Strings of Love Tuesday 16th Update Kiara Reveals Truth To Family

Kiara is shocked to see Jatin with a woman and a kid and asks Sahiba whom Jatin is with. Sahiba says they are Jatin’s wife and daughter. Kiara refuses to believe her and accuses her of trying to take revenge from her. Sahiba says she doesn’t believe in taking revenge and even if she wanted to, she would have exposed her truth to her family. She asks her to go and ask Jatin who they are. Kiara anxiously walks towards Jatin’s family. She picks Jatin’s daughter’s ball. Daughter calls Jatin as papa and says she got back her ball. Sonia asks girl if they are her parents. Wife says she is Jatin’s wife Sonia and its their daughter Navya. Jatin stands tensed seeing Kiara and asks what is she doing here. Sonia asks Kiara if she knows Jatin and asks Jatin who is she. Kiara says she should ask her husand who she is, she is his girlfriend. Sahiba says Jatin cheated on both Kiara and Sonia and warns Jatin that he has to pay for his sins. Kiara walks away crying. Sahiba comforts her and says she can understand what she must be going through now and sys she has to take a decision soon.

Seerat serves dinner to family. Jasleen praises her DIL and says she makes their family proud, but Manveer’s DIL completely opposite. She says Sahiba is out of the house since morning in lieu of going for a checkeup. Manveer says she agrees with Jasleen for the first time. Japjyoth tongue lashes Manveer for thinking bad about Sahiba and says Sahiba must have gone to her parental house. Jasleen continues to prove Manveer against Sahiba. Sahiba returns home. Jasleen questions her where she had been to and questions her character. Angad walks to them. Jasleen asks if he also has doubt no Sahiba’s pregnancy. Angad says even he wants to know. Jasleen says even Angad doubts Sahiba’s character. Japjyoth tongue lashes Manveer for doubting Sahiba’s character and asks Inder if he also has same doubt. Inder stands silent. Sahiba warns Manveer not to question her and repent later. Jasleen says Sahiba dared to argue with Sahiba.

Kiara enters and says Sahiba is not carrying Angad’s baby. Jasleen says Kiara must have founded Sahiba’s secret and praises her. Kiara says Sahiba is not pregnant at all and she is pregnant instead. Family is shocked to hear that and asks Kiara not to take blame on herself to protect Sahiba. Kiara says she is not lying. Hansraj comments that the table is reversed now, the talent Garry uses in whole Ludhiana is used by someone else on Garry’s sister. Akaal gets angry and warns Hansraj to get out of there with his filthy mouth and filthy thinking. Hasnraj walks away. Angad feels guilty for doubting Sahiba’s character and recalls Sahiba requesting him to give her some time. Akaal asks Kiara who is her baby’s father. Sahiba says Kiara loves Jatin without knowing that he is already married, he betrayed her.

Angad shouts he will not spare Jatin. Sahiba says she knows where Jatin stays, he shouldn’t be spared for his sin. Gurleen asks family if they got their answer now and tongue lashes them for doubting Sahiba’s character. She says now they should be proud of Sahiba for saving family’s dignity. Japjyoth says Sahiba’s respect is increased more in their eyes now. Kiara collapses. Sahiba says she collapsed due to stress and should be taken to hospital immediately. Angad asks Veer to get the car out. After some time, Angad apologizes Sahiba for doubting her character. Sahiba asks if he can forgive her if she questions his character.