t even know to ride bicycle. Kinjal says she will learn. He says what about her age. Kinjal says there is no age limit for learning and says he is behaving like his papa. Samar supports Kinjal. Vanraj yells at Anu that she found a new excuse now, bapuji is in hospitl and she wants to learn driving, she doesn’t even know to ride a bicycle, how will she as her family couldn’t afford even that. Baa yells that she supported Anu in hospital and she is flying high, if she wants to drive taxi in Ahmedabad. Anu says she wants to learn driving. Vanraj yells that she is misbehaving with Baa.

Anu says she is even her Baa, she just. Baa says if she is requesting, her request is canceled; she is misbehaving with her husband since so many days, she should concentrate on her family instead; she was fine since 25 years and now is going overboard; he son works so hard for family. Anu says even she does her job. Baa yells to do only that and concentrate on her husband and children. Anu says her children are grown up now. Baa says she should forgive her husband’s misbehavior and respect him, she is a woman and should learn to bend. Vanraj smirks and asks if she heard what Baa is saying. Baa says a wife will be in her husband’s heart only if she bends. Anu says if door is small, she has to bend. Baa yells she is taunting her husband even now, she is wandering a lot now a days, Bapuiji is in hospital and diwali is on the way. Anu says she always took care of bapuji. Baa continues.

Vanraj says let her go, she will return in 2 days, she doesn’t know traffic signal lights and without license, she can’t. She says she got learner’s license already yesterday. He yells that she will not learn driving, thinks he cannot let her inform Bapuji about his affair with Kavya and shouldn’t let her go out; yells she should be with Bapuji. Anu says whatever she is doing is for Bapuji, with yesterday’s problem, she felt so helpless; she wants to prepare herself for the unforeseen event like yesterday; she can understand Vanraj opposing, but why is she opposing when she herself was present yesterday and knew what they went through; she will take her blessings like always and will go, she can stop her if she feels she is wrong. Baa stands silently while Anu walks away.

Toshu tries to remove Learning/L sticker from car saying papa will not let maa out. Anu stops him. Toshu asks if Baa and Papa allowed him. Anu says she asked Baa and she didn’t reply yes or no. He asks what about papa. She says she didn’t ask him. She prays god that she wants to learn driving to serve Baa and Bapuji. Vanraj walks out and stands fuming. Kinjal asks her to open car and her fate’s door. Samar says just like she is handling life’s steering, she should handle car’s steering. She catches keys and reminiscing Bapuji’s heart attack event says its time to take charge.

Anupama imagines driving car with Baa, Bapuji, Jhilmil, Pakhi and taking them on shopping. Ude Asman Ke in the background. Out of flashback, she holding car keys looks at Vanraj and reminiscing his taunts that she hasn’t even driven a cycle in life unlocks car. Jo Dil Se Lage Usse Kehdo Hai Hai…song.. plays in the background. She gets into car followed by Kinjal and Samar while Toshu, Vanraj, and Baa angrily look at her. She says for the first time she is feeling as if she is behind her life’s steering and not anyone else. Kinjal asks if she is ready. Anu greets her and says she is greeting guru. Kinjal says now road will be clear, so she should start and and not panic. Vanraj, Baa, and Toshu angrily walk inside home. Baa over phone asks Mamaji about Bupuji’s health. Jhilmil gives lunchbox to Vanraj, Vanraj angrily stamps his feet and shouts in pain.

Kinjal teaches her controls and asks to start car. Anu nervously asks her to show her first, then she will try. Samar encourages her and asks her to fix her seatbelt. She fixes her seatbelt reminiscing Vanraj fixing it for the first time and Bapuji’s heart attack incident, then says she is ready. Vanraj gets into his car angrily looking at her. She starts car and slowly leaves accelerator. Car starts moving. Vanraj honks horn from behind to panic her and shouts to move the car. Anu panics. Samar and Kinjal say its okay as this happens during first time and asks her to take car aside. Anu does. Vanraj drives his car away smirking at her. His car stops. Anu drives her car ahead looking at him while Samar and Kinjal clap for him. Mamaji gets Samar’s video call and shows Bapuji that Bahu is driving car. Bapuji emotionally says now steering came in right hands. Anu excitedly learns driving while Kinjal and Samar teach her. She drives back towards home and stops seeing Vanraj. Kinjal asks if they should drop h im. He says no thanks and speedily drives away angrily.

Anu stops car outside home. Samar, Kinjal, and Jhilmil clap for her. She gets out of car and shouts in happiness. Nandini joins them. They all sing and dance on Aaj Mai Upar, Asman Niche…song.. Samar lifts her and dances. After performance, whole locality clap for her. Baa and Toshu peep in from home angrily. Anu excitedly asks if they saw she drove whole locality. Anu says in childhood whenever a car used to come, all kids used to run behind it; she never thought a girl who used to run behind will drive car. She continues describing that they bought second hand car when Toshu was born and when she desired to learn driving, Vanraj stopped her. Samar says its okay, she can try now. Anu says she didn’t try much till now and now will.