Sunday 24th Update on This is Fate Zee World

Inside, the goons leave a man to keep an eye over Shrishti and go to check outside. Shrishti thinks may be these goons are right, she gives a lot of attitude to Sameer and he hasn’t ever been able to express himself. She looks towards the window to spot Sameer, he signals her not to make a noise. The goon beside her chases her looks, he goes to check into the window but no one was there. Shrishti thinks may be its an illusion of the one she loves. Sameer had now come to the other window. The goon again comes to look outside that window, but Sameer hid himself well already. Shrishti looks towards Sameer and says he is really nice. Sameer curses her stupidity. The goon was this time able to spot Sameer and chases him outside. Sameer who hid behind the boxes thinks they need the help of some more people.
On their way, Sarla asks Mahesh to drive a little fast. Rakhi also insists on him to drive faster. Mahesh says he is a little nervous as he is driving after a lot of days. Rakhi tells him to stop the car and pulls the brakes. Rakhi asks Sarla to come to front, she will drive the car now. On the way, Rakhi’s car takes a lot or turns and goes off as they had reached the venue. Rakhi tries to start the car but it won’t. Mahesh suggests about walking to their kids. Rakhi blames Mahesh for not getting the service of car.

Karan laughs but roars at Neil with his gun pointed towards him as he joins in. He asks Neil if he is a joker? He says he is KK – Kutta Kamina. Karan asks Neil where the thief is hiding? Rishab appears from behind the boxes, and signals Neil not to speak. Karan looks behind and goes to check there. Rishab grabs Neil’s neck from behind and promises him half of diamonds he has. Neil try to save Rishab from Karan.

Mahesh gives his visiting card to the auto rickshaw and asks him to come and take his auto later from his house. Sarla drives the auto. Mahesh was awestruck that women can do any kind of work. Sarla says a mother takes a form of a lioness when her children are in trouble. She was determined not to spare this Neil this time.
There, Neil was suspicious of Karan as he didn’t react watching the guns in hands of his goons. Karan grabs a man’s collar and points a gun towards him. Others pointed guns towards Karan. He breaks into a loud laughter and says he came to arrest the Khalnayak, the diamond thief who has a price money of 10 crore. Rishab jumps out boastful. Neil grabs Rishab’s hand and tells him to shoot this Karan, he would be saved and they will share diamonds. Rishab thinks their mission
is getting successful and they even have real guns and bullets now. He swirls around shouting I am Khalnayak!
Sameer comes to Shrishti. She was initially in disbelief that Sameer was actually here. Sameer calls her insane. Shrishti asks him for a hug. Sameer tells her he didn’t come alone, Karan and Rishab are also with him and Preeta is waiting outside.
Outside, Preeta was restless that Shrishti hadn’t yet come out. A few goons pass by, Preeta hides herself and decides to go in by herself. Inside the godown, Preeta was spotted by one of the goons and recognized as the sister of Shrishti. Preeta hides behind the boxes where she picks sand from one of the boxes throwing it at the man. He struggles to chase Preeta but couldn’t see much. Preeta curses herself and decides to be very careful else Karan won’t leave her.
There, Rishab and Karan were clueless as Neil forced Rishab to shoot. Karan compels if Rishab is the bigger thief or Neil is, how dare Neil control his gun then? Rishab reacts withdrawing himself from Neil’s control. They argue for a while, afterwards Rishab shouts that now only he would speak. Everyone was silent but Rishab had no dialogue to say. He thinks they need to continue the drama until they get some signal from Sameer. Karan takes a permission from Rishab to ask something, he inquires why he didn’t learn to speak from Basanti! Rishab laughs replying she is illiterate and couldn’t learn from her. Neil forces Rishab to shoot Karan but Rishab instead points the gun towards Neil. Karan joins Rishab, he removes his costume. They demand Neil to release Shrishti right away.
Sameer loosens Shrishti’s hands. Shrishti hugs Sameer. He hurries her outside where he has to signal Rishab and Karan that they are safe.

They walk out of the room but hide under the boxes from the goons nearby. Shrishti throws a stone at one of the men who was hurt at head. They were able to flee but Sameer fell down at the second doorway. READ NEXT/MON 25TH MAR ON THIS IS FATE