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Aastha cannot stand Shlok ignoring her. Coming up on Strange Love December 2021 Teasers:

Starlife Strange Love December 2021 Teasers Season Finale

Wednesday 1 December 2021

Episode 502

Rekha and Manya confront Indrajeet for threatening them. Shlok tries to remind Astha about her past. Later, Shlok admits Astha to a hospital. Meanwhile, Avadhoot, his mother and Mala are frightened on seeing Kalindi unconscious. Surabhi informs Shlok about Astha’s brain injury.

Episode 503

Shlok is dejected as Surabhi asks him to stay away from Astha. Avadhoot tries to pacify Kalindi. Barkha tells Surabhi about Indrajeet being her husband. Sojal is shattered when Varad tells her about Astha losing her memory. Surabhi pretends to be furious at Shlok in front of Indrajeet.

Thursday 2 December 2021

Episode 504

Indrajeet warns Shlok to stay away from Barkha. Surabhi overhears Indrajeet lying to Barkha about Shlok. Varad informs Jyoti about Astha losing her memory while Kalindi arrives and chides them in anger. Surabhi finds Shlok sitting by the roadside and insists on dropping him home.

Episode 505

Ankush tries to pacify Kalindi. He informs Astha’s grandmother about Avadhoot going to Mumbai in search of Astha. Shlok asks Apsara to work as a maid in Indrajeet’s house to keep an eye on Astha. Varad informs Shlok about Niranjan’s health being critical. Apsara secures a job at Indrajeet’s house.

Friday 3 December 2021

Episode 506

Kalindi declares to have lost her faith in God and refuses to take part in the puja. Barkha tells Indrajeet about Shlok ignoring her. Apsara overhears them and informs Shlok about Astha’s reactions. Barkha receives an invitation for an NGO show. Shlok implements his plan to make Astha fall for him.

Episode 507

Shlok executes his plan perfectly. Barkha informs Indrajeet about meeting Shlok. Shlok challenges Indrajeet of getting Astha back in his life. Apsara informs Shlok about Indrajeet being furious and ignoring Astha. An infuriated Indrajeet yells at Barkha for irritating him.

Saturday 4 December 2021

Episode 508

Barkha feels hesitant towards Indrajeet. Apsara informs Shlok about Indrajeet’s conversation with Barkha about not sending her out alone. She sways Barkha to take the kids out to have panipuri. Shlok executes his plan. Indrajeet learns from his driver about Barkha coincidentally meeting Shlok again!

Episode 509

Indrajeet asks Barkha about meeting Shlok. Siddharth has to leave for Bhopal to cover a news. Indrajeet keeps Barkha occupied to prevent her from going out. Apsara tries to persuade Astha to go to the temple.

Sunday 5 December 2021

Episode 510

Apsara informs Shlok about Indrajeet keeping Astha busy with work. Renuka leaves for her friend’s place, late at night. Shlok sneaks into Indrajeet’s house to have a glimpse of Astha and learns about her feelings for him. Indrajeet agrees to send his kids on a school trip, falling into Shlok’s trap.

Episode 511

Jyoti tries to reach out to Siddharth and Renuka, but fails. Astha and her driver fall into Shlok’s trap on their way. Renuka decides to save money for her grandson. Shlok loses track of Astha and tries to find her.

Monday 6 December 2021

Episode 512

Riya questions Renuka about her hatred towards Jyoti. Renuka decides to sell her bangles for money. She rebukes Jyoti for questioning her. Astha falls into a pit, trying to run from a dog. Shlok frantically searches for Astha.

Episode 513

Shlok comes for Astha’s rescue while Indrajeet tries to reach out to Astha. Pratibha learns about Astha. Shlok helps Astha get out of the pit. Jyoti informs Siddharth about her suspicion on Renuka after seeing her go out with the bangles. Shlok and Astha find their way out of the jungle.

Tuesday 7 December 2021

Episode 514

Siddharth is livid with Renuka for behaving rudely with Jyoti. Jyoti apologises to Renuka for her mistake. Meanwhile, Avadhoot apologises to Pratibha on Kalindi’s behalf. Indrajeet is worried about Barkha after hearing Shlok’s recording.

Episode 515

Renuka has no intentions to forgive Jyoti. Astha’s grandmother is worried about Kalindi going out early in the morning. Kalindi seeks a lawyer’s help to get Astha back while Indrajeet frantically tries to look for Barkha. Shlok brings Astha to Indrajeet after she falls unconscious.

Wednesday 8 December 2021

Episode 516

Barkha informs Indrajeet about the course of events. Indrajeet thanks Shlok. Later, he rebukes and fires his driver. Kalindi promises Aastha’s grandmother to tell her everything at the right time. Indrajeet decides to be cautious. Barkha tells Indrajeet that she feels safe with Shlok.

Episode 517

Indrajeet tells Barkha about fulfilling her wish of marrying her again on their 10th wedding anniversary. Surabhi motivates Shlok to not lose hope. Indrajeet emotionally blackmails Barkha into agreeing to the marriage. He informs Shlok about the marriage and invites him.

Thursday 9 December 2021

Episode 518

Aastha has vague memories seeing the wedding decoration. Shlok and Astha carry a boy, hit by her car to the hospital. The boy accepts his fault before the police. Aastha cannot stand Shlok ignoring her. She rebukes Shlok after he saves her from being run over by a car.

Episode 519

Barkha tells Indrajeet about the accident and how Shlok helped her. Shlok shares his plan against Indrajeet with Apsara. Indrajeet tells Shantanu and Mishti about his marriage with Barkha. Kalindi informs Aastha’s grandmother about lodging a case against the Agnihotris. Barkha apologises to Shlok.

Friday 10 December 2021

Episode 520

Apsara tells Shlok that Aastha has gone to meet a designer for her wedding dress. Indrajeet confronts Barkha for meeting Shlok. Later, Shlok asks Barkha to accompany him to a Maharashtrian food festival. Barkha tells him about her impending marriage with Indrajeet.

Episode 521

Indrajeet sees Shlok dropping Aastha home. Later, he decides to keep Shlok away from Aastha. He tells Shlok about his proposed marriage with Aastha and invites him for the same. Shlok apologises to Kalindi for misbehaving with Aastha. He informs Kalindi that Aastha has lost her memory.

Saturday 11 December 2021

Episode 522

Shlok helps Aastha select her outfit for the marriage. Barkha asks Indrajeet about meeting her parents. Shlok asks Kalindi to reach Indrajeet’s house. He calls Indrajeet and taunts him telling about the necessity of Aastha’s parents at the marriage. Indrajeet tries to calm Kalindi when she arrives.

Episode 523

Indrajeet tries to convince Kalindi that Aastha is happy with him. Shlok criticises Kalindi’s decision to let Aastha stay with Indrajeet. Indrajeet mocks Shlok for being unsuccessful in his plans. Shlok informs Sojal about Kalindi’s decision. Aastha’s grandmother disapproves of Kalindi’s decision.

Sunday 12 December 2021

Episode 524

Aastha decides to go to the temple on Panditji’s advice. Apsara informs Shlok about Aastha going to the temple. Indrajeet gets tense seeing his aunt at the house. Aastha goes to the temple against Indrajeet’s wish. She meets Shlok in the temple. Shlok prevents Aastha from falling down.

Episode 525

Indrajeet decides to take Barkha on a candlelit dinner. Varad returns from Singapore. Shlok helps Aastha to reach the temple. The Pandit addresses Aastha and Shlok as husband and wife. Shantanu and Mishti recall about their mother. Shlok requests Aastha to do him a favour.

Monday 13 December 2021

Episode 526

Aastha agrees to help Shlok. Indrajeet explains to Shantanu and Mishti his reason of remarrying Sapna. Avadhoot is happy to meet Aastha. He thanks Shlok for bringing Aastha to meet him. Meanwhile, Barkha confronts Indrajeet for his misbehaviour. Indrajeet apologises to Barkha for his mistake.

Episode 527

Indrajeet and Barkha get into a heated argument over Shlok. Indrajeet threatens Shlok to stay away from Aastha. Apsara tells Sojal about Indrajeet and Aastha’s fight. Indrajeet hires some goons to stop Shlok from meeting Aastha. He takes everyone on an outing to plant cameras in the house.

Tuesday 14 December 2021

Episode 528

Apsara informs Shlok about a few guys coming to the house in Indrajeet’s absence. Aastha finds Indrajeet’s behaviour weird. Shlok comes to Indrajeet’s house to meet Aastha on her birthday. Indrajeet keeps Barkha busy. Aastha decides to meet Shlok later in the evening.

Episode 529

Avadhoot’s mother confronts him for being rude to Kalindi. Meanwhile, Shlok asks Apsara to take Shantanu and Mishti out of the house. Avadhoot tries to prove Shlok’s innocence to Kalindi. Indrajeet challenges Shlok that he will stop him from meeting Aastha. Shlok plans to meet Aastha.

Wednesday 15 December 2021

Episode 530

Renuka complains about not getting to watch TV. Shlok and Astha go on a ride. Shlok informs Indrajeet that Aastha is with him. Siddharth finds Renuka and Jyoti having a good time together. Shlok celebrates Aastha’s birthday. Sojal thanks Apsara for her help. Indrajeet criticises Aastha for going out.
Episode 531

Indrajeet asks Barkha not to meet Shlok. Barkha confronts Indrajeet for mistrusting her. Apsara records Indrajeet’s argument with Aastha. Meanwhile, Siddharth asks Renuka not to believe in superstitions. Barkha and Indrajeet apologise to each other for their mistake.

Thursday 16 December 2021

Episode 532

Varad and Sojal suggest Shlok to tell the truth to Indrajeet’s child. Indrajeet arranges for a grand wedding. Aastha mulls over Indrajeet. Indrajeet blurts out Ballu’s name, saying he is his child’s best friend while playing a word game. He decides to emotionally blackmail Aastha.

Episode 533

Kalindi argues with her mother-in-law about her decision to let Aastha stay with Indrajeet. Apsara informs Shlok about Indrajeet preponing the marriage. Indrajeet invites Kalindi for the wedding. Shlok fails to get Shantanu’s help. Indrajeet learns about Aastha’s curiosity to find out the truth.

Friday 17 December 2021

Episode 534

Avadhoot tries to make Kalindi realise Shlok’s love for Aastha. Indrajeet asks Kalindi to not remind Aastha about her past. Apsara informs Shlok about Kalindi’s arrival at Indrajeet’s house. Kalindi gets emotional meeting Aastha. However, Aastha fails to recognise her.

Episode 535

Renuka insists that Jyoti prepare the food for the Baba. Meanwhile, Indrajeet assures Barkha of taking her to Avadhoot. Siddharth confronts the Baba for ruining his relationship with Renuka. Renuka apologises to the Baba on Siddharth’s behalf. Kalindi tries to remind Aastha about her past.

Saturday 18 December 2021

Episode 536

Kalindi apologises to Shlok for her mistake. She tells Avadhoot that she will try to help Aastha remember her past. Indrajeet confronts Shantanu and Mishti for planning to celebrate Barkha’s birthday. Baba steals money and jewellery from Renuka’s house, and informs her about performing a puja.

Episode 537

Siddharth confronts Baba for stealing in his house. Renuka apologises to Baba on Siddharth’s behalf. Later, Baba informs his associates about his plan against Renuka. Indrajeet slaps Shantanu for celebrating Barkha’s birthday. Aastha eavesdrops on Indrajeet’s conversation with Shantanu.

Sunday 19 December 2021

Episode 538

Shantanu confronts Indrajeet for behaving rudely with him and Mishti. Indrajeet asks his associate to abduct Shlok. He gifts a sari to Barkha. Meanwhile, Siddharth tells Jyoti that he has lodged a complaint against Baba. Kalindi enquires with Aastha about Shlok. Varad and Chaukasi search for Shlok.

Episode 539

Jyoti tries to make Siddharth realise his mistake as he decides to leave the house. Aastha pretends to be ill and stops the engagement. Later, Varad asks Indrajeet about Shlok. Kalindi tells Barkha about Indrajeet’s misdeeds against the Agnihotris. Renuka apologises to Siddharth.

Monday 20 December 2021

Episode 540

On learning that Indrajeet has abducted Shlok, Aastha informs Kalindi and Varad. Meanwhile, Siddharth tells Jyoti how he has made Renuka realise her mistake. Varad asks Jyoti and Siddharth to come to Mumbai. Later, Varad confronts Indrajeet for abducting Shlok and tells him that Shlok has escaped.

Episode 541

Aastha follows Indrajeet and learns about Shlok’s whereabouts. She gives a knife to Shlok to free himself. Later, Aastha tells Shlok that she does not want to marry Indrajeet. Indrajeet asks his associate to kill Varad and his family. Apsara tells Varad that Shlok is in the storeroom.

Season finale!

Varad informs the police about Shlok’s abduction. Later, Indrajeet is shocked as Aastha lies to him saying that she has recalled her past. Aastha slaps Indrajeet for his misdeed against the Agnihotris.

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