Sunday Update 26th May on Mehek

Mahek acts drunk and says to Shaurya that you did drama at my house and now its my turn. Mahek goes to stage and starts seductively dancing on Laila mein laila, Shaurya angrily looks at her. All are enjoying Mahek’s sensual dance on stage, Mahek smirks at Shaurya. Chef comes to Shaurya.. Shaurya turns around and see it was all his dream and Mahek is not dancing in real, he thinks Mahek is showing me stars in daylight too. Some guest Akhil meets Mahek, he asks Shaurya if he can dance with his lovely if he doesnt mind? Mahek says he wouldnt mind, he is nice, Shaurya says ofcourse you dont need to ask me, you need to ask her. Akhil brings Mahek to center stage and puts hand on her waist, Shaurya gets jealous seeing it. Akhil twirls Mahek and dances with her.

Mahek is enjoying, Shaurya comes on dance floor and glares Mahek. Shaurya comes to Akhil and says if you dont mind, can i dance with my wife? Akhil says ofcourse she is your wife, he leaves, Mahek smirks. Shaurya starts dancing with Mahek, he says you have got the chance to dance with Shaurya Khanna, i did it so that you dont embarrass me, yourself and investors being so drunk, Mahek says dont lie, you are dancing with me because you were jealous,

Shaurya says dont give yourself so much importance, any girl would die to dance with me, Mahek says agree that you cant see anyone else dancing with your wife, your man ego woke up and brought you to me, half or full, we have married, you know you can deny but these eyes tell reality of heart, all clap for them, Mahek moves away from Shaurya but Shaurya pulls her closer, spotlight falls on them, they start dancing on Meherban song, Shaurya lifts Mahek and twirls her, they share eyelock while romantically dancing, Shaurya pulls Mahek in his arms, Mahek puts hand around Shaurya’s neck.

All clap for them. Mahek moves away from Shaurya. One guest says this was best performance, Mahek holds Shaurya’s arm, all clap for them, Shaurya smiles at Mahek who smiles back. Sonal calls Mahek but Mahek is busy in party and doesnt see her call.
its night, Mohit gets call from Sonal, he takes call and asks why you are calling me at night? she tells him something.
Mohit calls Shaurya, Shaurya says to Mahek that why your useless brother is calling me, Mahek sees Sonal’s miscalls on her phone. Shaurya gives Mohit’s call to Mahek but she says to Mohit that i will call you later. Mahek calls Sonal, Sonal tells her something, Mahek panics and says i am coming, she ends call, Shaurya asks where you are going? Mahek says i have to help Sonal, i am going, Shaurya says if you go out in these clothes at night alone then you will need help instead of Sonal, Mahek says you entertain your guests, dont act like you care, i will handle myself, she leaves.
Mahek comes on road and tries to call Mohit. Shaurya coems tehre and says why you are standing on road alone? what if anything happens to you? Mahek says why do you care? Shaurya says i dont care, if you had accident then your family would blame me, they would tell media and all, tell me what happened. Mahek tells him about Sonal(which is muted), they leave.

Mahek and Shaurya comes to isolated road, they see Sonal hiding under roadside cart. Shaurya puts coat around Sonal, Sonal has bruises on her body and faces, she is injured. Shaurya asks who did it? Sonal tells them how her would be husband Rohit took her to party where men were drunk and abused her, Shaurya says i will set him right, they think they are real men, blo*dy losers, Sonal says to Mahek that i tried to contact you but didnt get through, Mahek says i was so busy in my life that i didnt talk to you, i am so sorry, Mahek says you both were happy together then how this happened?

Sonal says not everything is like what it seems, in start he used to be loving, caring, then when marriage started coming near, he said that he wanted money for his MBA degree and wanted money in dowry when i said that its not right, Rohit raised hand on me first time, i told my mom, my mom was ready to give dowry saying that its normal in arrange marriages, since then he kept raising hand on me and abusing me, my mom didnt take any action but just warned Rohit, i didnt know whom to talk to, whom should i discuss with.

Then today, i got to know Rohit went to party. Flashback shows Ajay and Rohit in same party, they are dancing with call girls, Sonal comes there and sees Rohit dancing closely with girl, she slaps Rohit and says what is this? Rohit says how dare you raise hand on me? he slaps her. Ajay says she is Mahek’s friend and like Mahek, she forgot woman’s real standard too, Rohit is shown slapping Sonal and making her forcefully drink wine, he calls his friends and grabs Sonal by neck, he says she is my fiance, have fun, he throws her in arms of different men and then throws her on ground, he grabs her hair and says today is valentines day and i will enjoy with her which you all will watch live.

He throws her on ground and tries to rape her, Soanl tries to push him away but Rohit slaps her and says i will show you your worth, all men are enjoying Rohit harassing her, flashback ends. Sonal says i ranaway from that party, flashback shows Sonal pushing Rohit away and running out of party house, Rohit with his friends start searching for her but he hides, fb ends. Sonal cries and says Mahek save me, i dont want to go back to Rohit.

Mahek says dont worry, we will punish and teach lesson to Rohit. Sonal says no i want want any drama, he is not good man, he is an animal, Mahek says we will teach him lesson, we will not let any girl marry him, we will blacken his face and drag him to police, you will not live in feat but after fighting for yourself. Shaurya gets Mohit’s call and says i am with Sonal, i will tell your details later, he ends call. Sonal hugs Mahek and cries, Mahek emotionally looks at Shaurya who feels bad and angry on Sonal’s condition. Shaurya tends to Sonals’s wounds and says lets go.

Mahek makes Sonal sit in backseat of Shaurya’s car and sits with her, Shaurya sits on driving, he looks in back mirror at Mahek, mahek is sad, Sonal says what will i say to my mother? Mahek says i am with you, dont worry, Shaurya holds Sonal’s hand and says to Sonal that the day will come when you will forget what Rohit did with you but Rohit.. he will never forget what he did and how he had to pay for it, he will remember this mistake of his daily, i promise you that Sonal, Mahek proudly smiles at Shaurya.

Investors ask Mahek to come to valentine party, Mahek looks at Shaurya and says i have some work but i will try to come, Shaurya says now leave, Mahek glares at him.
Mahek is making tea on balcony. Shaurya comes there, she asks will you drink tea hubby? Shaurya says you have made dhabba on my balcony, get drowned in it. Shaurya gets call from manager, manager asks him to come to party with his wife, Shaurya says she is busy, she cant come, manager says these foreign investors take valentine seriously so bring your wife fro sure, bring her only for few minutes but do bring her, its important for your public image which is in news too. Shaurya ends call and comes to Mahek.

They sees Vicky and Shurti going out of house for valentine. Shaurya says to Mahek that get ready for party, wear
something good, you are wife of mine for even namesake only, Mahek says i dont have clothes of your standard, Shaurya says then wear anything you have, Mahek says i am living here by giving rent, not your employee, Shaurya says i dont want to take you but investors want you come with me, Mahek says then tell them no, you are Shaurya Khanna and can do anything, i am not going, let me drink tea.

Shaurya grabs her arm, Mahek’s tea gets spilled from Mahek’s cup, Shaurya says what i have to do that you will agree to go with me? you want me to beg you? you sit in your feet? or drag you with me? Mahek says if you had requested me to come with you then it would be good but now say sorry for spilling my tea, Shaurya says like you requested me to come to your home for pag pheras? what did you do? you blackmailed me with women NGO, Mahek says like you behaved well with my family, you insulted them. Shaurya asks her to come to party, Mahek agrees to go with him.
Sonal calls Mahek, Sonal says i want to talk to you, Mahek says we will talk later, Shaurya says get ready fast.

Party starts in hotel. Investor says that if Shaurya’s wife doesnt come then foreign investors might feel bad. Shaurya comes there alone wearing white tuxedo. Mahek comes behind wearing red saree and holds his arm, investors thank her for coming, Mahek says i am just paying my husband back, investor goes. Mahek says to Shaurya that you came to pag phera with me and did drama there so its my turn to do same. Shaurya says dont do anything, Mahek asys like you insulted my family? i might do anything. Foreign investors come there and says you came Mahek, such nice couple.

Shaurya opens champagne bottle. Mahek says to Shaurya that i am your valentine so make me drink wine with your hands, Shaurya sees guests looking at them and makes Mahek drink wine from his hands, Mahek smirks and says cheer. Mahek whispers to Shaurya that you know i bring storm after drinking wine, Shaurya looks away. Music starts playing, Mahek says lets dance. Mahek brings Shaurya to dance floor, she grabs his hand and dances closely to him, she dances around him, Shaurya tries to ignore her but Mahek doesnt leave his hand.

All investors are dancing too. Mahek seductively dances around Shaurya, Shaurya says you have done enough dance for show off, Mahek says leaves dance floor and starts migling with guests. Shaurya glares at her. Mahek comes to bar and orders for whiskey looking at Shaurya, she shows him glass. Shaurya says to chef that red color means danger but this fool Mahek doesnt stop, she likes to make fun of her life, chef asys boss start feeling love, Shaurya says girls just want to dinners and parties on valentine so there is no love, guys just want s*x and girls want attention and stuff, there is no such thing as love in real life, this is just for business of chocolate companies.

He sees Mahek drinking wine after wine, he says this girl who celebrate indian culture is drinking so much wine, she might puke on investors, ask her to stop drinking. Chef comes to Mahek and says dont drink wine, Shaurya is saying no, Mahek says i am not drinking wine, i am drinking apple juice but dont tell it to Shaurya, he doesnt want to celebrate valentine so let him have sunshine. Chef comes to Shaurya and says Mahek is saying she would keep drinking wine like this, she dont care about you saying no, she will drink, Shaurya glares Mahek, she gives him evil smile.
Nehal says to Mohit that all my friends have valentine partners and i am most hot but i dont have date, Mohit says i went to date with girl last year but police came there and made me do sit ups. Nehal sees Sonal calling, Nehal says she must be calling to tell how she is celebrating valentine with her husband romantically, she wants me to get jealous but i wont take her call, she cuts her call.
In party, Shaurya sees Mahek talking and laughing with some foreign male investor, he says we got freedom from englishmen but our girls still drool over white skin. Mahek comes to Shaurya and says serve some table, Shaurya asks why? Mahek slurs and acts like she is drunk, she says i want to do performance like you did at my house,