StarLife: Not Without My Family March Teasers 2019


StarLife: Not Without My Family March Teasers 2019

What’s Between Kirti-Naksh? Kartik Learns Swarna’s Secret Find out on Not Without My Family March Teasers 2019 on Starlife


Not Without My Family March Teasers 2019 StarLife

Friday 1 March 2019

Episode 2390

Karthik exposes Aditya and throws him out of the house. Akhilesh and Naira condemn Aditya.

Episode 2391

Naira is relieved as Dadi decides not to send Kirti back to Aditya. Later, Naira wishes to take Kirti along with her to the Singhanias.

Saturday 2 March 2019

Episode 2392

Naira seeks Naitik’s permission to let Kartik help Manish. To stop Manish from selling the haveli, Kartik decides to join Goenka Group of Industries.

Episode 2393

After joining the family business, Kartik decides to spend time with Naira. Later, what makes Dadi scold Naira.

Monday 4 March 2019

Episode 2394

After a lot of struggle, Naira is able to prepare Kartik’s favourite dish, but Dadi misunderstands her. Later, Kartik has some news for Naira.

Episode 2395

The story of a young married couple, Kartik and Naira trying to strike the perfect balance between their family values, personal beliefs and circumstances.

Tuesday 5 March 2019

Episode 2396

Teaser unavailable

Episode 2397

Kartik convinces Dadi to let Naira pursue her dreams. But then, why does he avoid Naira when he leaves for Delhi?

Wednesday 6 March 2019

Episode 2398

Kirti accompanies Naira to the market to buy gifts for the brahmins. Aditya abducts Naira. Later, what leaves Naira, Kirti horrified?

Episode 2399

The Singhanias and Goenkas are shattered by Naira’s arrest. Kartik gets angry on learning about Aditya’s acts, while Aditya rejoices!

Thursday 7 March 2019

Episode 2400

Kirti tricks Aditya into confessing his misdeed, while Kartik reaches the spot with the police. Kirti slaps Aditya, breaking all the ties with him.

Episode 2401

Naira is shocked to learn about a complaint lodged against her dance academy. Later, Surekha insults Swarna for advising her about parenting.

Friday 8 March 2019

Episode 2402

Kirti helps Naira to open her dance academy. Later, Naira learns that she has to perform a solo as well as a duet dance in the competition.

Episode 2403

Dadi is against Naira opening the dance academy; while Kartik is upset as Naira has forgotten their anniversary. Later; he receives a strange call!

Saturday 9 March 2019

Episode 2404

Naira surprise Kartik; celebrating the anniversary of the first time they met. Later; the two relive the moments of their wedding.

Episode 2405

Kartik feels left out between Kiran and Naira. He blames Kiran when Naira hurts her ankle during a dance move.

Monday 11 March 2019

Episode 2406

Kirti is dejected to learn about Aditya’s resistance in the merger deal. Considering Naira’s advice; Kartik joins hands with Mr. Goenka. Can they now win against Aditya?

Episode 2407

Kartik feels jealous, seeing Kiran and Naira practising the steps together. Later, his plan against Kiran leaves Naira in trouble.

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Episode 2408

Naira strives to balance between her work and household chores while Kartik apologises to Kiran. Will Kiran forgive him?

Episode 2409

Due to Luv and Kush’s mistake, Naira’s cooking gets spoilt. She ends up hurting herself, but manages to impress the brahmins.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

Episode 2410

Naira seeks Dadi’s blessings before her dance performance. She is glad to see both families at the convention centre to witness her act.

Episode 2411

Dadi is shocked to see Naira’s practice session with Kiran. Naira caves in to the pain during her solo performance on-stage.

Thursday 14 March 2019

Episode 2412

Dadi insults Kiran and asks him not to dance with Naira. With Kiran backing out, who will be Naira’s dance partner?

Episode 2413

Naira wins a special award for her performance! While the Singhanias celebrate, Kartik confronts Daadi and his family.

Friday 15 March 2019

Episode 2414

Manish plans to throw a party for Kartik, but Naira and her family assume it to be a celebration for Naira’s success as well.

Episode 2415

Naira’s family is shocked to learn that the party was arranged to celebrate Kartik’s success and not Naira’s! How will Naira react?

Saturday 16 March 2019

Episode 2416

Naira advises Gayatri to reconsider the wedding proposal. This leads to an argument between Singhanias and Goenkas.

Episode 2417

Swarna hides the truth when Naira asks her about the puja. Later, Dadi’s decision leaves the Goenkas shocked.

Monday 18 March 2019

Episode 2418

Kartik and Naira try to stop Dadi from leaving the house. A depressed Kartik refuses to receive an award.

Episode 2419

At the party, Kartik is mesmerised by Naira. Later, something happens that makes Kirti sad!

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Episode 2420

Kartik tries to make Naira jealous. Dadi rebukes Naira as Kirti returns alone from the party!

Episode 2421

On Kirti’s request, Dadi agrees to celebrate Sawan-Milni. Naira and Kartik spend some romantic time together.

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Episode 2422

Naira’s family visit the Goenkas to celebrate Sawan Milni. Naira doubts Swarna of hiding something.

Episode 2423

Bhaisa and Dadi get into an argument over Kriti’s life. Dadi decides to get Kriti remarried. What will Naira do now?

Thursday 21 March 2019

Episode 2424

Swarna hides her parcel; while Kartik is angry seeing Naira’s concern for Swarna. Dadi plans to secretly groom-hunt for Kirti.

Episode 2425

Naira exposes the prospective groom’s family. Dadi learns the truth about Naksh and Kirti’s relationship.

Friday 22 March 2019

Episode 2426

Kartik is furious on learning that Swarna has been secretly sending money to her family. Will Kartik confront her about it?

Episode 2427

Naira and family visit the Singhanias. Dadi believes that Kirti and Naksh should get married. Will she approach Naksh?

Saturday 23 March 2019

Episode 2428

Dadi is glad to know Kirti’s feelings for Naksh. The marriage broker visits uninvited and blurts out something that puts Dadi in a spot.

Episode 2429

The family is shocked when Dadi proposes Naksh’s name as Kirti’s match. Naira decides to talk to Naksh about it but he goes missing.

Monday 25 March 2019

Episode 2430

Buadadi doesn’t want to get Naksh married to Kirti. The Goenkas are shocked, learning about Naksh’s accident.

Episode 2431

Suhasini and Kirti check on Naksh’s health. Buadadi informs the family about Suhasini’s plan for Naksh. How will the family react?

Tuesday 26 March 2019

Episode 2432

Naira defies Buadadi and declares Naksh’s opinion as final. Meanwhile, the Goenkas are shocked to find Kirti missing.

Episode 2433

Naksh brings Kirti back home and agrees to marry her. But, Naira finds something amiss and doubts Naksh of hiding something.

Wednesday 27 March 2019

Episode 2434

Naksh agrees to marry Kirti. Reluctantly, he visits the Goenkas to do the rituals. Will Naira get to know about Naksh’s true feelings?

Episode 2435

Kirti is glad to know Naksh’s opinion about her. However, the pundit proclaims that the wedding has to take place within a month.

Thursday 28 March 2019

Episode 2436

Dadi has already fixed the date for Naksh and Kirti’s marriage. While Dadi wants a simple wedding, Buadadi wants to make it grand.

Episode 2437

The Singhanias are excited as the Goenkas agree to organise a grand wedding for Naksh and Kirti. Naira takes Kirti for shopping where they meet Naksh.

Friday 29 March 2019

Episode 2438

Kartik and Naira spend some romantic time. Later, they warn Aditya to stay away from Kirti. The families make arrangements for Tilak the ceremony.

Episode 2439

Suhasini is shocked to find Naira with the Singhanias at the pre-wedding ceremony.

Saturday 30 March 2019

Episode 2440

The Singhanias and the Goenkas gather to celebrate Naksh’s Tilak ceremony. Kartik and Naira relive the moments of their Tilak ceremony.

Episode 2441

Naira helps Dadi with the preparations. Dadi scolds Naira for attending the function and asks her to choose between the Singhanias and the Goenkas. Upper Month on April Teasers Not without my family 

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