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Strange Love May Teasers 2021

Shlok behaves badly with the villagers and Astha apologises on his behalf. Coming up on Strange Love May 2021 Teasers.

Starlife Strange Love May 2021 Teasers

Saturday 1 May 2021

Episode 75

Shlok’s pretence of love continues in front of Astha’s family. Kalindi informs Astha about the enquiry against Avadhoot. Later, Astha asks Shlok to help her restore her father’s image and he agrees, but with conditions.

Episode 76

At the Agnihotri household, Niranjan scolds Anjali for preparing spicy food. Later, Anjali scolds Astha for coming home late and bans her from going home. She also demands that Anjali keep a fast for Shlok.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Episode 77

Astha’s family is worried about Anjali’s behaviour. Avadhoot informs the family about his suspension order. Meanwhile, Astha refuses to wash Shlok’s feet as per the Pati Puja despite Anjali’s insistence. Later, Kalindi informs Astha about Avadhoot’s suspension.

Episode 78

Astha’s refusal is supported by Bharat and Vinayak. Despite Niranjan’s request; Astha doesn’t relent; and is angry with Bharat. Consequently; Shlok tells Astha to leave the house but not before telling her that he will present the proof against her father.

Monday 3 May 2021

Episode 79

Shlok informs Inspector Shinde of the evidence against Avadhoot. Astha is denied permission by Anjali to visit her sick father. Later, Shlok rebukes Anjali and acts as a caring husband in front of the Kirloskars.

Episode 80

Jaya tries to instigate Anjali against Shlok and Astha but she is told to leave the house. A desperate Astha requests Shlok to hand over the evidence against her father. When Astha returns home, Anjali compels her to keep a fast to compensate for her misdeeds during the Puja.

Tuesday 4 May 2021

Episode 81

Astha is forced to keep the fast. Anjali tells her to cook food and Niranjan asks about Avadhoot’s health. Later, Sojal offers her some juice, and on seeing this, Anjali is enraged. While doing the household chores, Astha faints.

Episode 82

Shlok shouts at Anjali for forcing Astha to fast. Shlok warns Astha to not refuse to go on the honeymoon. Later, Abhay gifts a gold chain to Sojal and tells her to give Astha’s passport to him. Meanwhile, Jaya leaves the house.

Wednesday 5 May 2021

Episode 83

Shlok asks Varad to book tickets for Goa. Later, Income Tax officers arrive to conduct a search at the Agnihotri residence. However, they apologise when they find nothing and say someone tipped them off. Niranjan tells Varad to find out who it was.

Episode 84

Shlok informs Niranjan that he has kept the accounts file and money safely. He then assures Astha of Avadhoot’s safety if she cancels their honeymoon. Later, Abhay incites Astha’s grandmother against Shlok.

Thursday 6 May 2021

Episode 85

Seeing Astha’s injured leg, the family suggests that Shlok cancel the honeymoon. But he doesn’t relent and the couple leaves. On the way, however, the car breaks down and Astha escapes. An angry Shlok searches for her.

Episode 86

Abhay and his mother punish Jyoti for supporting Shlok and Astha and lock her in the room. In the forest, Astha is frightened by a dog and falls into a pit while trying to escape. Will Shlok find her?

Friday 7 May 2021

Episode 87

Shlok offers Astha a hand if she apologises to him. However, in the process, he, too, falls into the pit, much to Astha’s amusement. Later, Shlok informs Varad of the events and they try and make their way out of the jungle.

Episode 88

Anjali advises Vinayak to get married but he refuses. Meanwhile, Shlok pushes Astha into a pond and then helps her out. He carries her and suggests taking refuge at an abandoned house but Astha declines.

Saturday 8 May 2021

Episode 89

Avadhoot’s mother advices Kalindi to conduct a puja and invites the Agnihotri family, too. Meanwhile, Astha gets frightened seeing a snake in the house. Later, Jyoti is forced to do chores by her mother-in-law.

Episode 90

Following Shlok’s instructions, his associate tells Inspector Shinde to hide the evidence. Abhay, in turn, calls the inspector again and tells him to proceed. Meanwhile, Shlok behaves badly with the villagers and Astha apologises on his behalf.

Sunday 9 May 2021

Episode 91

During the puja, the police arrest Avadhoot. Abhay tells Sojal about what he did. Meanwhile, Astha gets bitten by a poisonous snake and the villagers advise Shlok to get herbal medicine from the temple.

Episode 92

Niranjan blames Varad for his negligence towards his work and orders him to hide the news of Avadhoot’s arrest. Sojal tries to instigate Varad. In the village, Shlok follows the priest’s instructions and applies the medicine on Astha.

Monday 10 May 2021

Episode  93

Niranjan reads the news of Avadhoot’s arrest and helps in getting him released. A grateful Avadhoot signs the land papers. However, Astha reads the news of the arrest and is shocked.

Episode 94

Astha is livid with Shlok. He is equally shocked and tries to explain to her but she refuses to listen. Meanwhile, the family is happy to see Avadhoot home. Later, Niranjan informs Anjali of Avadhoot’s release and instructs her to make a donation.

Tuesday 11 May 2021

Episode  95

Anjali instructs Nilofer to take her parents out of the old age home. Meanwhile, Avadhoot pacifies Astha and informs her of his release. Shlok is furious with his associate for the mistake he committed.

Episode 96

Niranjan is furious when Anjali informs him that she has not invited the Kirloskars. Later, Anjali is livid when she finds out that Astha has gone to visit her father. She demands that Astha abandon her parents forever.

Wednesday 12 May 2021

Episode  97

The guests leave after waiting for Astha. Later, Anjali brings Astha home and she reveals the truth about her relationship with Shlok. After an unending argument, she decides to go and stay with her parents.

Episode 98

Despite the whole family stopping her, Astha leaves the Agnihotri house and reveals the truth to her parents. Niranjan, meanwhile, reprimands Shlok for his mistake and orders him to get Astha back. Astha ignores Shlok’s calls.

Thursday 13 May 2021

Episode  99

Niranjan scolds Anjali for not doing her duty. Later, Niranjan reassures Avadhoot that Shlok will bring Astha back. Meanwhile, Anjali cautions Jyoti again as Jaya tries to steal Astha’s jewellery. Shocked at Shlok and Astha’s break-up, Jyoti decides to unite them.

Episode 100

Shlok sees Astha in the market and asks her to come home. Kalindi slaps Shlok. Later, Varad finds Shlok drunk and brings him home. At the Kirloskars, Kalindi advises Astha to divorce Shlok and Avadhoot tells her to take up a job.

Friday 14 May 2021

Episode  101

Jyoti convinces Shlok to bring Astha back. Meanwhile, Astha attends an interview where the interviewer learns that she is Shlok’s wife, and offers her the post of an event manager. However, Astha refuses to accept the job. Shlok informs Astha that she will not be able to find a job anywhere. What will Astha do?

Episode 102

Shlok forcibly takes Astha with him. Kalindi reaches Shlok’s house with the police, and arrests him for domestic violence on Astha. Shlok handcuffs Astha with him, and throw away the keys. Anjali confronts Kalindi for getting Shlok arrested. Who will come to Shlok’s aid?

Saturday 15 May 2021

Episode  103

Astha withdraws her complaint, and refuse to reveal anything to the media. Shlok receives Astha’s divorce notice. Niranjan suggests Astha and her parents to reconsider their decision to divorce. However, Kalindi defends her decision. Will Astha reconsider her decision?

Episode 104

Varad requests Shlok to reconcile with Astha. Shlok orders his subordinates to keep an eye on Astha’s activities. Astha manages to find a job. The company instructs her to sign a bond. She is shocked to learn that Shlok is her boss. Kalindi demands Shlok to sign the divorce paper. Will Shlok sign them?

Sunday 16 May 2021

Episode  105

Shlok injures his hand, when Kalindi demands him to sign the divorce papers. Astha tends to Shlok on learning about his injury. Niranjan advises Anjali to gift Astha a necklace for her first Vaan ritual. Later, Kalindi informs Astha that Shlok hurt is hand purposefully. Will Astha believe Kalindi?

Episode 106

Astha wears the necklace, which was gifted to her by Anjali, and arrives at Shlok’s house. She requests Niranjan to grant her and Shlok divorce. She returns the necklace to Niranjan. Shlok hands over the signed divorce papers to Astha. She stops Shlok from removing the mangalsutra.

Monday 17 May 2021

Episode  107

Niranjan informs Shlok that the first hearing of his divorce case is on the next day. Kalindi informs the same to Astha. Meanwhile, the office building catches fire. Shlok and Astha are trapped inside the building. Anjali panics when she learns about the same. How will they escape the building?

Episode 108

The fire fighters rescue Shlok and Astha from the building. Astha reveals to Avadhoot and Kalindi that she works in Shlok’s office. Kalindi is furious at Astha for lying to her. However, Avadhoot requests Kalindi to forgive Astha. Meanwhile, Niranjan reminds Shlok of the divorce hearing.

Tuesday 18 May 2021

Episode 109

The Agnihotri and the Kirloskar family arrive at the court. Shlok informs the judge that he does not want to divorce Astha. Astha fails to defend her decision. Therefore, the judge orders Astha and Shlok to stay together for six months. Will they overcome their differences in six months?

Episode 110

Avadhoot apologises to the judge on Kalindi’s behalf. Shlok informs the media that he and Astha came to the court to register their marriage. Kalindi wants to stay with Astha for her safety, but Astha asks her to return home. Niranjan offers his blessings to Astha.

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Episode  111

Niranjan and Anjali persuade Astha to stay in Shlok’s room. On Astha’s refusal, Anjali sends utensils to Astha’s room, and orders her to cook for herself. Astha, however, returns the utensils to Anjali. Shlok informs Astha that he will eat the food that she prepares. Will Astha cook for Shlok?

Episode 112

Anjali cuts the electricity supply in Astha’s room. Later, Shlok comes to her room. Astha is scared, and embraces him. Shlok informs Astha that he will keep her in his house forever. Meanwhile, Jaya and Sojal see Astha and Shlok together.

Thursday 20 May 2021

Episode  113

Anjali instructs Astha to prepare lunch for the family. Meanwhile, Kalindi is worried about Astha, and is unable to contact her on phone. Niranjan decides to host a party for Astha, and invites Dr. Joshi. Anjali stops Astha from going to office, but Shlok informs Astha of her presentation.

Episode 114

Sojal steals the disc containing Astha’s presentation. Anjali invites Avadhoot and Kalindi for the party. Shlok instructs Astha to return home when she arrives late in the office. Astha, meanwhile, manages to put up a good presentation, without the disc. Shlok then, orders her to return home for the party.

Friday 21 May 2021

Episode  115

Astha returns home with the gifts. She informs the guests to play a game. She gifts a chocolate to Kavya as her team wins the game. Sojal suggests Astha to wear a gown. Anjali notices Astha wearing a gown, and instructs her to wear saree before Niranjan sees her. At the party, Astha and Shlok dance together.

Episode 116

Astha realises that her cupboard is locked. However, Kavya takes her to Sojal’s room, and gives her the saree that Anjali has kept for her. Mr. Joshi offer his blessings to Astha and Shlok. Later, Niranjan announces that Astha will be a joint partner of the company. Mr. Joshi hands over the files to her.

Saturday 22 May 2021

Episode  117

Sojal is jealous of Astha, and vents her disappointment on Varad. Astha decides to return the documents of the company, but in vain. Anjali instructs Astha to move to Shlok’s room. Later, Astha and Shlok have a disagreement. Anjali increases Astha’s work pressure at home. How will Astha cope?

Episode  118

Astha refuses to serve breakfast to Shlok. She decides to take a daty off from work, to help Anjali at home. Shlok brings his subordinates home to have a meeting with Astha. Anjali instructs Astha to prepare a garland with pearls. However, Shlok scatters the pearls in her room.

Sunday 23 May 2021

Episode  119

Anjali instructs Astha to buy gold with the money that she has given, on behalf of her parents. Sojal informs Avadhoot that he needs to send gold for the puja. Avadhoot brings the gold. Meanwhile, Sojal mixes drugs in Astha’s milk. But, Shlok drinks it.

Episode  120

Anjali instructs Shlok and Astha to design an idol of Lord Ganesh, without communicating with each other. Meanwhile, Anjali informs Astha that the gold ornaments are fake. Sojal learns that Jaya has stolen the ornaments. However, Astha manages to find the gold ornaments.

Monday 24 May 2021

Episode  121

Anjali confronts Astha for being irresponsible. Shlok and Astha perform the Ganesh puja. Anjali thanks Kalindi for sending the gold ornaments for the puja. Astha sleeps in the kitchen as Anjali is getting her room renovated. Meanwhile, Niranjan appreciates Anjali’s efforts to reunite Shlok and Astha.

Episode  122

Niranjan informs Anjali to stop Astha from doing the household chores. Anjali informs Astha to concentrate on office work. Shlok orders the peon to move Astha’s office belongings to his cabin. Suresh informs Shlok that Abhay had entered his cabin. Astha decides to apologise to Shlok.

Tuesday 25 May 2021

Episode  123

Astha learns that Shlok did not deceive Avadhoot, and feels guilty. Shlok asks Astha to sign Abhay’s pay cheque. He asks Abhay whether he defamed Avadhoot. A reporter interviews Shlok and Astha about their relationship. Meanwhile, Sojal asks Varad for a gift on Valentine’s Day.

Episode  124

Shlok is furious at the reporter for inquiring about his personal life. Sojal conspires against Astha, and locks her in the room. Meanwhile, Kalindi and Avadhoot discuss about Shlok and Astha’s relationship. Abhay wishes Jyoti on Valentine’s Day. Will Sojal’s wish be granted on Valentine’s Day?

Wednesday 26 May 2021

Episode  125

Shlok recalls his ex-girlfriend, Swati, on Valentine’s Day. He consumes alcohol, and breaks his things. He mistakes Astha to be Swati, and embraces her. A dejected Astha reminds him of her identity. Meanwhile, Sojal confronts Varad for not celebrating Valentine’s Day with her.

Episode  126

Sojal seeks Anjali’s permission to go out with Varad for dinner, but in vain. Meanwhile, Anjali instructs Astha to take care of a drunk Shlok. Astha tends to Shlok, and confronts Anjali for not taking care of him. Anjali informs Astha that her relationship with Shlok is becoming stronger.

Thursday 27 May 2021

Episode  127

Astha finds Shlok’s diary and reads it. She learns about his love for Swati. Shlok holds Astha’s hand in his sleep, mistaking it to be Swati’s. Astha feels guilty for hurting Shlok. Astha learns that Shlok is suffering from fever, and informs Niranjan. Will Astha take care of Shlok?

Episode  128

Astha is worried about Shlok, and prays for his recovery. Sojal and Jaya plot to separate Shlok and Astha. Shlok recovers from his fever, and finds Astha by his side. Astha questions Anjali about Swati. However, Anjali hesitates to give a reply. How will Astha learn more about Swati?

Friday 28 May 2021

Episode  129

Shlok tends to Astha when she hurts her finger. Astha decides to relieve Shlok from his pain and distress. Shlok tries to provoke Astha, to fight with him, but in vain. Astha reads Shlok’s diary to know more about Swati. Meanwhile, Kalindi decides to remarry Astha. Will she succeed?

Episode  130

Anjali stops Avadhoot and Kalindi from speaking to Astha. Kalindi informs Astha that she has invited her bridegroom to the house. Anjali informs Niranjan that Astha is aware of Swati. Astha questions Varad about Swati, but in vain. Astha gives medicines to Shlok.

Saturday 29 May 2021

Episode 131

Astha wants to find out about Swati, and sneaks into Shlok’s study. However, Anjali warns her not enter the room. Sojal asks Varad about Shlok’s past, but in vain. Anjali sets Swati’s belongings on fire. However, Astha collects the leftovers, and manages to hide it from Shlok.

Episode 132

Anjali refuses to let Jyoti stay in her house. Abhay is furious at Jyoti for calling Anjali. Anjali reminds Astha about the fast. Meanwhile, Astha informs Shlok that she entered his study. Shlok is enraged, and warns her not to interfere in his personal matters. Will Astha obey Shlok?

Sunday 30 May 2021

Episode  133 

Niranjan and Anjali celebrates Mahashivratri. Astha prays to god for Shlok’s well-being. Meanwhile, Jyoti apologises to Abhay. An infuriated Abhay locks Jyoti in the storeroom. Jyoti tries to prove her innocence to Abhay. Meanwhile, Anjali falls sick, and refuses to take food.

Episode 134

Astha lies to Anjali, and informs her that Niranjan has asked her to have food. She feeds Anjali. However, Niranjan returns home, and is shocked to see Anjali having food before him. Niranjan is upset with Anjali. Later, Anjali instructs Astha not to lie to her in future.

Monday 31 May 2021

Episode  135

Abhay is shocked to see Shlok and Astha in the house. He lies to Astha that Jyoti has gone for shopping. Shlok notices Swati, while returning home. He tries to search for her, but in vain. Shlok is angry at Astha for interfering in his personal matters.

Episode  136

Niranjan informs Anjali about Ajinkya and Aditi’s arrival. He asks her to prepare food for them. Anjali informs Astha of the same. Meanwhile, Jaya and Sojal conspire against Astha. Abhay is infuriated at Jyoti for ignoring him. Ajinkya and Aditi reach the Agnihotri house.

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Strange Love is the story of Aastha is a cheerful, lively, passionate, and charming woman who values relationships and supports equality. In contrast, Shlok is an arrogant, self-reserved, business-minded man who believes in wealth more than relationships. He had a miserable past that ultimately led him to his arrogance.

Shlok is informed about a possible cheating that occurred in a university institution. He suspends the boys but expels the girl. Later, the Agnihotri’s are invited to an award event to recognize their reputation in the education industry for their business. Aastha learns that Shlok had done injustice to the girl. At the event, she questions Shlok about his negligence after which it gets recorded live and gets exposed to the public. The public labels Shlok and his family as supporters of inequality which leads to their business getting raided. Shlok mistakenly believes that Aastha is responsible for the consistent insult of his family, his father in particular, and decides to take revenge.

Shlok shows fake love to Aastha and marries her on false pretenses. During the night of their Suhag Raat, Shlok breaks Aastha’s wedding necklace and reveals to her that he never loved her and that he only married her to take revenge, leaving Aastha heartbroken. Shlok angrily tells Aastha that he showed fake love in order to take revenge for the insult of himself and his father. He goes as far as to threaten her that if she reveals this to anyone, he’d have her father framed in a case of corruption. Meanwhile, Anjali wants Aastha to perfectly adapt to the Agnihotri traditions. Varad arranges a honeymoon for Shlok and Aastha. Despite Aastha’s efforts to cancel the honeymoon, Shlok and Aastha leave. On the way to their honeymoon, Aastha escapes and gets lost in a jungle. While searching for Aastha, Shlok meets with her and they both spend their planned “honeymoon” in a jungle while trying to find their way out.

Aastha comes to know that her father, Avdhoot, is in jail. She assumes that Shlok sent him to jail and vents her anger at him. Shlok in return. tries to prove his innocence that he did not send him to jail. Disappointed, Aastha reveals the truth to her family and the Agnihotri’s of her marriage and Shlok’s planned revenge; they are shocked. Kalindi wants Aastha to file for divorce. At the first court hearing, Aastha is ordered by the court to stay with Shlok for 6 months. During the 6 months, Aastha discovers Shlok’s miserable past; in which Shlok is actually an innocent and good person. Aastha finds out that Shlok was in love with this girl named Swati and that their break-up led to his hatred of women. It is shown that Niranjan ordered Anjali to hate Swati, simply because she was against the Agnihotri traditions that ultimately led to Shlok’s break-up, in which Shlok blames Anjali, leaving him heartbroken onwards. While attempting to bring back Shlok’s true personality, Aastha falls in love with Shlok and confesses her love to him.

Aditi, who is the daughter of a close friend of Niranjan, arrives at the Agnihotri mansion and acts as an imposter to separate Shlok and Aastha. Aditi attempts to kill Aastha multiple times but she is saved by Shlok. Aditi kidnaps Aastha but Shlok rescues her just as Aditi is about to shoot her. It is revealed that Aditi is Swati’s sister and her main motive was to kill Aastha so that Shlok suffers. Aditi believes that Shlok is the reason for Swati’s deteriorating health. Shlok is shocked to see Swati who soon passes away. Shlok realizes his love for Aastha and confesses his love to her. They both consummate their marriage. At the end of the 6 months, Shlok and Aastha both state that they do not want to divorce each other.

Shlok’s sister, Jyoti, runs away from her misogynistic in-laws after they want abortion for the third time for her unborn baby girl. While running away, she meets the charming Siddharth who happens to be Aastha’s cousin. Unaware of Jyoti’s situation, Siddharth takes care of her. He sends her to Kalindi’s house who is shocked to see her. Jyoti explains everything to Kalindi. Abhay and Sulbha craft a plan to tell the Agnihotri family and make them believe they are innocent and that Jyoti has run away. Siddharth slowly falls in love with Jyoti. During Anjali’s birthday celebration, Abhay finds Jyoti and the family is shocked to see her. She pleads to Niranjan to let her stay with them. Aastha manages to get Abhay arrested.

Aastha learns the truth about Niranjan’s true nature and how he is the one who controls Anjali to fulfill his ill desires. Aastha and Anjali both get emotional when she accepts that Niranjan has her helpless. Aastha promises Anjali that she will unfold Niranjan’s true nature and that she will erase the false impression that everyone has of Anjali. Niranjan wants Abhay released from jail and asks Anjali to make Jyoti sign the bail papers. Jyoti begins to develop hatred towards her mother. When Niranjan manages to indirectly make Jyoti sign the bail papers, Abhay forces Jyoti to take her home. Anjali stops this from happening and Niranjan is enraged. However, Jyoti begins to see Anjali’s sweet nature. Abhay fakes to act that he has changed, and Niranjan convinces Shlok that Jyoti should go with Abhay. However, Abhay kidnaps Jyoti’s daughter and Shlok beats him up. After convincing the family, Siddharth and Jyoti finally get married.

Aastha tries to expose Niranjan’s true identity to Shlok several times but he does not believe her. Afraid that Aastha might succeed to expose Niranjan, he begins to create misunderstandings between Shlok and Aastha. Aastha goes on to blame Niranjan for controlling Anjali and not caring for Jyoti. Angered by Aastha’s accusations, Shlok decides to divide the house and orders Aastha to stay in one part of the house. Aastha is joined by Anjali after which she also blames Niranjan for deceiving everyone. Jyoti witnesses Niranjan badmouthing Anjali. She is devastated to see her father’s true nature. She joins Anjali and Aastha and tells Shlok that he is being deceived.

Soon after, Shlok finally learns the truth about his father and is heartbroken. Shlok repents his misdeeds with Anjali and Aastha. He gets emotional thinking about his past; his mistreating of Anjali, and his misunderstanding of Aastha. Shlok addresses Anjali as his mother and embraces her. They both get emotional. The next day, Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali leave the Agnihotri mansion. Shlok and Aastha start earning a living by operating a food truck business and living modestly. The absence of Shlok has Niranjan feeling lonely. He realizes his mistakes and regrets his actions.

Varad foolishly signs a contract with Indrajeet Sarkar and the Agnihotri’s lose their business and house. Niranjan is desperate to find Shlok. When he meets with Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali he asks for forgiveness and is forgiven. They come to know about their properties being given to Indrajeet Sarkar. Varad also asks for forgiveness for his foolishness and is forgiven. The reunited Agnihotri family live together in a small house. The Agnihotri’s skillfully develop a plan to get their assets back from the Sarkar’s.

Shlok and Aastha disguise themselves as Sapna and Balvankar Singh to get their lost assets back; Aastha works as Indrajeet’s assistant and Shlok works as his children’s caretaker. They precisely work together to possess the Power of Attorney documents. Eventually, Shlok and Aastha manage to get hold of the papers. On the day they get everything back, the Sarkar’s reveal a shocking truth to the Agnihotri’s that leaves Anjali shattered and the rest of the family shocked.

Shortly after, Anjali, Shlok, Aastha meet in an accident in which Shlok goes into a coma, Anjali dies, and Aastha loses her memory. When Shlok wakes up from the coma, he is devastated upon learning that Anjali died in the accident. He inquires about Aastha in which Varad says she is missing. After a desperate search, Shlok finally meets with Aastha who is unable to recognize him, leaving Shlok heartbroken. It is revealed that Indrajeet took advantage of Aastha’s memory loss and led her to believe that he is her husband. Shlok begins to recreate previous events so that Aastha regains her memory, angering Indrajeet. On the day of their marriage to Indrajeet, he has Shlok abducted. Slowly recalling her past, Aastha’s mother, Kalindi, helps Aastha remember. Shlok manages to stop the marriage and rescues Aastha. Aastha is delighted to see Shlok. Indrajeet is arrested. Shlok and Aastha adopt Indrajeet’s children and live happily together.

Starlife Strange Love Teasers Soon.
Brief Information and Details on Strange Love StarLife.
Genre: Romance
First Episode:25th March 2021
Total number of episodes: 542
Total numbers of the season: One
Channel: StarLife Africa
Network: Star Plus Tv
Original name: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Ek Baar Phir
Tele Country: Indian
Last Episode: Nil
Main Cast, Picture and Real name on Strange Love StarLife.
Avinash Sachdev as Shlok Agnihotri: Aastha’s husband, Niranjan and Anjali’s son
Shrenu Parikh as Aastha Agnihotri: Shlok’s wife, Avdhoot and Kalindi’s daughter


Manish Wadhwa as Niranjan Agnihotri: Shlok’s father, Anjali’s husband

Geetanjali Tikekar as Anjali Agnihotri: Shlok’s mother, Niranjan’s wife

Geetanjali Tikekar as Anjali Agnihotri
Samir Sharma as Varad Agnihotri: Shlok’s brother, Sojal’s husband
Shalmalee Desai as Sojal Agnihotri: Varad’s wife
Grace Girdhar as Kavya Agnihotri: Varad & Sojal’s daughter
Sachin Parikh as Vinayak Agnihotri
Tushar Dalvi as Avdhoot Kirloskar: Aastha’s father, Kalindi’s husband
Prachee Shah as Kalindi Kirloskar: Aastha’s mother, Avdhoot’s wife
Minal Karpe as “Ajju”: Aastha’s grandmother, Avdhoot’s mother

Set in Pune, the story of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon “Ek Baar Phir revolves around Shlok, a dynamic, handsome and an astute businessman and Astha a fun-loving, lively girl. If Shlok is a complete chauvinist and believes that women’s role should be confined to taking care of the home and family. Astha is a complete contrast to his stark personality; she believes in equality for both men and women and has a very progressive outlook to life. For Shlok its all about succeeding and being on top of the game and for Astha she would loves to spread happiness and cheers in the world. What happens when two strong and opposing personalities ends meet? For Shlok, Asthas every entry into his space only calls for trouble making situations worse leading to a love-hate drama between the two and several dramatic twists unraveling the unknown.

Talking about the show, Avinash Sachdev said, I have always played a character of a sweet, loving boy and this is the first time that I will be playing an anti-hero on the small screen. While I was looking forward to such a role I was thrilled that it came to me so soon. I have done my bit of homework and now getting prepared to wow my fan and viewers with this unique love-hate story.”

Shrenu Parikh adds, I am really lucky that I am back to the channel where I started my career. I am portraying Aastha’s character who is today’s girl, with full of life. Strange Love is her tryst with this arrogant boy Shlok which eventually turns out to be an interesting tug of war with their love -hate relationship.

Produced by Sphere Origin, the show also brings together an ensemble cast that includes Manish Wadhwa, Geetanjali Tikekar, Tushar Dalvi and Prachi Shah amongst others.TV actress Shrenu Parikh, the female lead “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir”, says that it is a beautiful love story, full of surprises and one won’t be able to predict how the two lead characters, played by her and Avinash Sachdev, would react to each other.

“Our story will be a love-hate story. You don’t know what will happen between the two leads in this season… let’s see how the audience accepts it,” said Shrenu.

While shooting, she was unaware of the fact that she is working for the second session of “Strange Love”.

“It came as a surprise that the show, which we were shooting for is actually ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir’. It is a beautiful love story. I have enjoyed the process and I am excited about what will be shown on the show,” she said.

The prequel “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?” starred Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani. The sequel does not only have a new story, but also a new couple on screen.

Talking about the show, Shrenu said that it is fun being on the set.

“It has been amazing. We have lots of fun on the set,” said the actress, who has been a part of shows like “Gulaal” and “Havan”.

“I really feel blessed. After ‘Gulaal’, I took a break as I was studying at that time. I told my mom that we will go to Mumbai once more. I thought in case nothing would happen, I will continue my further studies abroad. It came as a surprise when I got selected for ‘Havan’. I was quite lucky,” she said.

Strange Love which airs on Star Plus, will see a high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes of the show. Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) will be seen going against the Agnihotri family.

Our reliable source informs us about the high drama sequence saying, “There is a ‘ritual’ that will be introduced in the show and Aastha who is wife of Shlok  has to follow the ritual. According to the old tradition and religious beliefs, Aastha is supposed to do a puja of her husband and believe him as her god. Also she has to follow the orthodox ceremony of ‘Paav Dhoke Pani Peena’ of her husband.”

Elaborating it further our source says, “Aastha refuses to follow the old tradition and goes against the entire Agnihotri family. This dramatic sequence will create a twist in the tale in the show.”

To know more about the upcoming episode we also contacted Shrenu Parikh who plays the character of Aastha. We quizzed the actress with the question that what would she do if  she has to follow the same tradition in her real life? This is what Shrenu had to say, “This is a very old tradition and it doesn’t even exist now. I feel that both the husband and wife should be treated equally, so even if this tradition is to be followed now (if ever) then the tradition should not followed by the wife but even the husband should follow it too and do whatever that is required.”

Well, truly a very smart answer and many of them would agree with the same too! To watch this episode don’t miss to watch the show