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Strange Love June Teasers 2021

Shlok asks Astha to jump from the first floor to prove her love. Below are the Strange Love June 2021 Teasers:

Starlife Strange Love June 2021 Teasers 

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Episode  137

Astha decides to prepare the pickle again. Shlok mistakes Aditi to be Astha. However, Aditi introduces herself to Shlok. Aditi offers snacks to Shlok, but he refuses to eat. Shlok confronts Astha for preparing pickle in his bedroom. Niranjan requests Ajinkya to deliver a lecture in his institute.

Episode 138

Aditi becomes unconscious. The doctor informs that she is suffering from high blood pressure. Niranjan instructs Aditi to stay with them. Jyoti decides to undergo a pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Astha shares her love story with Aditi, and Shlok enquires about the same.

Wednesday 2 June 2021

Episode  139

On Anjali’s insistence, Astha organises Shlok’s cupboard, with Aditi’s help. Shlok is upset on receiving a phone call, and shouts at Astha. Jyoti is delighted to learn that she is pregnant, and decides to confirm the same from a gynaecologist. A bangle falls from Shlok’s shirt, and breaks.

Episode 140

Shlok is upset to see the broken bangles, and is furious at Astha. Abhay tortures Jyoti. She visits the gynaecologist, and requests him not to inform Abhay about her pregnancy. Jyoti calls Anjali, and begs her to let her come home, but she refuses. What will Jyoti do?

Thursday 3 June 2021

Episode  141

Astha tries to console Aditi. She repents for her misbehaviour with Shlok, and decides to apologise to him. Shlok is furious at Astha for bringing the guitar to his room, and breaks it. Anjali is angry at Astha for taking the guitar to Shlok’s room.

Episode 142

Shlok is furious at Astha for interfering in his personal matters. Later, he orders his employee, Anand, to track down a mobile number. Meanwhile, Abhay and Sulabha are furious at Jyoti for taking medicine. Jyoti tries to prove her innocence. Anjali orders Astha to cook for the family.

Friday 4 June 2021

Episode  143

Astha thanks Vinayak for teaching her how to use a stove. Sojal informs Abhay that Jyoti tried to contact Astha. Niranjan praises Astha for being able to prepare food, using a stove. Meanwhile, Astha is frightened to find a woman in the house, and informs Sojal. Who is the woman?

Episode 144

Shlok refuses to take Astha for a business dinner. But, Niranjan insists that he take Astha along with him. Shlok finds a box of sindoor in his pocket, and confronts Astha for it. Meanwhile, Abhay learns that Jyoti is pregnant. How will he react to the news?

Saturday 5 June 2021

Episode  145

Aditi wishes to go out for shopping. However, she refuses to let Sojal accompany her. Niranjan orders Anjali to bring him a file. But, the file goes missing. Kavya finds the file and Sojal takes the credit for finding it. Shlok finds Swati’s card in the file. Who placed the card in the file?

Episode 146

Astha finds a woman in a bridal attire. She informs Anjali of the same, but she refuses to believe her. Ashta waits for Shlok, who returns home in an inebriated state. Meanwhile, Abhay decides to find out the gender of his unborn child. Will he succeed?

Sunday 6 June 2021

Episode  147

Kavya asks Astha to help her with a model of the house. Shlok finds the model on his bed, and throws it away. Astha tries to stop him. Astha and Shlok get glued to each other. Meanwhile, Astha attempts to prove to Anjali the presence of the woman in a bridal dress.

Episode 148

Astha and Shlok prevent Aditi from jumping off the terrace. Later, they learn that Aditi sleepwalks. The doctor informs Jyoti that she will give birth to a baby girl. However, Jyoti requests the doctor to inform Abhay that they are having a boy child. Will the doctor misguide Abhay?

Monday 7 June 2021

Episode  149

Abhay and Sulabha decide to distribute sweets in the locality. Meanwhile, Astha is jealous of Shlok and Aditi’s friendship. Shlok finds Astha reading his diary, and throws a jewellery box at her. Later, he tends to her, and tells her to destroy the diary.

Episode 150

Abhay purchases toys for his unborn child. Meanwhile, Ashta brings food for Shlok, but the plate falls down. Astha and Shlok argue over the same. Later, Shlok feeds Astha dessert. Aditi requests Shlok to play a game with her. Will Shlok accompany her?

Tuesday 8 June 2021

Episode  151

Astha, Shlok and Aditi play dumb charades and Aditi asks Shlok to dance with Astha. Astha tells Aditi she will find her a bridegroom. Meanwhile, Shlok sees a message on his car which reminds him of Swati. Who has left it there?

Episode 152

Astha decides to wear Shlok’s favourite saree for the puja, but someone douses it with kerosene, and soon her saree is aflame. Will Astha be hurt? Meanwhile, Jyoti’s doctor begins to blackmail her.

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Episode  153

Everyone is busy with the Holi celebrations and Anjali asks Sojal and Astha to handle everything. Jyoti and Sulabha also arrive there. Everyone teases Shlok on seeing his coloured face. Meanwhile, Niranjan is furious to see Anjali dancing.

Episode 154

Astha confesses her love to Shlok and applies colour on him. Just as Shlok is about to put the colours, which Aditi has mixed with chemicals on Astha’s face, one of the guests is burnt because of the colour. Shlok takes him to the hospital. Meanwhile, Aditi vows to separate Astha and Shlok.

Thursday 10 June 2021

Episode  155

Aditi pushes Astha down the stairs and Anjali tends to her. Anjali tries to pacify Niranjan by punishing herself. Meanwhile, Abhay is expecting expensive gifts for Holi.

Episode 156

Abhay and Jyoti arrive at the house. Anjali welcomes them with gifts. Jyoti leaves a note for Astha, but Abhay finds it and learns that she is expecting a baby girl. Will Abhay hurt Jyoti? Meanwhile, Shlok asks Astha to jump from the first floor to prove her love.

Friday 11 June 2021

Episode  157

Niranjan is happy that they have received the project in Goa and asks Shlok to go there with Astha. Aditi does not want this to happen. Soon, Astha receives divorce papers. How will she react? Meanwhile, Jyoti decides to commit suicide.

Episode 158

n Niranjan’s insistence, Anjali asks Astha to take care of Aditi. Shlok takes care of Aditi after she eats spicy food. Astha also tries to get his attention by eating chillies. Meanwhile, Abhay sends Jyoti to Kolhapur. She sees Shlok on the way and tries to signal to him. Will he see her?

Saturday 12 June 2021

Episode  159

Aditi tries to kill Astha, but pretends to worry about her safety. Will Shlok be able to save Astha in time? Meanwhile, Jyoti escapes on the way to Kolhapur and Sulabha informs Abhay about it.

Episode 160

Astha and Aditi are at the party and Shlok plays the guitar. Aditi claims to be Shlok’s wife. How will Shlok react after learning this? Meanwhile, a few goons chase Jyoti and she is saved by a stranger. Who is it?

Sunday 13 June 2021

Episode  161

Abhay is furious with Sulabha for losing Jyoti and warns her to not tell anyone that Jyoti is missing. Meanwhile, Shlok finds Astha and they return to the cottage. Astha is annoyed with Aditi, but Aditi pretends to care about Astha.

Episode 162

Abhay enquires about Jyoti’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Siddharth’s neighbour asks Jyoti about him. Later, Astha, Aditi and Shlok go horse riding and Astha gets a difficult horse. Will she be able to handle him?

Monday 14 June 2021

Episode  163

Shlok manages to save Astha from the runaway horse. Aditi is furious with the groom. Meanwhile, Abhay goes in search of Jyoti. Later, Varad learns about Astha and Shlok’s adventure and informs Niranjan. Anjali prays for their safety.

Episode 164

The police search for Astha and Shlok, but fail to find them. They inform Varad about this. Astha and Shlok regain consciousness and return home. Aditi is furious that the two of them are alive.

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Episode  165

Aditi is furious that her plan backfired and is more determined than ever to kill Astha and Shlok. Meanwhile, Kalindi still believes that Shlok is going to hurt Astha and decides to bring her home.

Episode 166

Astha and Shlok spend some time together. Later, Astha learns about Aditi’s intentions to kill her and Shlok after viewing the footage on the camera. She confronts Aditi. What will Aditi do now? Meanwhile, Jyoti hides her pregnancy from Siddharth

Wednesday 16 June 2021

Episode 167

Aditi gets hold of the memory card from the camera and destroys it. So when Astha says that Aditi tried to kill them, no one believes her. Meanwhile, Siddharth’s landlord causes problems by increasing the rent.

Episode 168

Aditi leaves the house and Astha decides to follow her. Meanwhile, Varad asks Shlok if he loves Astha. Will Astha be able to find out what Aditi is up to?

Thursday 17 June 2021

Episode 169

Ajinkya arrives at the house and Astha becomes suspicious on seeing Aditi’s childhood photos. The Aditi in the childhood photos has six fingers, and this Aditi has only five. Furthermore, she fails to identify herself in those photos. Aditi then consumes poison.

Episode 170

Astha and Aditi have an argument, and Shlok reprimands Astha for putting Aditi’s life in danger. Meanwhile, Siddharth gets called for an interview and ends up being interviewed by Varad.

Friday 18 June 2021

Episode 171

Gudi Padwa is being celebrated and Anjali gives presents to Sojal and Astha. At the divorce hearing, Astha refuses to divorce Shlok, much to the delight of Niranjan. How will Shlok react to this?

Episode 172

Kalindi is furious with Astha for deciding to stay with Shlok. Meanwhile, Astha is about to fall and leans on the curtains for support, but Astha’s grandmother tells Kalindi to support her.

Saturday 19 June 2021

Episode 173

Kalindi comes to invite Astha and Shlok to their house for dinner, but Anjali taunts her. However, Niranjan promises her that he will send Astha and Shlok to their house. Astha and Shlok arrive and they receive gifts from her mother and grandmother.

Episode 174

Astha is scared after seeing a rat and ends up sleeping next to Shlok. How will Shlok react in the morning? Meanwhile, Jyoti needs to be taken to the hospital and there Siddharth learns of her pregnancy.

Sunday 20 June 2021

Episode 175

Astha informs Shlok of Aditi’s visits to the uninhabited house. They visit the house together, but don’t learn anything important. Meanwhile, Aditi visits Shlok in the office and uses his phone to lure Astha to the empty house. Later, she takes Astha hostage.

Episode 176

Astha is missing and the family members start to panic. Shlok goes to the house to search for Astha, but does not find her there. Aditi proceeds to execute her plan of killing Astha. Meanwhile, Varad uses GPS to track the location of Astha’s phone. Will they rescue her?

Monday 21 June 2021

Episode 177

Shlok finds Astha and rescues her from Aditi. Aditi reveals that she is Swati’s sister Gayatri and that she holds him responsible for Swati’s condition after the accident. Shlok then meets Swati and apologises to her. Astha wants Shlok to look after Swati.

Episode 178

Swati dies in front of the Agnihotri family and Shlok is devastated. He is furious with Anjali for having kept the truth hidden. Astha tries to comfort him.

Tuesday 22 June 2021

Episode 179

Astha tries to befriend Shlok, but he remains distant. Varad challenges her to cheer Shlok up in 24 hours. Will she be able to? Meanwhile, Siddharth decides to send Jyoti to his aunt.

Episode 180

Siddharth takes Jyoti to his aunt’s house, which is also Kalindi’s house. How will Kalindi react on seeing Jyoti? Meanwhile, Astha and Shlok spend some romantic moments together. Later, they go to Kalindi’s house.

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Episode 181

Astha tries to get Shlok to confess his love for her, but he does not do so. So she resorts to taking advice from Anjali and her grandmother to impress Shlok.

Episode 182

Astha goes to Shlok’s office and is jealous seeing him with his hot secretary. She fires her and then proceeds to make Shlok eat the food she cooked. Meanwhile, Kalindi takes care of Jyoti.

Thursday 24 June 2021

Episode 183

Shlok and Astha are playing with Kavya. While blindfolded, Astha kisses Shlok instead of Kavya. How will Shlok react? Meanwhile, Anjali wants Astha to visit her parents.

Episode 184

Astha goes to Kalindi’s house and does not pick up the phone when Shlok calls. Later, when she sees Shlok in her bedroom, she thinks it is a hallucination. The next day, she tries hard to make Shlok confess his feelings for her.

Friday 25 June 2021

Episode 185

Shlok declares his love for Astha, who is delighted to hear it. Anjali helps Astha get ready for the rituals and covers her face with the saree. Shlok tries hard to see her face.

Episode 186

Astha and Shlok are at the edge of a pond and he looks at Astha’s reflection. Astha then asks him to tie the mangalsutra around her neck, as they are finally in love. Meanwhile, Jaya meets with an accident and Anjali refuses to let Sojal go visit her.

Saturday 26 June 2021

Episode 187

Sojal pleads with Anjali to let her visit Jaya, but to no avail. Later, Astha sends Sojal to the hospital with a warning to reach on time. Will Sojal come back on time?

Episode 188

Sojal leaves the house to see Jaya. When Anjali informs this to Niranjan, he begins to beat her up and torture her. Will someone see this and help Anjali? Meanwhile, Jyoti wants Siddharth to get her some tamarind.

Sunday 27 June 2021

Episode 189

Sojal reaches the house and starts doing the rituals. Anjali gifts Astha a pair of bangles. Shlok refuses to take blessings from Anjali. Later, Astha finds out that Niranjan is only pretending to be a good person. She also sees a wound on Anjali’s hand.

Episode 190

Niranjan talks to Astha but she is scared and she leaves his presence. She sees Anjali tending to her wound and asks her to stand up against Niranjan’s atrocities.

Monday 28 June 2021

Episode 191

Astha and Shlok spend some romantic moments together. Later, Astha, Sojal and Anjali go to the temple. Kalindi and Jyoti are there, too. Abhay sees both Jyoti and Anjali and concludes that Jyoti is staying at the Agnihotri house.

Episode 192

Siddharth is ecstatic at his promotion and offers Varad some kheer. Will Varad be able to discern that Jyoti prepared it? Meanwhile, Abhay and Sulabha reach the Agnihotri residence and accuse Jyoti of running away.

Tuesday 29 June 2021

Episode 193

Astha and Sojal convince Abhay that they do not know about Jyoti’s whereabouts. Anjali is devastated that Jyoti is missing and breaks down, Meanwhile, Siddharth gives a gift to Jyoti.

Episode 194

Siddharth wants to confess his love for Jyoti, who wants to reveal her true identity. Will both of them be able to carry out their wishes? Meanwhile, the entire family is looking for Jyoti. But Astha has a hunch.

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Episode 195

Astha is shocked to see Jyoti at her parents’ home and persuades her to return. But on learning about the truth of Abhay’s character, Astha promises to be discreet. Astha returns to the house and shows her hostility to Abhay.

Episode 196

Jyoti is speaking to Anjali and refusing to reveal her whereabouts when Abhay snatches the phone. Will Jyoti speak to Abhay? Meanwhile, Astha rebukes Abhay for forcing Jyoti to run away.

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Strange Love is the story of Aastha is a cheerful, lively, passionate, and charming woman who values relationships and supports equality. In contrast, Shlok is an arrogant, self-reserved, business-minded man who believes in wealth more than relationships. He had a miserable past that ultimately led him to his arrogance.

Shlok is informed about a possible cheating that occurred in a university institution. He suspends the boys but expels the girl. Later, the Agnihotri’s are invited to an award event to recognize their reputation in the education industry for their business. Aastha learns that Shlok had done injustice to the girl. At the event, she questions Shlok about his negligence after which it gets recorded live and gets exposed to the public. The public labels Shlok and his family as supporters of inequality which leads to their business getting raided. Shlok mistakenly believes that Aastha is responsible for the consistent insult of his family, his father in particular, and decides to take revenge.

Shlok shows fake love to Aastha and marries her on false pretenses. During the night of their Suhag Raat, Shlok breaks Aastha’s wedding necklace and reveals to her that he never loved her and that he only married her to take revenge, leaving Aastha heartbroken. Shlok angrily tells Aastha that he showed fake love in order to take revenge for the insult of himself and his father. He goes as far as to threaten her that if she reveals this to anyone, he’d have her father framed in a case of corruption. Meanwhile, Anjali wants Aastha to perfectly adapt to the Agnihotri traditions. Varad arranges a honeymoon for Shlok and Aastha. Despite Aastha’s efforts to cancel the honeymoon, Shlok and Aastha leave. On the way to their honeymoon, Aastha escapes and gets lost in a jungle. While searching for Aastha, Shlok meets with her and they both spend their planned “honeymoon” in a jungle while trying to find their way out.

Aastha comes to know that her father, Avdhoot, is in jail. She assumes that Shlok sent him to jail and vents her anger at him. Shlok in return. tries to prove his innocence that he did not send him to jail. Disappointed, Aastha reveals the truth to her family and the Agnihotri’s of her marriage and Shlok’s planned revenge; they are shocked. Kalindi wants Aastha to file for divorce. At the first court hearing, Aastha is ordered by the court to stay with Shlok for 6 months. During the 6 months, Aastha discovers Shlok’s miserable past; in which Shlok is actually an innocent and good person. Aastha finds out that Shlok was in love with this girl named Swati and that their break-up led to his hatred of women. It is shown that Niranjan ordered Anjali to hate Swati, simply because she was against the Agnihotri traditions that ultimately led to Shlok’s break-up, in which Shlok blames Anjali, leaving him heartbroken onwards. While attempting to bring back Shlok’s true personality, Aastha falls in love with Shlok and confesses her love to him.

Aditi, who is the daughter of a close friend of Niranjan, arrives at the Agnihotri mansion and acts as an imposter to separate Shlok and Aastha. Aditi attempts to kill Aastha multiple times but she is saved by Shlok. Aditi kidnaps Aastha but Shlok rescues her just as Aditi is about to shoot her. It is revealed that Aditi is Swati’s sister and her main motive was to kill Aastha so that Shlok suffers. Aditi believes that Shlok is the reason for Swati’s deteriorating health. Shlok is shocked to see Swati who soon passes away. Shlok realizes his love for Aastha and confesses his love to her. They both consummate their marriage. At the end of the 6 months, Shlok and Aastha both state that they do not want to divorce each other.

Shlok’s sister, Jyoti, runs away from her misogynistic in-laws after they want abortion for the third time for her unborn baby girl. While running away, she meets the charming Siddharth who happens to be Aastha’s cousin. Unaware of Jyoti’s situation, Siddharth takes care of her. He sends her to Kalindi’s house who is shocked to see her. Jyoti explains everything to Kalindi. Abhay and Sulbha craft a plan to tell the Agnihotri family and make them believe they are innocent and that Jyoti has run away. Siddharth slowly falls in love with Jyoti. During Anjali’s birthday celebration, Abhay finds Jyoti and the family is shocked to see her. She pleads to Niranjan to let her stay with them. Aastha manages to get Abhay arrested.

Aastha learns the truth about Niranjan’s true nature and how he is the one who controls Anjali to fulfill his ill desires. Aastha and Anjali both get emotional when she accepts that Niranjan has her helpless. Aastha promises Anjali that she will unfold Niranjan’s true nature and that she will erase the false impression that everyone has of Anjali. Niranjan wants Abhay released from jail and asks Anjali to make Jyoti sign the bail papers. Jyoti begins to develop hatred towards her mother. When Niranjan manages to indirectly make Jyoti sign the bail papers, Abhay forces Jyoti to take her home. Anjali stops this from happening and Niranjan is enraged. However, Jyoti begins to see Anjali’s sweet nature. Abhay fakes to act that he has changed, and Niranjan convinces Shlok that Jyoti should go with Abhay. However, Abhay kidnaps Jyoti’s daughter and Shlok beats him up. After convincing the family, Siddharth and Jyoti finally get married.

Aastha tries to expose Niranjan’s true identity to Shlok several times but he does not believe her. Afraid that Aastha might succeed to expose Niranjan, he begins to create misunderstandings between Shlok and Aastha. Aastha goes on to blame Niranjan for controlling Anjali and not caring for Jyoti. Angered by Aastha’s accusations, Shlok decides to divide the house and orders Aastha to stay in one part of the house. Aastha is joined by Anjali after which she also blames Niranjan for deceiving everyone. Jyoti witnesses Niranjan badmouthing Anjali. She is devastated to see her father’s true nature. She joins Anjali and Aastha and tells Shlok that he is being deceived.

Soon after, Shlok finally learns the truth about his father and is heartbroken. Shlok repents his misdeeds with Anjali and Aastha. He gets emotional thinking about his past; his mistreating of Anjali, and his misunderstanding of Aastha. Shlok addresses Anjali as his mother and embraces her. They both get emotional. The next day, Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali leave the Agnihotri mansion. Shlok and Aastha start earning a living by operating a food truck business and living modestly. The absence of Shlok has Niranjan feeling lonely. He realizes his mistakes and regrets his actions.

Varad foolishly signs a contract with Indrajeet Sarkar and the Agnihotri’s lose their business and house. Niranjan is desperate to find Shlok. When he meets with Shlok, Aastha, and Anjali he asks for forgiveness and is forgiven. They come to know about their properties being given to Indrajeet Sarkar. Varad also asks for forgiveness for his foolishness and is forgiven. The reunited Agnihotri family live together in a small house. The Agnihotri’s skillfully develop a plan to get their assets back from the Sarkar’s.

Shlok and Aastha disguise themselves as Sapna and Balvankar Singh to get their lost assets back; Aastha works as Indrajeet’s assistant and Shlok works as his children’s caretaker. They precisely work together to possess the Power of Attorney documents. Eventually, Shlok and Aastha manage to get hold of the papers. On the day they get everything back, the Sarkar’s reveal a shocking truth to the Agnihotri’s that leaves Anjali shattered and the rest of the family shocked.

Shortly after, Anjali, Shlok, Aastha meet in an accident in which Shlok goes into a coma, Anjali dies, and Aastha loses her memory. When Shlok wakes up from the coma, he is devastated upon learning that Anjali died in the accident. He inquires about Aastha in which Varad says she is missing. After a desperate search, Shlok finally meets with Aastha who is unable to recognize him, leaving Shlok heartbroken. It is revealed that Indrajeet took advantage of Aastha’s memory loss and led her to believe that he is her husband. Shlok begins to recreate previous events so that Aastha regains her memory, angering Indrajeet. On the day of their marriage to Indrajeet, he has Shlok abducted. Slowly recalling her past, Aastha’s mother, Kalindi, helps Aastha remember. Shlok manages to stop the marriage and rescues Aastha. Aastha is delighted to see Shlok. Indrajeet is arrested. Shlok and Aastha adopt Indrajeet’s children and live happily together.

Starlife Strange Love Teasers Soon.
Brief Information and Details on Strange Love StarLife.
Genre: Romance
First Episode:25th March 2021
Total number of episodes: 542
Total numbers of the season: One
Channel: StarLife Africa
Network: Star Plus Tv
Original name: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Ek Baar Phir
Tele Country: Indian
Last Episode: Nil
Main Cast, Picture and Real name on Strange Love StarLife.
Avinash Sachdev as Shlok Agnihotri: Aastha’s husband, Niranjan and Anjali’s son
Shrenu Parikh as Aastha Agnihotri: Shlok’s wife, Avdhoot and Kalindi’s daughter


Manish Wadhwa as Niranjan Agnihotri: Shlok’s father, Anjali’s husband

Geetanjali Tikekar as Anjali Agnihotri: Shlok’s mother, Niranjan’s wife

Geetanjali Tikekar as Anjali Agnihotri
Samir Sharma as Varad Agnihotri: Shlok’s brother, Sojal’s husband
Shalmalee Desai as Sojal Agnihotri: Varad’s wife
Grace Girdhar as Kavya Agnihotri: Varad & Sojal’s daughter
Sachin Parikh as Vinayak Agnihotri
Tushar Dalvi as Avdhoot Kirloskar: Aastha’s father, Kalindi’s husband
Prachee Shah as Kalindi Kirloskar: Aastha’s mother, Avdhoot’s wife
Minal Karpe as “Ajju”: Aastha’s grandmother, Avdhoot’s mother

Set in Pune, the story of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon “Ek Baar Phir revolves around Shlok, a dynamic, handsome and an astute businessman and Astha a fun-loving, lively girl. If Shlok is a complete chauvinist and believes that women’s role should be confined to taking care of the home and family. Astha is a complete contrast to his stark personality; she believes in equality for both men and women and has a very progressive outlook to life. For Shlok its all about succeeding and being on top of the game and for Astha she would loves to spread happiness and cheers in the world. What happens when two strong and opposing personalities ends meet? For Shlok, Asthas every entry into his space only calls for trouble making situations worse leading to a love-hate drama between the two and several dramatic twists unraveling the unknown.

Talking about the show, Avinash Sachdev said, I have always played a character of a sweet, loving boy and this is the first time that I will be playing an anti-hero on the small screen. While I was looking forward to such a role I was thrilled that it came to me so soon. I have done my bit of homework and now getting prepared to wow my fan and viewers with this unique love-hate story.”

Shrenu Parikh adds, I am really lucky that I am back to the channel where I started my career. I am portraying Aastha’s character who is today’s girl, with full of life. Strange Love is her tryst with this arrogant boy Shlok which eventually turns out to be an interesting tug of war with their love -hate relationship.

Produced by Sphere Origin, the show also brings together an ensemble cast that includes Manish Wadhwa, Geetanjali Tikekar, Tushar Dalvi and Prachi Shah amongst others.TV actress Shrenu Parikh, the female lead “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir”, says that it is a beautiful love story, full of surprises and one won’t be able to predict how the two lead characters, played by her and Avinash Sachdev, would react to each other.

“Our story will be a love-hate story. You don’t know what will happen between the two leads in this season… let’s see how the audience accepts it,” said Shrenu.

While shooting, she was unaware of the fact that she is working for the second session of “Strange Love”.

“It came as a surprise that the show, which we were shooting for is actually ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon…Ek Baar Phir’. It is a beautiful love story. I have enjoyed the process and I am excited about what will be shown on the show,” she said.

The prequel “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?” starred Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani. The sequel does not only have a new story, but also a new couple on screen.

Talking about the show, Shrenu said that it is fun being on the set.

“It has been amazing. We have lots of fun on the set,” said the actress, who has been a part of shows like “Gulaal” and “Havan”.

“I really feel blessed. After ‘Gulaal’, I took a break as I was studying at that time. I told my mom that we will go to Mumbai once more. I thought in case nothing would happen, I will continue my further studies abroad. It came as a surprise when I got selected for ‘Havan’. I was quite lucky,” she said.

Strange Love which airs on Star Plus, will see a high voltage drama in the upcoming episodes of the show. Aastha (Shrenu Parikh) will be seen going against the Agnihotri family.

Our reliable source informs us about the high drama sequence saying, “There is a ‘ritual’ that will be introduced in the show and Aastha who is wife of Shlok  has to follow the ritual. According to the old tradition and religious beliefs, Aastha is supposed to do a puja of her husband and believe him as her god. Also she has to follow the orthodox ceremony of ‘Paav Dhoke Pani Peena’ of her husband.”

Elaborating it further our source says, “Aastha refuses to follow the old tradition and goes against the entire Agnihotri family. This dramatic sequence will create a twist in the tale in the show.”

To know more about the upcoming episode we also contacted Shrenu Parikh who plays the character of Aastha. We quizzed the actress with the question that what would she do if  she has to follow the same tradition in her real life? This is what Shrenu had to say, “This is a very old tradition and it doesn’t even exist now. I feel that both the husband and wife should be treated equally, so even if this tradition is to be followed now (if ever) then the tradition should not followed by the wife but even the husband should follow it too and do whatever that is required.”

Well, truly a very smart answer and many of them would agree with the same too! To watch this episode don’t miss to watch the show